The first step in loving yourself is deciding to change. We may want to change a variety of things in our lives, or ourselves but until we make the decision to change, it is not going to happen magically. By making a decision to DO something kick starts the energy and the vibration we are sending out into the universe. Your motivation may indeed have been made from a place of anger or desperation, but that first moment of committing to yourself to change is the moment you start loving yourself. You may feel like you hate things about yourself, your behaviour, your body, your circumstances, but the minute you energise your freedom of choice to DO something about it you have started on an upward spiral and it will grow and grow and you will feel continually better about yourself as you witness your own beautiful transformation.

Take your commitment to change very seriously, but do not take yourself very seriously.  We expect to have major life changing leaps and bounds to enlightenment once we make the decision to change when in fact it is much more like a series of baby steps. It may seem like we are taking two steps back for every step forward and this may discourage us. But we have to remember that we are human.

Humans learn through trauma, so every little thing in our lives can teach us. If you’re on a diet for example and one day you eat chocolate cake, SAVOUR the cake, attempt not to eat the whole thing and get back with the program right away. It does not ruin the whole diet. The same theory goes for soul searching or quitting any behavioural addiction. If we are light with ourselves and become our own cheerleading squad, then we will remain encouraged to continue. Laugh at yourself. I for one provide myself great entertainment on a daily basis. Soul searching and growing spiritually can be fun and really ought to be as it’s a beautiful, joyous thing we are striving towards.

Learning to let go of our past trauma doesn’t have to be filled with sobbing and drama.  If you look at the experience of letting go, as lightening up instead, it can be inspiring and filled with gratitude and even a little laughter along the way.  Self- appreciation is fundamental when starting to change your patterns.  Celebrate each step of the way, every time you notice a pattern, every time you stop yourself from going down the same route.  Every time you cancel a negative thought, this is the time to love yourself even more.