An old blog-post from my travels to Peru

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Here is an old blog-post that I wrote whilst I was in Peru taking people on a retreat:

Raqchi an Incan archaeological site in the Cusco region, also known as the Temple of Wiracocha, is just one of the sacred sites we bring people to during our Spiritual Trips to Peru.  Connecting to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) is an essential part of the Peruvian experience.  Shamanism is part of the rich culture of Peru and we like to honour that by engaging in shamanic ceremonies with authentic Peruvian experienced shamans.

Here I am in one of the 365 colqa’s spinning around and around while looking at the top edge of the wall.  In my heart and mind I am asking for forgiveness, for everything I have ever wanted redemption.  Before exploring this part of Raqchi, we went into the walls of another section and chose either the masculine or feminine side depending on which part of ourselves we felt we needed to find more balance.

As I sat in the masculine side, meditating, feeling the energies of the earth pulsing up through me, I was filled with a stream of thought that answered so many un-asked questions from my life.  This happens often in Peru, sometimes we don’t even know what we are searching for, yet the answers magically surface.  My soul sister Leisa also chose the masculine side, sitting separately having her own train of thought.  Our guiding shaman and colleague Roberto reminded us later that each side were both masculine and feminine as there is no divide, we are all both.  Perception of energy is a relative experience.

Feedback is an essential part of soul-searching and our groups become very bonded with each other as everyone is experiencing life-changing events together.  Leisa and I stood in the “masculine” enclosure comparing notes.  Talking about our realisations with others helps us own them and spurs off even more “aha” moments when we hear others’ thoughts and viewpoints in relation to our own.

Once we have connected with the earth and know what our personal theme for the day is about, we venture into the colqa’s to spin around throwing off all that we want to let go of and inviting in forgiveness and fresh new light and vision.  We spin as fast as possible (which feels much faster than how it looks on video!) until we simply cannot spin anymore and place our let foot out to balance us while a few people stand close by for steadying purposes.  Meditation in motion!  Afterwards, the feeling is incredible, one of lightness and exhilaration.  I can’t wait to go back.

There are 365 colqa’s one for each day so the ancients could let go or pray about a different vision every day.  This happens during our stunningly beautiful drive from Cusco to Puno.


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