Are you stuck in the HAVE + DO = BE mentality or have you moved into the enlightened BE + DO = HAVE mentality? Because we live in a vibrational Universe it responds to our vibration of thoughts, feelings, behaviours. So if you are FEELING abundant, the universe will bring you abundance. If you took fear out of the equation of your life and simply chose to have faith and choose happiness in each and every moment, then your vibration will radically shift, immediately! This does¬†take daily practice to whatever level you need, sometimes it’s moment to moment in really challenging times. If you begin every day with gratitude, that immediately raises your vibration. If you then set an intention, just for the day, from your happy place that spurs your momentum, and then be present and NOTICE your thoughts. And when you feel resistance and notice a negative thought just stop. Say, “STOP! or CANCEL THAT!” and consciously choose a better feeling in the moment. Your positive, happy, vibration is your power! Want to tap into that? PM me, let’s have a free chat to see if we’re a good vibrational match to work together. Join my free Facebook Group The Spiritually Conscious Traveller for tips and strategies to stay in total alignment, rediscover your purpose and passion and live your authentic truth. Click Here to Join:¬†