Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

We have heard that “trusting” and “surrender” is important to be able to manifest what we want to bring into our reality.  But before we can do that we have to understand our current place of being.
We have created the drama we are in.  We have chosen the status quo.  It’s horrible to have to take responsibility for this less than perfect moment in which we find ourselves.
Equally we avoid the leap of faith because we don’t want to have to face the truth of ourselves.  We don’t want to possibly have to give up our relationship, change careers, stop drinking alcohol or move.  We fear our own reflection in the proverbial mirror.
The mirror does not tell us what we want to hear, it only reflects the truth.  That’s why so many dare not peer deep within the looking glass.   You may indeed find what you’re searching for, but it might not be what you think you want.
You can choose to break the glass into thousands of pieces which is what many humans do subconsciously.  But if you notice, you can still see fragments of yourself in every single broken piece.  This is what happens with the pixelated parts of ourselves.  The dark spots we want to ignore.
People who DO take the leap of faith into the pool of their subconsciousness are brave.  That one brave moment of jumping in puts out such a huge vibrational shift into your otherwise uncomfortable comfort zone, it ruffles the energetic feathers of everything around you.  Things immediately start shifting simply because you have made a big decision.
And all that fear surrounding discovering your shadows in the mirror suddenly take on new light, reason, meaning and you find yourself in a completely different state of accepting instead of resisting.  You’re finally looking at those dark pixels and removing them so your light that you shine out is no longer fragmented.
We have inspired moments all the time when the Universe knocks on our head and says “pay attention” and we get excited for a moment, until the reality starts to ruffle our comfort zone and we talk ourselves out of it.  Those are all the opportunities we miss on a daily basis.
Get out the biggest brightest mirror and look deep within.  You’ll only find yourself there.
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I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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