Having good intentions, positive thoughts, sending out and calling in uplifting energy is a great start.
Because what we think we create. But because energy is a vibration, we’ve got to line up with the feeling of our intentions.
Energy is real, whether it’s visible or not. It exists. So we can have positive affirmations all day long… but if we’re not feeling it, then we’re not going to resonate with that affirmation.
If we keep affirming over and over and over, eventually we may start to believe ourself and could create a new neural pathway, and then perhaps we will feel it. But most of us aren’t that patient!
We need to imagine what we’re calling in enough to feel the energy associated with it. Calling on a past memory to create a future feeling, is the easiest way to line up with the vibration of it.
Remember something happier, a wonderful experience, a past win or success. Remember feeling satisfied and grateful.
Otherwise, we have to create it. We have to imagine it. Our behaviour also has to support our clear intentions. In others words, we have to take action!
All we have to do is stay happy. And we all have a memory bank of really happy moments.
Tapping into one of those is the fastest way to get back in alignment. It makes the happy chemicals, oxytocin, flood our brains immediately.
So think happy thoughts. I know, it sounds really lightweight and easy. It’s easier said than done for some strange reason, otherwise, everybody in the world would be happy and in alignment.
But we do have a choice!
So if you’re not choosing that, I ask you, why not?
Is your ‘uncomfortable comfort zone’ so comfortable, that you want to live only a semi-productive life and just be ‘okay’?
Or do you want to be joyous and in flow?
Do you actually want to attract the things that you believe you’re calling in now?
Or is there a subconscious underlying fear?
There are lots of levels where mind, body and spirit overlap and we’ve got to work with all three of these in conjunction.
We can draw anything we want towards us. But it only starts with our intentions.

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