Years ago when I moved to Spain, I bought a big 15 foot circular trampoline. My partner at the time was very patiently helping me construct and put it together.

It was frustrating because you really need more than two people to easily put together such a huge trampoline.

Frustration was one of my core things that used to really grip me. But all day long I was happy.

The sun was shining, in my mid forties I was finally getting a trampoline! I’d wanted one since I was ten. I was so excited for my kids to come and could imagine them enjoying jumping on it.

So I felt happy. My intention was for me and my kids to be happy. And I felt good. So I wasn’t feeling the frustration of the process so much.

All day long, my friend kept saying to me, “Don’t worry. It’ll be okay. Don’t worry, calm down. You’re fine. Don’t worry. It’ll be okay.” Constantly.

And, I kept re-assuring him, “I’m fine. I’m happy. It’s okay. I know. I’m cool. It’s all working out.”

We spent an entire day having this verbal tennis match and it was starting to get annoying.  I thought why does he keep saying this?

Finally, after hours and hours of putting together the trampoline, I was trying to hook a spring, and it snapped back and hit me in the hand.

I heard myself screaming, growling and cursing while simultaneously, once again, he said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay…”

As I heard the curses tumbling out of my mouth, the penny dropped and I exclaimed, “Oh my God!  Have I been growling all day?” He confirmed my behaviour. Set point. Damn!

I had changed so many of my core beliefs about frustration. I thought I had taught myself how to live my day to day life without frustration, how to do everything with ease and grace, how everything is easy, how everything’s working out all the time.

Yet my behaviour with frustration was still to scream, growl and curse.

In that moment, I decided I would change my behaviour around frustration knowing that if I didn’t, my frustration beliefs were going to come back.

Grow back in fact because we can easily break the receptor at the end of our neural pathways that binds us into that habitual pattern and create a new neural pathway.

But if we don’t clean up all of the loose ends attached with that belief, if there’s a lower root belief system, or if we’re still practising old behaviour, our comfortably well trodden,  embedded neural pathway will simply grow back.

Desperate not to be bound to my old pattern I decided it would be better to laugh at my frustration.

So my boyfriend was looking at me perplexed; one minute I was a screaming, growling, insane woman and in the next moment, laughing hysterically.

It was a conscious decision on my part right then and there.

Faithfully over the next few months, whenever I noticed that I was frustrated, I would start to laugh.

And no, it wasn’t real laughter that I was lining up with vibrationally – but it felt better than screaming and growling.

Even when we’re faking the laughter and we don’t really feel it, it still releases endorphins into our brains. Smile therapy too, we’re smiling at ourself in the mirror feeling really ridiculous but after a while, it tells our brain that we’re actually happy.

So we can short circuit ourselves and trick our brains into believing that we’re happy.

After a while of laughing at my frustration, I thought, I don’t even want to give it this energy. I just don’t want frustration to even wobble me at all. I don’t want it to trigger me. I want to simply be cool about frustration.

So then, over time, with practice, because this is the practice, I noticed what was going on for me in the moment.

I eventually just stopped being frustrated over stuff that used to make me scream and growl. I don’t give it laughter energy either.

Now, if it even comes into my field, it’s just an observation like, ‘oh, okay, yeah, this frustration thing, guess I’ll go have a cup of tea.’ Instead of having a big drama and spiralling down, allowing my energy to get out of alignment.

I chose to change my behaviour around frustration and I took action on it the moment I realised I was still sabotaging myself.

When we have an inspired moment, that is the time to take immediate action.

We can change our beliefs and our reality. But it only starts with our intentions. Then we’ve got to back up those intentions with the appropriate feeling and behaviour.

Then our frequency pattern changes so we can be in alignment on all levels of our being and create a new, more joyous reality and live in our authentic truth.

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