Our Ancestral DNA

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You are the ancestor that changes everything for your bloodline. Think about that for a minute. A lot of people never even think about our ancestors because we’re busy being us here and now in the present moment getting on with our lives, but our ancestors paved the way for us.

They set up the path and the template of who we would evolve into and become, here and now. We tend to think of our ancestors only as going back in time but we are also the ancestors of our future descendants.

We’re going to be the ancestor (of the past) when our children grow up, when our grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren grow up. And they’ll be looking back on what seeds we planted, to put in motion for the future.

What are the consequences of what we’re putting into play now for our descendants?  Just as we’re living out the consequences that our ancestors set before us and also, of course, all of the the wonderful things that they put in place.

Octavia E. Butler, the first African American female science fiction writer said,

“All that you touch, you change.

All that you change, changes you.

The only lasting truth is change.

God is change.”

Think about that.  What our ancestors touched, changed them, the world and us.  What will we touch and change?

If you go back ancestrally in your family line and generally in the world at large you can see that our ancestors had to fight for pretty much everything that they had, even if it was literal fighting to cut through the land to create a path on which to travel. They had to fight to make every new invention just to survive and have resources.

I’m so grateful that I’m living in this time, in this century, where life is pretty easy, and we’ve got all mod cons and don’t really have to think about survival on a day to day basis. But our ancestors did.

They were afraid a lot of the time and suspicious because they were concerned that they would lose their livelihoods or even their actual lives, resources or their freedoms. So they kept very close.

Also, they didn’t have the ability to travel vast distances like we do in this lifetime, which is why our world is a ‘smaller world’ because we can all be connected. We have the internet and information at our fingertips.

But they didn’t have all of that back then. So they kept very close to their community, to the people that they knew were similar, people just like them who were in their comfort zone, who had the same type of life, who looked the same way, spoke the same way, acted the same way.

And if somebody new came along, they were generally suspicious to begin with. They didn’t go outside of their comfort zones into the next town or new area very often. Obviously some people did, but as a whole, to meet other people outside of their territory was not safe. So they were afraid.

They were afraid of change, and particularly about what change would bring. There was an awful lot of fear in our ancestors. Also fear of God because they had a very punishing kind of belief in God back then.

Look back at the witch histories and you can see why they feared a lot of things. This is also where prejudice was born, they were suspicious of people who were different. Just look at America. All of the native people of America were pushed off of their land or murdered, just because they were different.

And this is our ancestral DNA, and why we have prejudice, and why we’re all so opinionated, righteous and so judgmental of everybody else. It’s because that ancestral DNA of fear is being triggered in every single one of us.

There’s another fabulous quote by Daryl Davis, the African American musician who went to the head of the Ku Klux Klan and sat down to talk with him.  He asked him the very simple question, “How can you hate me when you don’t even know me?” He was very curious about racism. Thanks to his curiosity, he actually got the head of the Klan to resign and hand in his robes. He was also able to speak to a bunch of other white supremacists in the Klan and get over 200 people or families to also quit the Klan. How?

Because he was able to build a bridge across their differences so that he could have a one to one, human conversation with them, understand the differences and find the unity between them.

We don’t know what are people’s triggers! What triggers our fear? Do you even know that in yourself?  We don’t always know that in another person. This goes for relationships and every kind of communication. We don’t know what’s going to trigger somebody when we’re speaking because we don’t know about their personal experiences that have painted the world for them in how they perceive it now.

And this all comes from our ancestors. So Daryl Davis had the right idea: Curiosity. I remember even learning about that when my kids were teenagers; instead of getting annoyed about the state of their rooms, I would apply curiosity, “Oh, I find this really curious that you want to live with mouldy pizza under your bed!” I’d move anything I found like that, out, but I also tried not to go in that often either because it was their personal space. And I didn’t want to encroach on what their choices were.

Our ancestors were also about conquests, how much land could they get, how much power, money, what were their material things? What did they have to trade? What would keep them safe with all of their resources?

This hasn’t really changed in the world. We’re still after all of these outside things. But did they have any time to actually spiritually consciously travel within to line up with themselves about what they were actually thinking and feeling?

Because back in those days, they needed their neighbours to feel the same way they felt so that there was safety in numbers and power in numbers. It’s deeply anchored fear. There was a lot of paranoia and the inability to think clearly, hence the herd mentality. You can see all of these things in the past;  one person in the crowd gets angry and shouts out and then the whole crowd chimes in until everybody’s shouting. But maybe some people don’t even know why they’re angry?

There is a great deal of inner turmoil and negative self talk, which of course affects the self esteem, and their inability to see their inner light. This was all survival stuff back then. And today we have our survival based ancestral DNA that’s still being triggered. We’re being triggered as a society, while we’re seeking an inner journey. But we’re worried so much about what’s going on, on the outside.

And that changes our internal alignment and creates a disconnect, not just with what’s going on outside and with others, but within ourselves. It creates a big divide within ourselves.

So I really invite you all to spiritually and consciously travel within – go within yourself and do a perspective check:

  1. How are you activating your inner light in the external darkness and chaos around you? In other words staying in alignment, and in your place of balance in the face of contrast?
  2. Are you seeing illusions and imagining an unhappy ending before you even begin to look at what’s in front of you or make a decision?
  3. Everybody’s reality is slightly different. So what are you really looking at? Are you in herd mentality? Are you going along with things or are you actually doing personal research to investigate and understand why you’re feeling, how you’re feeling?
  4. What solutions have you come up with for your life? And have you been afraid to be accountable for your own thoughts, words and actions?

We’ve got to get down to the root of what is actually being triggered. Sometimes we don’t know what’s being triggered, something’s going on and we’re feeling wobbly and unsure and we don’t really know why. And then somebody or something outside of us does or tells us something. And we think that explains it and it’s easier to latch on to something, to appease our uncertainty.

Our ancestors were always kind of depending on their neighbours to agree with them. And this kind of DNA isn’t always the most helpful for how we are moving forward in history, planting new seeds of awareness so that we can overcome diversity, find unity with people who are different, build bridges with different cultures and nations, different people, different opinions and points of view, and different perspectives, so that we can heal our ancestral past.

Anytime you do any personal work on yourself and have an ‘aha’ moment, your ancestors are saying, “Thank you! Thank you so much for healing that ancestral pattern that keeps us all bound in fear.”

In From Fear Into Love, I talk about our familial baseline. How every family has a kind of emotional default. It could be anger, it could be guilt. It could be sadness, frustration, or shame.

I think my familial baseline was sadness and shame. And when I trace my family history back down through my mother’s line and down through my father’s line, there’s a lot of betrayal energy showing up in different ways and circumstances and in my own life, too. So when you can see these ancestral patterns, just like diseases can be ancestrally, genetically passed down, it’s the same thing with behaviours and thought processes. It’s called epigenetics.

So are you carrying an ancestral pattern that you haven’t realised isn’t really yours and something that you can break? You can break it by healing it in yourself so that you are not going to continue that chain of events or that way of thinking or behaving. And, you will finally stop carrying that paranoia into the future that your ancestors laid out for you from a place of raw survival in the best way they could with the information they had at time time. Just like our parents, and their parents and their parents. Right?

Each generation hopefully gets wiser because we have more information at hand. But how much of the old stuff are you carrying forward to your present day?

Do you want to heal your ancestral line and find out about it? Send me a private message and let’s have a mind shift call because it’s really deep, very powerful work. I’ve healed the deepest, most profound stuff in myself by going back through my ancestral lines, and finding appreciation for absolutely all of it.

I hope this gets you thinking. We have the power to stand in our own authenticity free from the fear of seeing something our grandmothers were afraid of facing.

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