Uncertainty Versus Certainty Within Ourselves

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Who are we in our truth with our principles? What do we stand for, and what is actually our deepest inner truth? Do we even know that?

Are we aware of who we really are at our deepest core? Uncertainty is when we don’t know all of that, versus certainty, when we do, when we’re in alignment, but maybe we’re wavering between the two?

When there’s any level of uncertainty, we tend to undermine what other people are doing. This of course, affects all of our eight levels of well being.

On the spiritual level first, that’s our internal self. Uncertain, internal self doubt. Every day, all the time, whether you’re spiritual, religious or not, we’re all receiving downloads from our Higher Self, Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, God, call it what you will, we’re always receiving information.

That’s our intuition. And this intuition is energy. When you doubt your intuition, it translates all of that energy into matter.

Obviously, that’s going to affect our emotional level. When we go up and down our vibrational scale, down into depression, escapism, or feeling stuck, or up into happiness, joy and feeling love.

Naturally, all of that emotional kind of energy translates into your mental capacity. We call it grief, anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, overwhelm, because your mental mind interprets what you’re intuiting.

So if you’re laced with doubt, that also shows up in your physicality – when we get sick, or when our joints ache, or we don’t sleep.

And that definitely has a knock on effect of uncertainty with our finances. We end up comparing ourselves to others. We decide what “rich people” are like or how it is to be “poor people”. We make judgements about others and we dive into blame and victimhood.

And that affects our social lives and relationships. We tell others how to be and how to act, in relationship to how it makes us feel. In other words, we’re triggered because of our own wounding inside of us, the trigger is not because of the other person, it’s because of some unhealed wound inside of us. But because we like that person, we want them to stick around, so we blame them and say we want them to change so that we can feel better. Basically, we put the effort on the other person to change the trigger within us!

What kind of sense does that make? Not very certain sense at all!

Uncertainty also shows up occupationally, we end up hating our job, resent our boss, we feel trapped, and as a result this reflects in our environment as well. Look around. Are you happy about where you live? Are you feeling good about the energy in your home? You can change these things.

When we’re uncertain, we believe that our viewpoint, our God, our opinion, is the only way and we’re closed to hear other people’s points of view.

We want to stand in our truth, to be certain and to uphold our principles. When we’re in alignment, we are certain about who we are and we’re willing to be open and hold space for the collective and allow others to be where they are, without triggering us.

When we’re certain in our spirituality in our internal self, we know that we’re always held by the universe. We know that there is a higher reason for everything, even if things look awful around us. We can appreciate the contrast – the times that we dip down.

Emotionally we’re rarely down our vibrational spiral because mainly when we’re certain of ourselves, and feeling clear about who we are in our truth, we don’t need to be in a fight, so we’re not in resistance. It’s much easier to be in joy most of the time, even when there’s contrast, when things aren’t working out that well.

Today I got my car back from a simple MOT test – £527 pounds! I was totally not expecting that! I guess she needed some help. The mechanic told me the price which I repeated, exclaiming, and then the next thing I said out loud was, “I love my car. I love my car. I love my car. This is coming back tenfold,” and I just kept smiling about it. It was alarming. But I didn’t allow it to spiral me down because… I love my car, and I need my car. It’s the first time she’s ever needed any real work, so, great. It’s part of the investment of owning my lovely, little blue car.

When these things happen, whether they’re little things or big things, big moments of contrasts, little moments of contrast, you don’t spiral down when you’re certain of yourself and you know and trust your alignment. Even when you’re not expecting things, you know it’s all going to be okay.

That certainty does affect our mental capacity, because we’re not in anxiety, frustration and overwhelm. If we’re feeling overwhelmed, we move away from the overwhelm and do something that isn’t going to take much thought so that we can come back to it in a place of flow. We don’t get anxious about stuff because we’re not projecting our fear and worry out into the world. We’re looking at right here, right now in this beautiful, present moment.

Physically it’s the same thing. We generally don’t get sick, we’re healthy, we feel good in our bodies. We listen to our bodies. We notice “Wow, I’m feeling really tired today. I’m going to lay down and take a little 10 minute power nap,” or we get some exercise or go outside in nature and have a brisk walk, take deep breaths. We take care of ourselves or we sit down to have a cup of tea in the nice English tradition which tends to solve everything.

Obviously this good state of mind trickles into our finances, our abundance. We know that abundance is not just money. Money like anything else is just energy. Abundance is all good things. It’s nature. It’s seeing the joy and the possibility in absolutely everything. That reflects in our finances too. We might not know how or have all of the answers or even wonder if we might need a miracle, but then opportunities come to us that we don’t even know  are in our field of energy yet.

All sorts of really cool things happen when you’re in alignment because you start to open and awaken to all of the signs and symbols that the universe is sending you every day. Naturally this affects our social lives and our relationships because we’re secure with who we are. We’ve stopped projecting all of our stuff onto other people. We stop getting triggered about all the stuff because we’ve done our healing and we know who we are. We know what our wounding is, and we’ve cleared that and healed that.

In response our jobs start to become our soul’s calling. And if we’re in a job that isn’t, we soon realise, ‘wow, I’m in the wrong job and I need to get in a better job so that I can feel passionate about what I’m doing and can answer my soul’s calling.’

And then your environment changes you start to change all of the little things around you that annoy you, so that your vibration isn’t lacking in any way.

Now you may be thinking ‘oh, it’s just not that easy,’ but actually, with some practice, about learning how to get and stay in alignment, it is easy. It is a practice. That’s why we call it a spiritual practice because you have to practice every day. But I tell you, when you learn to make those shifts from uncertain to certain, your whole life changes, and you get into flow, real flow on every level in your life.

And I’d really love to help you get there. I have a wonderful collaboration of fantastic tools that I’ve learned from masters who I’ve been so blessed to study with over the last 20 years of my life. I’ve put these teachings and tools together in a powerful course called ‘From Fear Into Love’ and it will shift you. It will give you lifelong tools and you’ll feel yourself shift in the very first class!

From your perspective of where you are now, you might feel stuck and maybe a little bit hopeless, afraid, or perhaps just feeling like everything is too much. It’s very hard to see a bigger perspective from that point of view.

If you feel you’re ready now to move your energy and be present in your Spiritually Conscious Travels then please book a call with me.
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But our perspective, like everything else in our body, every cell that we have in our body, is changing all the time. In seven years, we completely regenerate. Everything changes, so our perspective and our point of view can change in one hot second.

When you hear truth, your cells know it and suddenly your neural pathways in your brain change and start to vibrate in a different way. It immediately affects your entire energy system. Your heart space, and everything around you starts to change.

It’s like having magic powers! Wouldn’t you love to learn some magic powers? I’d really love to share them with you. So private message me and set up a mind shift call. It’s 20 minutes and free. I’m quite certain you’d enjoy the call!


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