How Do You Feel Safe?

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This is the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac, which I am!

Anybody who’s turning 60 this year from February 1st… this is our year. But for everybody in the world it’s a really important time energetically because this is when trust meets authority.

Especially with everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s really interesting to see what’s rising up and what’s getting triggered in everyone.

For every year, each element and archetype, there’s a question.

The question for this year is, how do you feel safe?

For me, safety is about health and fitness, and being in alignment with my Source Energy. For me, that means being in the present moment. When we’re not in the present moment, like when we’re worrying, projecting or reflecting on some upset from the past, that’s what spirals our energy down and makes us upset.

That’s when we’re not feeling good and we start to feel fearful. And we get triggered by all of the things and circumstances around us.

Focusing is one thing, where you put your energy, but they call this a spiritual practice for a reason! You’ve got to practice consciousness.

We are born with it and then we unlearn it, and then we have to re-learn it and practice it.

So for me, that’s how I feel safe. For some people it might be slightly different. But what’s happening with most people when we worry is we’re pointing at everything outside of ourselves thinking, “Well, how did that happen? And how could this possibly be going on here?” And then we take on guilt and feel less than victorious.

We go into fear mode and into the fight where we feel resistance about what’s going on all around us out of our control. Are you one of the people you hear blaming your life on outside circumstances? “Well, because I live here, or I don’t have a house, or don’t have a car, I do have this or I don’t have that.”

All of that is in direct relationship to your vibration, what you are generating inside of you at an energetic conscious and subconscious level, mind, body and spirit. Visualising and calling in what you will attract.  Like attracts like.

It’s not a fair inner fight because all of that stuff out there, hasn’t originated within yourself. It’s happening out there because that’s what you’re focusing on and because that’s what you’re allowing to affect you. We are all part of our global situation whether we want to be or not, but how you deal with it – all of that out there is not what’s in here. And yes, I’m pointing to my heart.

The outside drama is triggering your own already limiting subconscious beliefs around loss and lack.  So you really need to focus on what you have and what you can control within yourself. You alone are not going to overcome global adversity. It makes us all feel small and hopeless because we get sucked into that resistance, sucked into the fight.

But we do still have our own inner integrity, intuition, awareness, and clarity.

We complain, “Oh, it’s so unfair, and I didn’t expect this. I didn’t ask for this. This is ridiculous.” That’s all loss, lack and fear of failure energy that is literally draining and fragmenting us. If you’re empathic you might feel feelings of other people and of the Earth’s energy and the collective consciousness more than most people. It’s filled with a lot of fear at the moment, which is why it’s so important to be grounded and to be in alignment so that you can know where your energy ends and where other people’s energy begins.

It’s important to not take on other people’s fear so that you can stand in your power, in your centre and trust your own authority. Trust your own authority. All of that unfairness out there, has nothing to do with the global experience, but everything to do with your internal experience.

We have to be careful where we place our trust and where we place our consciousness because we need to expand our consciousness. Collectively we need to work on that. Our self improvement comes when we face our fear. When we face our shortcomings, and the things that we are the most terrified to look at from a personal point of view. Not by pointing fingers outside, projecting, or expecting some saviour to come and save us.

I’ve been there believe me! Giving up our power to something or someone else because you think it’s the thing to do, instead of really going within and seeing where you actually stand with your own inner authority, intuition and trust of yourself.

The feeling of “I can’t win!” creates the very polarity that we are in and keeps us all in the fight. This isn’t about winning or losing because that keeps us all afraid. We don’t want to be afraid. What we want is to feel at peace with ourselves regardless of what’s going on around us.

And yes, it is normal to go up and down your vibrational spiral. Contrast is normal. We’re not just spiritually bypassing floating along believing everything’s wonderful. ‘I’m just so peaceful all the time.’ No. I’m not

talking about that.

Feel what you feel, have a little vent about it. And then get your focus off of that as soon as you can and direct it inward so that you can practice your connection to Source and feel centred. Be willing to examine your truth so that you know what are your root woundings. What are your fundamental beliefs that you made up about yourself when you were three? You’re carrying this false perception into adulthood with you and still are being  governed by it!

How long are you going to allow your fear to control you? Because that is not keeping you safe. If you’re angry all the time, and fearful, that is not a safe place to be.

Questions like, “What steps are you taking to right the injustice of the world? and, “How can you help the disadvantaged and underprivileged?” Well, these are guilt inducing questions because maybe you’re not actively doing anything like that. Maybe you think about it, but you don’t do anything and then feel like you’re not doing or caring enough and that keeps everybody in this ‘less than’ energy.  The questions ought to be reframed to ask, “What internal steps are you taking to correct the injustices that you have placed on yourself?” Because if you’re in the fight, feeling like everything is unjust, somewhere inside yourself you’ve created this feeling of injustice, or a fear of injustice, or you’ve modelled it from somewhere.

What are you doing within yourself to balance that and heal that wounding, so that you’re no longer gripped by it?

What about a reframe to, “What disadvantages do you have that you’ve been struggling with inside of yourself?” And a disadvantage could be always focusing on the negative or lack, never looking on the positive side of things, or focusing on what makes you happy. That’s a definite disadvantage. Or always being in a place of fear, afraid of getting sick, afraid of dying, whatever it is.

Ask yourself how you feel underprivileged in whatever way it is. So when you’re hearing yourself make excuses, which I hear all the time from lots of people, you’re the reason why you’re making that excuse. If you’re feeling trapped, it’s because you are trapping yourself. You’re allowing yourself to be trapped. If you’re pointing outside of yourself at the injustice in the world, it’s because the injustice is what you feel within yourself, and it makes us feel guilty, angry and shameful about our circumstances.

The trigger is on the outside, but the adversity starts from within. And we can change that by changing our perspective. The concept is easy. The practice, well, it takes some work. There are tools to help you go within so that you can trust your inner integrity and have compassion for all of the injustices in the world. Hold space with the higher Condor vision of what’s actually going on in the world.

Because not all of the bad things are for a bad higher purpose. Unfortunately, humans learn through trauma. But if you can get into a place of loving and valuing yourself, so that other people’s fear doesn’t affect you, you can stay in a place of compassionate alignment when you’re around people who have a different viewpoint from you.

There’s a vast separation happening right now. And when I think of the world outside of myself, of this massive separation, yes, it makes me feel afraid, small and what can I do? What I can do is not focus on that. I’m focusing on staying in my centre and having compassion for everyone’s choices. For whatever people want to choose to do, that’s fine. I’m going to hold this place of compassion free from judgement. And I’m not going to judge myself in this process either, because that doesn’t make me feel safe.

So what do you need to do? Within yourself, your energy field, your health, do what feels congruent to you. That is going to help you feel safe within yourself. Especially in the world right now. There is no right or wrong in this.

You’ve got to go within yourself and find out what it is that’s triggering you because the trigger is the thing that makes you start to growl, get angry and feel small but that’s not the problem. The trigger is the gift because that lets you know that there’s a piece of work that you need to do inside of yourself.

Now, I know some people who aren’t on spiritual healing paths might hear all of this and think, “Oh, very woo-woo… you can’t just change the world by feeling better about yourself.” But yes, you really can. You can absolutely change your relationship with the world by changing your perspective.

Last February, I moved back to Ilkley in West Yorkshire where I had lived for many, many years and swore up and down that I would never ever, ever, ever live here again. The whole time I was here I struggled, resisted and bitched about it so everyone was clear how I felt about it. On the verge of moving to Portugal, the borders closed and as a temporary measure, I moved back to be closer to my kids. And guess what? I really love living here now. I don’t want to move to Portugal anymore because I’ve changed my perspective about this place. I love living close to my kids and now when I look outside I see beauty and nature. Yes okay, it’s still grey, it’s still cold. It’s the middle of winter, but I’m not in the fight with it anymore. Like any place it has it’s good and not so great parts. But what I’m focusing on is all of the good things about living here. So guess what? My relationship with the place has changed along with my relationship with myself, and friends. When you start to align yourself with your higher power, whatever you want to call it, God, Source Energy, your Higher Knowing, Universal Intelligence, and you start to actually practice living your authentic truth and start to focus on who you really are and what you want, then your world around you changes.

Somebody asked Michelangelo, “How did you get the statue of David to be so perfect? David’s face is sublime.” And Michelangelo answers, “Well, I just took everything away that wasn’t David.”

That really hit home for me. How would it be if each one of us took away the parts of ourselves that are not us?

Are you really angry? Is that truly who you are? You want to be identified as an angry person?

Are you really fearful? You want to be identified as someone who is afraid?You learned that fear. You modelled that anger. We weren’t born that way. We were born in pure, clear, love light consciousness.

So what part of you is really authentic?

Why not get rid of all of those parts of you that aren’t serving you? Because they’re just along for the ride in our bodies, this beautiful space that we call home.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to find out how to discover and unearth the fundamental parts of who you really are, your authentic truth, so that you can find inner peace within yourself, and keep your alignment? And learn how to appreciate the contrast, because there’s always going to be contrast?

When things aren’t flowing for me, I wonder what the higher purpose is, because the universe has other plans. Like me moving to Ilkley, instead of Portugal. We always think we’re right. And all of us think we know best. But actually there’s always another viewpoint. Why shouldn’t we all be open to hear other people’s viewpoints without getting in the fight? The fight doesn’t make us feel safe.

So if you’d love to explore all of this, I’d love to speak with you. Private message me and book a 20 minute free mind shift call so that we can have a chat and see if we’re a good match so that I can help you start your journey of coming back to your authentic self. That’s really what I want to offer to the world. And I’d love to help you shift and expand your internal consciousness.

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