Are You Imagining The Worst Instead Of Activating The Best?

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Some people were taught to fear the worst case scenario. Others were raised with their parents’ war time consciousness, so they are preparing for the worst just in case, but if anything else that’s good happens, it’s a bonus.

I understand looking at the worst case scenario as a measure of weighing up risks. I certainly did this before I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. I was excited about it. I wasn’t focusing on doom and gloom the whole time. But before undertaking such a huge adventure, I wanted to know what was the worst that could happen? So I did look into that, briefly, just to be well informed, prepared.

It’s good to ask ourselves, “Is this something that’s worth me risking?”Subconsciously we weigh that decision about most anything we undertake. But I’m not talking about that as a general day to day thing as to where we’re predominantly putting our focus.

Some people imagine the worst, so that the best can be born out of the ashes. Like the Phoenix Rising – the mythical unique bird that rose out of the ashes… except that, that bird lived for five or six centuries before she laid herself on the altar to burn, the ultimate sacrifice, not to mention martyrdom, so that then she could raise up for a new birth cycle. But who is to say the next birth cycle is going to be any better? Do humans actually learn from past historical catastrophes? Look at your family line, patterns run in families.

Maybe the planet as a whole and our human consciousness goes through these cyclical phases, where we go into doom and gloom and then we come out of that because humans naturally learn through trauma. Unfortunately.

But really, how do you expect to activate the best in your life if you’re not focusing on the best possible outcome? The best outcome possible?

This is where we really need to be putting our focus – on the best outcome possible. And right now, especially with the world living in such a state of fear.  We’re fuelling that fearful thought process of the world by manifesting from a place of lack, by thinking about fear, by thinking about all of the horrors in the world.

I’m not saying that it’s not worth visiting every now and again to think about everything that’s going on, to look at the harshness and fear and be okay about facing the realities of the world.

I realised I was very much in denial about Covid and a lot of gritty world issues, things that I didn’t want to see or accept so I was brushing them under the carpet. Because like a lot of healers, “oh, it’s not going to touch me!” Except that it’s still very, very much in your vibration, even if you’re not dealing with it. Even if you’re not watching the news, not reading the papers. It’s still there in your vibration. If you’re afraid to look at it because it’s going to spiral you down in some way, make you angry, upset, more afraid, then you are in avoidance.

I did a lot of deep inner work to transmute that fear, shift that fearful, silent secret to myself that I was keeping in the background, so that now I can read about it and see the reality of things whilst it not spiralling me down, so that I can just simply be aware of what’s going on. But that’s not where my day to day focus is! I’m not dipping into the doom and gloom. I’m consciously keeping my focus on the world that I want to see; on justice for human sovereignty prevailing; for the world balancing out; for the pandemic to balance out like every pandemic ever has in the history of time.

We are the sum of our parts and our world. Our world is everything that’s inside of our body, which is reflected outside of our body. We take so much of the world onto our shoulders as if we can shift the entire planet personally. Kind of like a God complex as though “I can change the world myself. If I work diligently and hard enough, I can change the world all by myself. I can personally will it to happen.”

Or maybe that’s part of our amazing denial that we go into, except that we’re part of the collective. The collective, all of the creatures, all of nature, every other person, every country, every race, we are ALL part of that. We are connected and so when we do the work personally inside each of ourselves, our vibration changes, so that the world view no longer hinders us from moving our personal goals forward.

Think about recycling as a really great example. Remember, we once lived in a world where recycling wasn’t even a thing? There’s still a lot of people who believe, “What’s the point? There are entire islands in the sea made of plastic. There’s so much rubbish everywhere. What does it matter if I throw this one plastic bottle away instead of putting it in recycling?”

Well, add up all of the billions of people. What does it matter if you don’t care about the world at large, then you don’t take responsibility for yourself or your own part in it –  but not even for the sake of the outer world, how about  for your own sake, to stick to what’s important to you?

Maybe you don’t care about nature or the future of the planet, or the ecosystem. That’s your choice. But if you really do care, then how are you making a difference? What about your unwavering passion for the future? What are you calling in? What do you want to see happen?

What tends to happen is that we get sucked into this vortex of the energy of the whole earth. One big element of that at the moment is fear. So we don’t focus on our own promises to ourselves. Instead, we follow the majority and scuttle along like sheep and afterwards feel like we’ve been coerced, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, maybe even sometimes physically to go against our truest inner knowing.

But did you even stop to think long enough about your inner knowing, your true alignment, your actual truth, what really matters to you at the end of the day?

So our “choices” end up being a throwaway decision. Because it’s just easier to follow the herd. And then we don’t end up doing our innermost work that we really need to do. We make justifications and small excuses to ourselves instead. So we end up engaging in an infinite amount of energetic resistance. And we end up breaking those sacred promises to ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves permission to be fully accountable for our choices, from fear, from fear of sacrifice, surrender, what other people are going to think about us, judgement, not going with the crowd, not being accepted and so on.

So we don’t end up sticking to our principles. And we end up running away from what we really really need to focus on. So there’s a kind of global triggering going on right now. Any side of the coin you look at, there’s a mirror reflecting both sides of fear mongering. In politics, in government, there’s always two opposing sides. There’s always going to be contrast. That’s how we learn about what it is that we don’t want, and what it is that we do want. Neither side is right or wrong.

But what is right is your truth, your innermost truth and alignment to yourself. So is that focusing on things that are negative, disastrous, scary or terrible? Is that your innermost truth – fear at the base of everything that you are?

If we can indulge in ME time, clear space in our calendar so that we’re not having to deal with the outer world; constantly giving to other people; being  available for everyone; fragmenting ourselves in all the ways that we do, but instead allow ourselves that self nurturing time so that we can look after our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health – ideally, every day, even if it’s just meditating for 20 minutes, then, we can give our aligned, truthful, grounded energy freely to the earth, from our self aligned vibration. Not from a fragmented, chaotic one.

We’re out there all the time dealing with other people’s energies and we all know about the importance of getting rid of toxic people and situations. But sometimes we can’t, because that’s just around us. But your response to that is something that you can control. Absolutely.

Ask yourself, “How am I supporting my community and loved ones from my self aligned space?” Because when we’re not self aligned and following our utmost inner truth, then what are we doing? We’re playing into that consciousness that’s all around us that might not be congruent with our own. So are you being a martyr? And are you expecting people to be in pain with you? Are you holding on to suffering to appear more connected to the earth or humanity with perhaps a false sense of humility? Or are you concentrating on your healing? Healing energy that expands out and touches everyone. Compassion.

People don’t have to agree with you about everything. But when you’re your own self authority and standing in your own power, what people will respect you for is sticking to your principles.

Are your principles those of fear? No.  We were not born into this world with fear. That is something that we’ve learned. Our self authentic principles are those of love, unity, compassion, allowing and joy, ideally. Are they not yours? Where have you lost those along the way? Maybe you didn’t ever model any of that from anyone in which case, here are some big Virtual Hugs for you and I really encourage you to get some help on that.

But most people are not in total victim mode. I think most people can see the joy, appreciation and holding in their lives even if it was just a little bit or have at least had an experience of this and realise that it is around us and available. It’s in every one of us to give also, but first we have to give to ourselves. So how are you managing to remind yourself and feed yourself of the love, joy and unity within you?

It will be much harder to activate the best for yourself, for the rest of your life and outside of yourself, before you can activate the best within yourself.

Go within and do the work to focus on the outcome that you want. The outcome that you want to see in the world. What are you willing to offer for that? What are you willing to surrender for sticking to your principles and truth regardless of what is going on around you?

If you’d like to learn about how your energy works, and if you’d like to really learn how to get in touch with your inner alignment and that True Self Focus that maybe you don’t know you have? Maybe you don’t know what is your authentic truth because there’s so much other stuff that’s clouding the way? There are so many layers of limiting belief systems on top of what we think we perceive now. Our three year old child perception is no longer the full story. And that’s not what we want to be governing us today. You don’t think it is?  This is why you might like a mind-shift call with me!

If you’d like to find a way to get all these loose ends to funnel into your highest, most true, authentic self so that you can be at peace within, regardless of what’s going on around you, then I’d really love to speak with you please.

Book a complimentary mind-shift call for 20 minutes. At the very least we could have an interesting conversation. So let’s have a chat and see how I can best help you find your most authentic self so that you can start activating the very best possible outcome for you.

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