Your Perception Is A Choice!

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How you perceive things is a choice. I know that might be kind of difficult to accept as a concept, but, it’s true.

Perception has to do with cognition, understanding, an insight or intuition and discernment. These are all aspects of our awareness that can change, so when we’re perceiving something, we might have default programmes as to how we perceive things because of what we’ve learned from childhood and what we’ve modelled from our parents, or our life experiences.

But because we have the power to change our awareness and understanding, then we can certainly reprogram the way we perceive things too.

Perception can be immediate or some kind of intuitive recognition about something or simply appreciation. It can be about morals or some psychological aspect, like something emotional because we have a lot of different perceptions about our emotions and what we’re feeling. Or it can be some kind of aesthetic quality or personality.

We’re born and learn early to make judgments and have opinions on total strangers that we see walking down the street. We have an immediate perception. We see somebody and in our mind’s eye we perceive them as being a certain way. We can make all sorts of assumptions about people and judgments based on an immediate hit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s always the correct interpretation or that it’s necessarily working for us in our highest and best.

When you’re more aware, especially of how you work, how you tick as a person, how you feel about the world, and how you understand things, then you have the potential and the innate power to change your perception.

Like everything, this takes practice but I’m living proof that this can be done.

Can you think of a time when after getting the whole story about something you changed your perception about it?

Watch the 1989 film Turner and Hooch (bring the tissues!) Tom Hanks portrays a really anal retentive cop. His apartment is absolutely perfect and everything with immaculate attention to detail. He inherits a big, old, slobbering dog who, of course, trashes his whole apartment. At first he was very resistant to the dog because of his perception of how his life needed to be: how his flat had to look and how his things needed to be was a distinct way. His whole transitioning period of trying to come to terms with the dog and his obligation to take care of him was challenging. Naturally, as he falls more and more in love with the dog, his whole perception changes.

Okay, it’s just a movie, but this happens in life all the time. So the more you practice perceiving the glass being half full, than the glass being half empty, the more your regular default programming will start to perceive things in a more positive way.

I’ve gone through this. Even moving back to Ilkley, West Yorkshire in the frozen north of England, a place I’ve said many times out loud to many people, that I would “never live here again,” because the whole time that I lived here before I really struggled with it, I was resisting it. It was so cold, grey, wet.

This was a problem because my focus was on all of the things about it, that annoyed me. Now I’ve chosen to move back so I could live closer to my kids especially during a during a pandemic. And okay, different time of life, different phase and much further on in my personal development.  And now I have a whole new relationship with this place. Is it still cold, grey and raining a lot? Yes it is.

But you know what? It’s also really beautiful. And I have people that I love the most in the world around me all the time. I have a wonderful warm little house and I’ve got nature on my doorstep. So my perspective about this place and about my being here has completely changed on every single level. Because of where I am choosing to put my focus.

We might be walking down the street and see somebody and make a judgement call perceiving someone as being an angry person or very depressed. But we don’t know the whole story. What if they just got a phone call that somebody close to them died or what if they just got fired from their job? You might have caught them in an off moment.

Same thing if we see people who are perhaps overweight and we think, “oh gosh, they’re really overweight. Why don’t they go on a diet?” Well, maybe that person has just lost 50 pounds and they’re halfway to their goal weight and they’re feeling really good about themselves! We don’t know.

When you have the whole picture, all of the understanding, more insight, and more intuitiveness about what’s really going on, then you can have a better and lighter perspective.

So when you’re looking at your own life, if you’re feeling like every day is a struggle, you’re resisting something, and every day you’re in the fight, this is the time to stop and really look within and ask yourself why?

Why am I choosing to struggle, stay in resistance and stay in the fight? Because you think everything all around you is crap? You very well might be in a challenging situation, but even in the most difficult situations, not everything around you is crap. There is good stuff to look at and what we really need to do is go within and find appreciation for all of it. Yes, that’s right, appreciation for all of it, even if it’s just the smallest little crumb.

Because each relationship, situation and each challenge gets us to the next place. Hopefully we learned something about ourselves through the experience. We learn to break a pattern or to see what our patterns are. Or we learn more about our behaviour, so that we can then not keep repeating those same mistakes. So that’s something to appreciate.

Or at the very least we find out what we don’t like about our lives and what doesn’t work for us. It’s that very contrast that motivates us to choose something better for us, to have a different hope and viewpoint so we can call in a better future for us.

We realise, ‘where I’m putting my focus now, because of everything that I’m calling in through law of attraction, is obviously not working for me!’ So if you’re in a place of struggle, resistance and stress, then you’ve got to really look at what is the vibration that you’re putting out?

It’s time for a big reframe, so that you can create a new default perspective.

Some of these perspectives are ingrained. And we learn them from childhood subconsciously from our loving, beautiful parents who learn them from their loving, beautiful parents and so on and so on. We hold a lot of generational stuff inside of us that isn’t even personally our stuff. It was passed down from our parents that were still holding the mantle for, because we just haven’t learned any other way.

So if you’d like to dive in deep and really learn about what your root fundamental issues are, what’s underneath all of the less than helpful default programming in yourself – in the way that you think, behave, speak and the words that you use, then I’d really love to hear from you because this is the work that I do.

I help people change their neural pathways which are like highways in your brain that holds all of those subconscious habitual behavioural beliefs, and you can clear them and radically change your life and change your perception about so many things.

I know when you’re stuck in a limited perception it’s hard to imagine and visualise. But when you do this work, even when you don’t have a bigger understanding, it’s still possible to have a positive perspective on life.  I’m living proof of this as well as my alumni students and all of my past clients. I’ve helped a lot of people change their lives and I’d really love to help you change yours and help you get unstuck and have a big reframe, and change your perception, not just temporarily, but permanently.

Isn’t time for you to start seeing life in a much brighter way and begin to attract what you really want so you can live your best potential?

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