Creating From Lack or Abundance?

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How do you know if you’ve been creating from a place of lack?

Ask yourself, are you still worrying? Are you doubting anything? Are you still doing the “yes, but…” and justifying things? Are you angry? Are you frustrated about anything? I’m not talking about major big stuff. Little stuff.

What do you feel like during the day? Are you constantly feeling annoyed? Or are you like, “oh, okay, well, this is fun. I’m motivated. This is interesting.”

You don’t have to be joyously happy all the time. But are your spirits up or are they down? Where’s your focus? And are you in denial about something but just not dealing with it? This is a stealthy way of creating from a place of lack because we’re basically brushing stuff under the carpet and deceiving ourselves thinking, “Well, that’s not really affecting me, so I’m not dealing with it,” except that it’s still in your vibration.

If there’s something in the back of your mind that you know that you’re not dealing with because you don’t want to focus on it, but it’s something that needs attention, you need to look at that and address it so that you don’t have to keep hiding from it. Keeping that secret to yourself. Once you deal with what you don’t want to, then you can actually pay attention to where your focus and vibration actually can go.

We all know we want to focus on what we want to create and desire, so we don’t want to focus on the negative stuff. But we also don’t want to be kidding ourselves, and be in denial about it.

So look around you, what’s coming into your life? How do you feel? Are you happy? Are you positive? Are you hopeful? Do you feel focused? Do you feel motivated?

Because when we’re creating from a place of lack, we don’t have that kind of ‘get up and go’ feeling. Instead, we have a kind of limbo, sort of stuck feeling. And that drudgery about what needs to be done.

It’s a vicious circle because we’re not energised about what we’re calling to us because we’re feeling stuck in that non-moving place, which is lack. So your energy and vibe is lack, non-moving.  How are you going to effectively create like that?

Get going! Get moving and then create from that place. We have to align with the vibration of whatever it is that we want to call in. It may take a little while to override the past lack vibe before you really start to align with the abundant vibe. But once you do, you’ll really start to notice abundant flow in your life again!

Now you’re asking, “but how long how long does that take?” Well, how much are you practising? How much are you working on yourself? How many subconscious beliefs or even conscious beliefs, old beliefs, old stuff, are you still holding on to that you need to get rid of? How much self healing have you done? How clear are you to begin with?

All of these are factors so it is relative for each person, but for me, I would say four to five weeks of seriously focusing and meditating every single day. Really focusing. Walking your talk, practising all day noticing when you’re having a dip and getting yourself out of that and doing everything in your power to clean up your environment, to clean up all of the things that give you a dip so you can focus on the things that make you happy.

In four to five weeks, I think that you can change your lack vibe into a positive vibe so that you’re really turning that positivity and abundant vibe on and then the flow will start happening. Also not sweating the small stuff when challenges come up. Finding appreciation even for the crap because that’s the practice of being in flow.

When challenges happen, even when the outside world isn’t in flow, you can still find appreciation. Today on my car I found a parking ticket crumpled up in the well where the windscreen wipers sit that had been there since December 21st! At first I was like, “Are you kidding me?” Because you know, nobody likes to get a parking ticket. But then when I looked at the date, I thought, “Oh, well, thank God I found it now!” because it is within the 28 days to pay it. So that’s finding appreciation in the crap. Yeah, I might still have to pay for the parking ticket, but I’m not going to fret about what happened because it’s done.

Who cares? What’s the point of sweating the small stuff and constantly focus on the negative or ‘shoulda, woulda coulda’. Don’t do that!  Just find appreciation in the moment however small, and then let it go. Deal with it if you need to deal with it. And then waste no more time on it.

You’ve also got to be open to receive all of the flow coming to you because a lot of people are calling in all this stuff, but are not open to receive it.

First of all you’ve got to ask. Your voice is a vibration so speak out loud to the universe because it sends out a signal. Abundance is energy in motion. When you get green lights all the way – energy in motion. Perfect timing, the best parking spot, a sale on the item that you want, finding a fiver in your jacket pocket… These are all little things. Are you noticing all of the little things? You’ve got to start paying attention. You can just look outside at nature and see all of the abundance right there. But there’s lots of really good things going on all the time. Every single day really cool stuff is happening all the time to you, to me, to everyone and you focus on that and start to notice all of the flow that’s happening, and then be open to receive it.

The other day my best friend posted on Facebook a bunch of very silly, embarrassing little moments that people had or said. And for some reason, very out of my character, I don’t know why, but I picked up my phone and went onto Facebook first thing in the morning! I wasn’t even out of bed yet. I was still horizontal and was looking at Facebook, which is very strange.

And in the next moment I was laying in bed absolutely with a complete case of the giggles. This wasn’t toxic humour. It wasn’t negative or sarcastic. It was just really, really funny silly things that humans do. And I was just cracking up. So I didn’t just laugh. I appreciated this moment out loud. I thanked my best friend for posting that which allowed me to start my day laughing. And then I thanked God for the impulse to pick up my phone (for some strange reason) and go on Facebook in that moment. It was just such a weird thing because I normally don’t do that, but that’s how I started my day laying in bed giggling gleefully.

So follow your intuition and be open to receive. First you’ve got to ask, “Hey God, Source Energy, Universe, (whoever you’re praying to) this is really what I want to call in.” And then you’ve got to focus only on what you want. And you want to feel what that feels like. Say you’re calling in happiness. Think about a time that you were happy and it makes you feel happy. So feel into the happiness that you’re calling in. Focus and feel into it.

And then you’ve got to trust. Trust that it’s going to come because if you’re creating from a place of lack, where the “yes, but this probably isn’t going to work…” that’s going on in the back of your head is hiding, or you’re worrying about it or doubting it, that’s like taking two steps forward and one step back.

Focus on what you’re calling in, feel into it, trust and then be open to receive. Then you’re going to notice all of the flow starting to happen around you from the smallest things to the biggest things. When you start to notice, then appreciate those moments of flow.

Appreciate the things that are starting to move because it means that all of that wonderful practice that you’re doing, all of that meditating, all of that focus, all of that being open and appreciating, is starting to move in your direction. It’s starting to create that abundant motion. And after you appreciate, then you express gratitude.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. For my wonderful ability to create from a place of abundance.” That’s being open and ready to receive. That’s basically the process and I know sometimes people doubt that you can actually do this in your mind, but there’s a kazillion books written about this. And I am living proof in practice.

I’ve gone up and down on my life cycle of practising and not practising and the flow and abundance exactly follows. When I’m in alignment things are flowing, when I’m not, things are not.

There can be deeper stuff. There can be subconscious childhood stuff, wounding and trauma that you haven’t sorted out from the past. Stuff that you know is there but you think that it doesn’t have a grip on you.

Well, you’d be really surprised at what still has a grip on you! Speak to any of my alumni students, and ask them about the stuff that they didn’t know about themselves until they started to do this work.

Finding out what kind of junk your subconscious is holding onto is really quite amazing. And then when you have that awareness, you can find those pixelated parts in your beautiful diamond body and pull those out and clear them so that you’re much more of a clear vessel. So even when you do get a little bit out of balance, it’s not going to be so heavy and weigh you down. You’re still going to be able to be motivated, hopeful, flow and create from a place of abundance and positivity instead of from a place of lack.

Because when we’re creating from a place of lack, we’re not really going to attract what it is that we want, or it’s not going to come to us in a satisfying way. Or you’re not going to notice it or appreciate it and you’re still going to feel down and bummed about it instead of being joyous and happy celebrating your wonderful manifesting abilities.

So if you’d like to learn more about how you tick, and how we hold on to all of that subconscious stuff that we don’t even realise is holding us back, the work I do is extremely powerful, and it’s changed my life and I’ve helped thousands of other people change their lives too.

I would really love to help you find your way to abundant motion. It’s 2022, the world is in a state of limbo, fear and shut down, but you personally do not have to be. You can find abundant motion and create from a place of love and positivity right now, and I can help you do that.

So if you’re interested, give yourself the gift of clarity and please book a complimentary mind shift call with me. Let’s have a chat for 20 minutes and see where you are. I’d love to speak to you.

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