Energy Maintenance for 2022

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Happy New Year!

Energy work is not a one and done kind of thing. We all need it every single day. Just like taking a shower isn’t a one time thing – you don’t just take one shower and then think great, ‘I’m clean forever.’ We bathe daily and energy work needs the same attention.

Our energy fluctuates daily, up and down, in and out, and all around us all the time. Most people who are doing energy and belief work regularly are generally grounded, and have an aligned energy field.

We’re mainly in balance, but even still, our energy fluctuates throughout the day, especially when we go out and interact with other people. Anytime we interact with other people our energy field is going to fluctuate because when we’re close to others, we’re literally within their energy field as well.

If you hold your arms straight out to either side, your energy field goes completely around the outside of your outstretched arms. It also extends beyond your arms all the way straight up, and down into the earth under your feet. So you can imagine that kind of oval energy egg takes up a big space.

When walking down the street, your energy is going to fluctuate when you pass by another person. Just like you can notice sometimes if you feel perfectly happy but you’re sitting with someone and suddenly you don’t feel great or you feel really sad and you’re wondering what’s going on?

Why did you suddenly change out of the blue? It’s because you could be picking up something from somebody else’s energy field. Our energy fields fluctuate all of the time and this is why everybody needs to be having regular energy work and why I’ve combined the energy work with belief work.

It’s great to have really positive thoughts and be very clear in our minds but if your energy is stuck that means that the energy in your body isn’t flowing correctly.

I personally, do energy work every single day to make sure that my energy is flowing correctly. And I’m not just talking about simply being grounded which does help but I’m talking about actual energy maintenance to make sure that your energy circuits and all of your points in your body are flowing and everything is firing off correctly.

Most of you are probably doing some kind of energy work every day or regularly or you’ve done a lot of belief work and you’re generally pretty clear and life is going along pretty well. Right? If not, why not?

We’re all human with ups and downs and that’s normal. Contrast is normal. We appreciate the contrast because it lets us know what we want to create.

So how do you know if you need some energetic maintenance?

If you’re starting to experience feeling tired all of the time, when you’re not usually tired. Usually you have lots of energy, but suddenly you start to feel tired on a daily basis or it’s been creeping up on you for weeks.

Maybe you’re not following through with your plans. You’re being a bit indecisive. And have you noticed if you are being moody lately or moodier than normal? And what about your body – does your body ache? Are your limbs sluggish?

Are you more emotional than usual? Not just the odd little moment of emotion that’s related to a soppy movie, but an emotional response that you wouldn’t normally have on a regular basis.

Do you feel like you have a lack of direction or unfocused energy? Like, things are slowing down? Or opposite – you have emotional, mental or even physical burnout! Perhaps you’ve been pushing it too much?

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms it’s a sign that you could greatly benefit from some energy maintenance.

When you feel like your speed and velocity in the direction of where you’re going or where you want to go is slowing down or getting stagnant, that’s a sure sign. You’re having difficulty making decisions or keeping to your decisions.

Internally you could feel pressure or start to experience delays. These delays can show up in your finances, relationships or work. They could show up in your academics and your ability to think and process information.

Perhaps it’s showing up like a sense of instability when you’re not really as grounded as you usually are. These are also signs that maybe you need some energetic maintenance. You need to think about how your energy is flowing.

Energy can get stuck for a whole host of different reasons. But if you’re mainly feeling pretty good about life and generally on your spiritual path and doing the work, but suddenly you’re noticing these things, this is when a tune-up would be really good for you.

I’m offering Quantum Shamanic Clearings, and I work with a Pulsing Electro-Magnetic Frequency mat which aligns with the Earth’s frequency. It’s very helpful in boosting your own energy to flow better and your body to heal faster.

I’m offering maintenance packages, so that you get three 20 minute sessions for $90 US or £66. All you do is send me a photograph of yourself – a full length photograph from your head to your toes, from the front of you and also from the back of you and I need you standing with your palms facing out. Send me your full name and your birthday as well. Also include any physical ailments you may have.  You can circle where it is on your body on the photo if you like.

I’m going to put you on the mat for 20 minutes with a shamanic prayer. Energy Works from a distance because it’s timeless and spaceless.

Many of you who’ve worked with me over the internet during a session can even feel when you ‘put your hands on mine’, right? So you’ve experienced energy working from a distance which is wonderful.

I’ve had a lot of distance healing in my life and it’s been quite profound. I’ve had excellent experiences working with clients from a distance on the PEMF mat. I’ve helped people clear up all sorts of physical problems and heal from aches, pains and generally have more energy.

During these healings you might feel different things like feeling hot and cold or yawning a lot. When I work energetically with people in person or from a distance I yawn a lot til there are tears coming down my face because that’s how I process energy when it starts to flow through my body.

You may feel a reduction in pain. You could feel much more energised and you might start to notice that more positive resolutions are starting to happen in your life, that you’re receiving more good news and that you start to be making decisions again much more easily.

And that internal pressure that you had before suddenly dissipates and you’re feeling much more balanced, more capable, motivated and stable. You may feel like your emotions are on a much more even keel as well. And your focus, emotional, physical and mental energy will be much better.

So if you’re feeling like you might need some maintenance, you can also have these maintenance packages every quarter so that you can really begin to get in the habit of receiving regular energy maintenance.

And for those of you who want to get on a monthly routine, we can talk about what that looks like too. All you have to do is private message me.

If you want to sign up for a Quantum Shamanic Energy Clearing Package all you have to do is send me the payment on Paypal  Take a screenshot of that and send it to me along with your front and back photographs, full name and birthday and any ailments.

We’re not going to meet in person, we’re not going to talk on the phone, you’re just going to send me the payment and photographs and then I’ll put you on the mat and I’ll send you a message so that you know that the healing has already taken place that day. And after a day or two I’ll do it again, and finally a third time.

I really look forward to hearing from you because a lot of you are already doing wonderful work. But because we’re all human and because of the people that we’re living with and the circumstances and situation of the world that we’re in, our energy sometimes gets stuck and sometimes we need a little bit of maintenance to just help us let it flow more.

Because when our energy isn’t flowing smoothly, all of those wonderful thoughts and beliefs that you’re working on, so that you have a positive mind-set, that gets all foggy too.

We really want to have as much clarity as we can for the most positive and productive 2022.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Lots of love and flowing energy!

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