Conscious Creation

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I hope you all had a wonderful, beautiful and loving Christmas and that you’re all set for the receiving of the new year.

It’s a perfect time to talk about creation. When I ask people “what are you creating,” most of the responses have been about (myself included), what we’re creating externally. But before we can create anything externally like all of the things that we want to call in and bring to our lives, we need to make that creation start internally.

We need to start focusing on what’s going on with the cells in our body. So if you’re focusing on your ageing body (for example) and wanting to get up to 100 years old, essentially, you are focusing on the ageing process.

What do you think you’re telling your cells? Your cells are thinking, “oh, okay, well, then we better be ageing this body!”

In order to be a spiritually conscious traveller, the spiritual part is intangible. We can’t see it, a lot of people can’t feel it. The conscious part is the tangible part. It’s an awareness of something tangible. And the travelling part is about travelling within yourself. Sure we can take a journey outside and travel to other countries and have a spiritual awakening, but awareness comes from within.

Your external reality is a direct mirror of what you’re creating inside of your body; in your endocrine system, in your nervous system, in your neural pathways in your brain. And it’s there, where creation starts.

And then what you’re leaning into starts to show up in your life, in your conscious, tangible, reality. So if you have any of the “oh, I’m creating this but what if it doesn’t work? Or what if it doesn’t happen?” Or if you have paranoia or deeply anchored fears, even if it’s not keeping you awake at night, if there’s any kind of worry or stress around that, that’s been your motivation to create what you’re wanting to create.

So that kind of fear energy is going on at a low level. Now, most people find their healing or spiritual path because of overcoming some kind of past wounding. The wounded healer is the person who hasn’t healed themselves yet. They’re full of very negative self talk, even if they’re wrapped in a kind of ‘happiness, spiritual vibe.’

So you look in the mirror and you see your ageing happening. You’re looking at your face, at the wrinkles and skin starting to sag. Your body doesn’t feel as flexible as it used to. So then you’re willing your body, to make it to 100 years old, and you’re thinking about age the whole time. You’re focusing on age, when really you want to focus on, “I feel so youthful, vibrant and flexible, and I’m so appreciative of my graceful, youthful self.”

Because if you’re motivated by fear, you’ve really got to transmute that fear and change your inner self-talk.

When you’re mindful of your ageing body, what your cells ‘hear’ is, “Oh, right. I’m ageing this body. I better do it better.” So they age even more.

When we meditate or when we self-talk, (whether it’s positive or negative self talk), we are basically activating codes in our DNA.

So if you’re still worrying, stressing out or panicking or if you have insomnia, or any kind of negative reactions to anything, you’re creating an environment of self attack.

When you cover your face with the “Oh no” hands, you cut off your light! You cut off your vision, you cut off your voice, you’re blocking all of that light, but our light comes from within. It’s always there.

But if you have high blood pressure, there’s probably some internal guilt going on and you’re not in alignment with your truth. All of this ‘oh no’ energy is us sabotaging ourselves.

Healers, particularly people on the spiritual path, if you don’t think you’re a healer, are quite guilty of this because it’s a form of stealthy denial. “Oh, no, no, no, I’m not worried about that!” And they’re not consciously worried about it or focusing on it because they don’t want to focus on that. But really in the background they are, so they’re brushing everything under the under the carpet. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still in your vibrational field!

Your body reflects exactly what’s going on at a deeper level. So it’s really time to take a deep dive into your darkest truths and see them as they are so that you can transmute the self sabotage first and remove those blocks.

I know I’m always telling you to focus on what you want, but when we’re only focusing on what we want, and we’re not looking at all of the subconscious worry and stuff brushed under the carpet, we keep ourselves in a stealthy form of denial. At some level you know your deepest truth because we can’t really keep a full secret to ourselves.

It’s time to Fung Shui your mind and clear out the old blocks, the deepest root stuff, so that you can see what you really want with clarity and consciously bring in that manifestation. For example, a youthful, fit, strong, healthy body.

Infinite Intelligence and source energy is in the centre of all of our cells. So how you interact with your cells is going to radically impact how you experience your tangible reality all around you.

Two objects ie: energy, cannot occupy the same exact space at the same time. So you need to clear the subconscious underlying blocks before you can see the light because when energy gets dense, you develop tumours, ulcers, cysts, cancer, whatever it is, that needs to be removed or healed before the light can take over.

Years ago, I was in a toxic relationship and I was very unhappy. And when I look at those pictures of myself, I look much older than I look now. When you’re sad and stressed out all the time, you’re not taking great care of yourself either because there’s a knock on effect. Just like when you start to exercise. Naturally your body releases all of these fabulous endorphins, and then you start to eat better too. And so everything goes hand in hand.

It’s the same thing with your mindset. When you really get to the root cause and start to love yourself and nurture yourself more, it’s a knock on effect through the rest of your body. You start to take better care of yourself. You start to love yourself more. All of your intense stress lines lighten up and go away because you’re happier when you’re allowing yourlight to shine forth from within.

It’s great that you’re creating the beautiful things that you have put your mind to, but what kind of self talk do you have going on?

What’s your motivation to create these things? If it’s from a place of lack, then look at that lack and find radical appreciation for it so that you can transmute it.

If it’s fear of ageing, look for radical appreciation of that knowledge of that awareness so that you can transmute that fear and then focus on what you really want. But not by focusing on ageing, because it’s a natural part of the process. Instead focus on how the future looks and feels. See yourself looking young, vibrant and fit every single day.

Part of my daily mantra is how much I love my strong fit body. I could add youthful to that, but that’s not in my mind because I feel youthful. And I also affirm how much I value and trust my strong fit body, how much I appreciate it and how blessed I am to be in such a strong fit body and that I’m grateful for all of that. I’m calling in a strong fit body. I don’t focus on what it is or what I’m worried about or what I would like my body to be. I look at it as it is happening now. “I have a strong fit body and every day my body gets even stronger and fitter.”

As a result I’m naturally loving and nurturing myself more and taking better care of myself more every day. And when you’re meditating, going inside to talk to your cells in a loving, nurturing way, all of that energy is going to emanate out of you and make you look younger and feel better.

Then you’re going to start calling in the things that you want. Wouldn’t you  like to know how to discover, access and transmute what the root problems are in your subconscious? Figure out why the things you keep manifesting aren’t happening?

Let’s find out what the root, subconscious blocks are that you’re shoving under the carpet and not really looking at or dealing with that keep you stuck telling yourself a story.

You can transmute all of that stuff and actually call in with clarity and consciousness what you want for this bright new year.

I’d love to speak with you if you’re interested in having a chat about that. Please private message me and I really look forward to hearing from you.

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