What Is Spiritual Consciousness?

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What Is Spiritual Consciousness?

It’s a really brilliant question to ponder.  Spiritual Consciousness is awareness. We have a couple of different levels of awareness. We have physical consciousness when we’re aware of all of our five senses, what we’re taught when we’re kids, ‘don’t touch the stove that’s hot,’ or running to not get tagged and be “IT.”

We’re aware of our muscles, strength and stamina in our bodies and we learn that as we’re growing up. So we’re conscious of our physicality.

We’re also aware of our mental consciousness. We go to school, or travel  and we learn new things. We learn how our brain works, that we can retain information, learn new languages, and we learn about different things that are happening in the world. So we have awareness of our mental consciousness.

And then we have awareness of our emotional consciousness by learning about the way that we feel; by understanding all of our emotions, whether they’re happy or sad, or whether there’s judgement. Whatever the emotion is, it’s not right or wrong, but we learn that we have consciousness about our emotions because of how we feel.

And then there’s spiritual consciousness. So it’s different than being religious, but if you’ve ever been raised in any kind of religion, whether you’ve been to a church or to a mosque or temple, even if you’ve only been for one day, you’re learning about another person’s or another organization’s idea of what their interpretation is based on. There are countless books on the subject too.

So you’re basically learning one way of gaining spiritual insight or awareness and again, nothing is right and nothing is wrong, but people have different ways of finding answers – of finding awareness.

So consciousness, whether you understand it or not, you have it. It never stops. So even Atheists know that there’s more than just the physical because there’s mental consciousness that makes us aware that ‘intangible’  exists.

Spiritual consciousness is more along the lines of an energetic consciousness because it’s not tangible. We can’t see it. We can’t necessarily feel it, but you can learn to start feeling your spiritual consciousness so much more, that it can feel almost like it’s tangible.

Quantum physics among other things, is a study of energy and frequency, which is the study of spirit. Our spirit runs the physical, mental and emotional parts of ourselves. It’s not in the brain. It’s part of our energy field. It’s when our heart and our minds are connecting.

This is why you can be telepathic when you’re sitting in the room with someone that you’re so intrinsically connected with that you know what they’re thinking or about to say.

Or when you’re really tuned-in to what’s going on or you just have a feeling or a ‘knowing’ –  all of that is your spiritual consciousness.  The more you pay attention to it, the more obvious it becomes.

From a very basic surface level, when you’re unconscious, you think whatever the situation is, is beyond your control. Right? It’s not having a divine perspective, beyond what’s tangible. So you’re stuck in your ‘reality’ of circumstances.

The rent is due and you can’t pay it, you don’t know what’s going to happen because your car payment is due and all you can see is the current reality of your situation.  You’ve got blinders on to everything except what is in your direct field of vision and what you’re feeling and you can’t allow yourself to expand beyond that.

Spiritual consciousness is when you know you have the ability to manipulate all of the energy and all of the outcomes around you. So that you develop a perspective that’s outside of the tangible.  When your perspective becomes something beyond what you can see, it becomes a possibility. Then everything is a possibility.

You’re praying and you’re thinking, ‘Oh God, please just send me some divine inspiration!’ and then you have an ‘aha’ moment. Have you ever had an aha moment when the penny just drops? Then suddenly your whole perspective about absolutely everything changes? I love those moments!

Now for those of you who are in the second half of your life like me, you might look back at your younger years and think, ‘wow, those were some pretty stupid choices and decisions that I made!’ And that’s because you didn’t have the older, wiser, more expanded perspective that you have now.

With a more wisened perspective, we don’t make all of those same choices.

It’s the same thing with spirituality. And this is where nature comes in. We want to be open to the possibility of everything and to be able to appreciate the wonder of the universe.  Have you ever seen a hummingbird fly? They’re the most magnificent little creatures!  Their wings go in a figure eight motion that allows them to fly backwards and hover in space in stillness while they’re drinking out of a flower. If you look at them as a symbol, they create all of the possibilities of what’s impossible, right?

Noticing the signs and symbols all around you everyday can give you another whole perspective. It can help us to journey in stillness within ourselves.

Have you seen a snowflake up close and personal? There’s infinite numbers of snowflakes. Do you know that they’re all different? Each snowflake different from the next! Absolutely amazing. How can that possibly be?

This is why we always say if you want to get grounded, go outside and lay on the ground or stand your feet on the earth and tune into nature. If you want to feel abundance everywhere, go outside and be in nature because its absolutely astounding and its infinite and ever present.

Spiritual consciousness is being aware enough to allow yourself to have the potential to be fully receptive to your own spirit so that you can be swept off your feet with the pure joy and possibility of what’s to come.

You yourself, have this power to change your perspective in any moment. In a matter of seconds, if you practice, allowing yourself to process the world around you from your new divine perspective.

I challenge you to do this for three to seven days consciously being aware, really paying attention to changing your own reality. Where are you putting your focus?  On the literal crap all around you or on the wonder of the universe?

Then journal about what you noticed. How did you interpret it? Did things seem slightly disconnected from your current reality?

When you can change your perspective regardless of what’s going on, you can move aside your fear and embrace the love of the journey into yourself. You can remove all of the guarded fears that you have, and allow yourself to have the unguarded love overflow into your spiritual consciousness.

I’m going to be opening the doors into From Fear Into Love in January and this 12 week course really helps you do just that. It takes you through this process step by step, to help you gain clarity and consciousness of all of these things and it gives you tools to help you step into your spiritual power, ability to allow, and the possibility to be your best self.

If you’re interested in this life transformational journey, please email me shannon@shannonoflaherty.com or PM me on Facebook and I will put you on the list so that we can contact you personally and speak to you more about it.

I want everybody to be having wonderful ‘aha’ moments every single day. We all live in a whole beautiful world, connected and we are all spirit, having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience.

I look forward to hearing about your new divine perspectives.

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