Happy Summer Solstice to everyone!  The longest day of the year, June 21st, the most light. I hope wherever you are, that you’re enjoying being connected to nature and the elements and honouring the different cycles of nature that we’re in all the time.
In Peru all the stone temples are lined up so that when the light shines on the summer solstice, the shadows reflect that beautifully.
However you want to honour this cyclical time in your life, make a little ceremony yourself, whatever that means to you. I know some people went early morning wild water swimming! That won’t be me. I’m not a freezing cold water girl. But I know it’s very good for you and what an amazing way to wake up!
However you want to honour the day, do it consciously. I’m going to a medicine women’s group tonight to sit around the fire, sing, dance, share and be in communion with the sisterhood.
And last night I led a Conscious Cafe Summer Solstice ceremony, which was beautiful. We wrote down all of the shadow pieces and labels that we wanted to get rid of and put them in the fire so that we could call in all of the good things that we want to attract to our lives.  And to help us change the relationship that we have with the parts of ourselves that we’re allowing to stay stuck.
The summer solstice is a time to remind us to turn inwards and find the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual nourishment that we need to grow and to continue to evolve. Some aspects of our life might be flowing really well, while another aspect is out of alignment.
Maybe it’s time to go within and meditate and look on that and think about what it is that feels out of alignment in this one area of your life. It’s a time to pause and wait for the energy that we planted in the spring to reach its full bloom. Spring represents action, while summer represents patience, so we have to develop trust and confidence in ourselves so that we know that whatever we set in motion previously will continue to flow… even if we go through some challenging times.
Sometimes people feel like the energy in summer gets really heavy and everybody slows down and nothing’s happening, except that this is when everything is happening.
All the seeds that you’ve planted earlier in the year is what’s happening behind the scenes right now. Some questions you might want to ask yourself are; what have you set in motion this year already? What have you set in motion that you haven’t seen the results of yet?
That can help you remember that there’s still stuff going on right now. Seeds, germinating, under the surface. And when I’m feeling impatient about not seeing my results right away, I just keep thinking about Divine Time & Divine Order.
To simply allow it all to happen and be as it is, there’s no reason to get stressed out, yet sometimes I have to give myself that little talk to remember that time is a human construct.
Where do you need to focus your energy and refine your attention? Maybe there’s some aspect of things that you’re not paying attention to that you need to release. Just as the serpent in the shamanic tradition of the south releases all that binds in one fell swoop just as she sheds her skin. Look at the literal in front of you. What can you let go of on a day to day basis, even if it’s just a small thing, that would help you feel better in your own skin, feel more aligned, feel more congruent?
And what’s weighing heavy on your soul? Maybe everything else in your life is going great, but there’s something niggling away at you that’s weighing heavy on your soul.
These are all questions that you can ask yourself and if you use your voice as a vibration, and pray out loud or ask out loud to the Universe, (because so many people never ask in first place for answers or messages), ask out loud, “God, what is it that I need to know? What is it that I need to see? What is it that I need to feel/receive/experience? What am I not seeing clearly?” And then wait and be open to receive the answers because the answers do come.
What wisdom is needed for your journey ahead? And are you asking? Because in order to get an answer, we need to ask the question first. Going within to meditate is a good way to ask, but I love to pray out loud, speak out loud, talk to God and say, “Well, what is it that I need to do?”
And we’re all so busy doing stuff – doing doing doing doing doing. And so maybe it is a time about being. Just chill out. If it’s a lovely day, go sit in the sun because all of those tasks that need to get done, they will get done in Divine Time.
I’m somebody who likes to work with a tight deadline. Usually that works well for me. So even if I don’t have a tight deadline, I will often create a tight deadline. That’s my working style. It’s not always the best way to move forward, but it’s good to know these things about yourself.
Write down all of the shadow parts of your life, meaning the parts of yourself that you like the least or the parts of your life that are not flowing or not working the best for you or the parts of your life that you’d really like to change the most.
You can have your own fire ceremony because fire transmutes energy to light energy. So write all of these things down on little pieces of paper so you can burn your labels.
Write it down and with your intention, feel into whatever it is and then blow your intention into that piece of paper with the word on it, whatever you’re letting go, say it’s impatience, and put it in the fire and let it burn fully.
And then let it go.
If you would like help to channel all of these wide arrays of thoughts into one, fine point or to find out what it is that’s really missing, because sometimes we don’t know – we can’t find that out in ourselves – sometimes we need another person’s point of view or some input, I’d love to have a 20 minute complimentary mind shift call with you so I can help you have an ‘aha’ moment.
This is what I do. I really love to help people shift and my students are about halfway through the From Fear Into Love course now and a lot of stuff is stirring up for them while they learn deeper things about themselves.
And I’d really love to help you learn about your deepest truths so that you can find out the quieter ways that maybe we’re not always conscious about, as to how to keep yourself in alignment and keep yourself happy and flowing even when it feels like nothing is moving.

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