Shock and trauma comes into us in all sorts of ways. The most obvious way is if you hurt yourself; you’ll go into some level of shock or if you witness a horrendous accident you’ll take in shock or trauma.
It’s a protection mechanism that we humans have to keep ourselves safe from either bleeding out, (if it’s that bad of an injury) or completely freaking out because it slows everything down. It makes our bodies contract.
But what happens is that the shock and trauma stays trapped in our bodies. And even though we may have cleared the emotional attachment to the incident that happened, in that moment of shock when our body contracts, it forms a little knot. If you tie a knot in a piece of thread, that’s really tiny, tight and hard to get undone, that’s what happens in the myo fascia of our body.
And it’s really important to get all of that shock and trauma out of your body. There’s belief work you can do to help you form a different relationship with your emotions around whatever it is, but because it is embedded in you in a physical way, mind, body and spirit you need to get it out of your body physically.
You need to move around, jump up and down, jiggle, dance, whatever you need to do. Boxing, punching things, (not people ;-)) is a really good plan so that you can move that stuck energy through your body and allow it to come out. Because all of the emotions that we have tend to cement themselves somewhere in our bodies.
And if you’re working with another person, or even if it’s just your friend and you ask them how they’re feeling, often their body language speaks for them. We might say, “I don’t feel so good..”and our hand might go to our heart or maybe, “gosh I’m really stressed…” and our hand goes to our head. So our bodies speak where we’re holding this kind of suppressed shock and trauma.
But because of the state of the world at the moment, the war in Ukraine, our basic fundamental human rights being overturned in the states, instead of evolving forward, we’re regressing backwards in time, ridiculous gun allowances and a whole host of other things including the pandemic, this shock and trauma is sneaking in and settling in, maybe sometimes after the fact because we feel a little helpless, out of control and don’t know what to do and it affects the very core of who we are as people.
So even though you may not have witnessed something horrendous or horrible, the state of the world, especially at the moment keeps all of us in some level of a state of shock and trauma. The level of fear that the collective consciousness is holding at a physical, emotional and spiritual level is ripe.
If there was ever a time to start working out in your life, it’s now and not so much just about physical fitness, but emotional fitness. It doesn’t have to be working out literally, you can go for a walk or lay on the earth. Lay on the ground and let the earth energy absorb into you. Let the shock and trauma drain out of your body.  Imagine the beautiful Pachamama fuelling from the energy you no longer need.
Holding space for the whole world is basically us holding a lot of shock and trauma. And we don’t want to hold that in our bodies. Spiritually you can go up to whatever God or Source Energy or Infinite Intelligence that you pray to and connect to them because we’re all creative beings, and bring that energy down into your space and command that the shock and trauma in your body is lifted out and see how you witness that.
See how you visualise it. I tend to see disease, injury and heavy beliefs as a big black blob. I follow that up until it just blips out from sight way up above. Then practice not holding that because the more that we keep beating ourselves up with the upset of the world or engaging in violent or upsetting programmes or looking at stuff that’s going to spiral our energy down, the more we’re enabling ourselves to keep hold of that shock and trauma.
And when that happens we get exhausted, filled with apathy and we feel stuck and sort of paralysed because it’s that being out of control feeling and our fight and flight response gets pushed way out of whack.
Think about what kind of shock and trauma you might be holding and take some time every day to clear that from your body. Find a way to let go of it.
I can show you how to do this in a much deeper way for yourself, how to clear up your thinking, clear up your habitual behaviours and your verbiage, because our words are vibrations that we put out into the world and we attract what we’re putting out back to us.
Our thoughts are magnetic energy. So let me help you clear all of this up and give you wonderful tools that you can use for yourself for the rest of your life to keep yourself in alignment and keep your vibration high and filled with love.

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