Be Guided By The Signs and Symbols Of The Universe

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It’s important to allow ourselves to be guided by the signs and symbols from the universe and nature that are all around us every day.
Sometimes, without even realising it we’re being guided, like when we have a moment of inspiration, an ‘aha’ moment when a great idea pops into our heads. Usually, the first thing we do is start to talk ourselves out of it and we don’t take action. That idea will go on to somebody else like Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her book, ‘Big Magic,’ that there are all of these great ideas out there and if you don’t act on your idea, it will go to someone else who will. So always take action on your inspired moment.
My best friend and I even bought a domain name couple of years ago, just because we were so excited in the moment, but did anything happen with that? No. And we decided not to renew it. But that’s really the worst thing that’s going to happen if you do take action – maybe nothing comes of it. But if you don’t take action, then you’re never going to know.
We have signs and symbols all of the time that are guiding us to have a deeper understanding about ourselves in all sorts of situations. Especially if anything is happening in your body, if you’re sick, if you’re injured, if you have an accident. If anything is going on physically, you can look at that as just bad luck or an accident, or you can investigate and see what it is all about at a deeper level.
Three weeks ago, I broke my foot by doing literally nothing! I got up from my desk chair, took one step with my left foot, took the next step with my right foot, and heard a giant crack. It was quite alarming. My right foot apparently was fast asleep. So I guess it didn’t hold me up. It did stop me in my tracks, however.
It was an accident and as I was taking myself down the stairs on my butt one by one, I was clearing the shock and trauma that I could feel invading my body every second. I just kept pulling it out and sending it back to Source so that I could function and be in alignment.
When I could, I looked up what feet mean? ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay, the queen grandmother of healing, said that feet are about ‘understanding of ourselves and our lives past, present and future.’ I thought that was interesting because I have a pretty good understanding of myself and my life so I wondered what was I doing right before I got up out of my chair?
I was working on my book. As you all know, my first book, Controlling Your Hidden Emotions – How To Make Friends and Live With Your Emotions is about to be launched on Amazon on the 21st of this month. I’m very excited about that, but I’m also quite confused about the whole, complex process. It’s been a big learning curve, vertical actually. And there are a few other things that are going on in my life that I don’t understand at the moment.
So when I read that, it made me stop for a moment and go within to determine which part of my life or myself am I not fully understanding?  As a result of asking myself that question, I did some deep personal work so that I could clear things that were holding me back, because when you break something obviously it’s going to slow you down.
Ten years ago when I moved to Brighton in my new flat glass was shattering all over the place. Picture frames were falling and breaking, glasses, all sorts of things, shattering! I’m not somebody who generally breaks things a lot. It was very out of the norm. So I looked up spiritually what shattering glass meant? And it was something about breaking through illusions of the past and that was the first time I think that I had ever lived on my own, not as a roommate, not as somebody’s wife, or partner. It was an interesting time, a major shift in my consciousness, and a big reality check.
You can always look up the practical meaning of something or if it’s a physical thing, look up the medical meaning because that can give you insight into your injury, or what weak spots there are, what you might need to focus on, or change in yourself to have a stronger immune system or whatever the issue is, but then look up the spiritual meaning of it too.
Because in the work that I do, everything starts in our neural pathways and what we think and how we perceive things, usually without the full story from when we were children. So if you look at the spiritual meaning of things, you’ll get deeper insight into what’s really going on for you underneath the surface.
Twenty years ago, I had pleurisy when the lining in your lungs gets infected. All heart chakra stuff and it’s all about sadness and grief. And I was going through a really sad time when all of that happened.
Also the animal totems. When I first moved back to Ilkley here where I raised my kids, after ten years away, I was driving home at night from a friend’s house and there was a big beautiful badger right in the middle of the road. I was quite excited because you don’t see badgers that often. When I got home I looked up what badgers mean and it was about fortifying things in your life that make you feel secure. How appropriate, I had just moved home where my kids are, where my people are, and to have a sense of security, especially during the end of lockdown when I’d been in isolation for so long. For me, it felt like confirmation that I’d made the right choice.
We’re guided all the time. You can follow your nose, in fact, that’s how Esther Hicks of Abraham Hicks first started to channel Abraham because she was literally following her nose. She noticed that her nose was spelling out letters. So Jerry, her husband, started to write down what the letters were until finally Abraham, the non-physical beings she channels, came through vocally once they could slow down their vibration enough so that she could hear them properly.
Your nose will lead you places, your eyes will lead you, and of course, your feet will lead you places too. Follow your eyes, follow your gaze. What are you settling on? The other day I was getting down on the floor to do some exercises. Suddenly my eyes were drawn to one book in particular. It was ‘My Mother Myself’ by Nancy Friday, which I read when I was 25 years old and I remember it being extremely profound then.
Anyway, at first I just kind of dismissed it and was about to do abs, and then I thought, “Hold on, hold on… pay attention! You’re being guided. You obviously saw that book for a reason. So come on, take the book off the shelf.” I often converse with myself!
I took the book off the shelf and randomly opened it to see what I might see. One paragraph really jumped out at me and it triggered me big time. Immediately I knew I am definitely supposed to read this book again. It obviously was calling out to me and I got in the bath at that point in time and meditated on what I had read and let that sink in. It allowed me to go within myself much deeper than I had around this subject previously and really do a lot of personal work on that and discover some things that I needed to bring to the surface.
This could all be totally related with breaking my foot three weeks ago or maybe not? But anyway, I was following that guidance. So these are signs and symbols from the universe that happen all the time to us.
So if you’re one of those people that tends to gaze out of the window or you spot somebody or something pay attention! Why are you focusing on that? What is the message for you from whatever you’re looking at? What are you meant to get from that?
If you eyeball a book pick it up and look at it, or if it’s a thing, Google whatever the meaning of something is, and if your eye falls on a person, then maybe you’re supposed to talk to that person. I don’t know. The potential is infinite.
When you start to pay attention to the signs and symbols from the universe, your life changes because it helps you go deeper within yourself. We see a rainbow and we’re lifted, feeling it’s an auspicious sign. But it doesn’t have to always be good stuff because the contrast is really good stuff too.
Obviously breaking my foot, in my opinion, did not feel like good stuff. However, the things I’ve learned about myself as a result of being stopped literally in my tracks, have been good discoveries for me. I’ve had to dive in and look at that. Every time you’re going through a challenging time in your life, when you’re meeting contrast, it’s not fun. We cry and we feel uncomfortable but what it does do, if you’re doing this kind of work, is that it helps you go deeper within yourself. It gives you a real definite clue of what it is that you need to work on so that you can apply all these wonderful tools to your own self-development and evolution.
I do believe that everything happens for a higher reason. The frustration, for me anyway, comes when you don’t know what the higher reason is yet. If you can tap into that and trust and do the work, then you can stay in alignment most of the time regardless of what you’re going through. It takes some practice and we all get pushed out of alignment and down our spiral sometimes.
But when you have magical tools to help you get back in alignment even just for a moment so that you can get out of your little pity party and get into a place of possibility, faith, hope and learning about yourself, then, that moment of alignment, even if it’s just for a moment will take you to the next one. And you’ll be able to pull yourself out of whatever dip you’ve been in. I know because I’ve been there this past week. It’s been a challenging week.
Anybody who’s broken their foot knows it is tough to get around very easily. So follow your guidance system. Focus on yourself, on your body, focus on your immediate surroundings, and what’s catching your eye. What are the inspired moments that are coming into your head?
If you’d love to learn all of the magical tools that I teach my students who are more than halfway through my course called From Fear Into Love at the moment, I’d really love to hear from you because it’s life-changing stuff.
We have so much power and the ability to change our relationship to our emotions right here and now.  If we’re in a dip, we still have the tools that can still work in our favour to help us get to the next place.
I really want to help you get through this time in life. The whole world is in a place of fear, unrest, paranoia, worry, sadness and grief. There’s a lot of those big emotions going on with all of the horrendous things that are happening in the world.
Personally, we can put down our anxiety, but if you’re empathic at all, it’s more difficult to put down that anxiety because we’re feeling all of the heaviness from the rest of the world. It’s the best time to have tools that can help you pick yourself up and get in alignment.
This is the time more than ever that we really need to practice staying on our spiritual path. Talk to your friends and share what’s going on, this is not the time to keep everything inside.
I’d love to hear from you and help you be able to speak your truth safely and teach you some cool stuff that can help you meet your contrast and challenges more easily, whatever they are, for the rest of your life.

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