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We are creators. Yep, that’s right. It’s the same thing as manifesting, the same thing as connecting to our God, our Source, and the same thing as raising our vibration because we are all vibrational beings. Everything that happens to us in our lifetime, everything that we draw to ourselves, everything that we think, and everything that we do and say is a vibration. Your voice is a vibration.
To create whatever we want to create it’s necessary to raise our vibration to line up with what we want to call in. In order to do that, what you need to do is focus on what it feels like when you already have whatever it is that you want.
I was just reading Abraham Hicks and she wrote that if you’re $100,000 in debt but you want to have $100,000 in savings instead, there’s a $200,000 gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s unlikely you’re going to manifest that overnight, but what you can do is change your vibration from one of lack into one of abundance. Lack is worrying, doubting, not trusting, and going down your vibrational spiral. Abundance is a vibration of happiness, joy, trust, creativity, love, and taking action.
I had asked a question in my Facebook Group, The Spiritually Conscious Traveller, about what your mindset is right before you fall asleep at night? You know that you can programme yourself to stay in your body if you’re one of these night travellers who’s zipping all over the world checking out everybody else and having disrupted sleep?
You can download and programme your body so that your hormones balance out especially if you’re going through menopause and are not sleeping because of that. You can download positive thoughts and loving, joyful thoughts.
So many of us are on social media right up until the moment that we go to bed or we’re watching crazy movies (or whatever it is that we’re doing right before sleep) and really we need to calm that kind of energy down because then we’re taking all of that really ramped up energy to sleep with us. So how could we possibly have a good night’s sleep? I’ve been trying to watch all of the Marvel movies slowly, and I made the mistake of watching one quite late before going to bed and I had crazy dreams all night. It was really frenetic energy.
I like to lay in bed and meditate at night. I know a lot of people love to meditate first thing in the morning. I often do that too. But for me because I’m cooling things down and I’m getting calm, that’s when I like to go up and connect to God. Connect to Source Energy and call in wonderful health, peace, joy, love, appreciation, flexibility, abundance, and success. And then I also send that energy out to my nearest and dearest so that I’m going to sleep with a loving, peaceful vibration. Often I fall asleep in the process of sending healing and love to the people that I’m caring about. And I generally sleep pretty well.
It’s the same thing in our waking hours. Whatever you’re feeling, if you’re not in flow with it, like if you’re doing something but it’s not flowing and you’re not doing it with joy, stop what you’re doing for a moment and have some water, move away from it and do something else for a little while to shift your energy.
Get yourself in alignment. Go look at a flower or do something that makes you feel joyful and then come back to what you’re doing. Because when we’re resisting things, we’re not going to be putting our best energy into what we’re creating. Everything is energy and everything is a vibration.
If you have to face your boss (or anybody) about a conflict, get in alignment before you do that. I often tell my students to write a letter, write it out carefully, thoughtfully as though you were going to send it, so that you can get all of your feelings out. So that it helps you process whatever it is that you’re going through. And then DON’T SEND IT! Sit on that for a few days, especially if you’ve written it in an upset state. Process what you’re dealing with. And then put that letter in the fire to transmute that energy into light energy.
If you have healing tools, apply them.  If you don’t, or would like to learn more you can learn them from me. I wish you would all call me to have a complimentary mind-shift call because I can teach you some really cool tools for life that can help you stay more in balance.
Now this is not about spiritual bypassing so that we’re just happy and “Lala, rainbows and unicorns” all the time. No, that’s not real life. We’re humans. We get knocked off our centre. We have challenging things going on in our lives and real, human emotions and you need to sit with those and feel them.
If you’re sad, you’ve got to cry and let all that sadness come out. If you’re angry, get a punching bag or swim until you can’t swim anymore or run until you’re exhausted. You’ve got to exorcise all of that heavy energy out of your body. And then pray. Go up to your God and your Source and ask for help. “God show me what it feels like to accept this situation” or “show me what it feels like to have God’s definition, understanding and perspective of the truth.” “Show me what it feels like to understand this other person’s truth, even if it’s not mine.”  Ask out loud for what you need so that you can sit well with yourself, so you’re not taking things personally and not projecting your stuff out onto other people.
It is work and it is practice. That’s why we call this a spiritual practice. But you can create whatever kind of vibration, whatever kind of internal feelings you want. And sometimes when we’re in our own stuff, it’s hard to do that for ourselves. So call somebody who can help you, like me! Call me when you’re feeling stuck. I call one of my various healer friends when I need another perspective.
It’s hard to see your own stuff when you’re right in the middle of it. But you can receive healing, help and insight of other people who can hear what you’re not hearing about yourself. But we can create anything that we want and that comes down to changing our vibration. You can change your own vibration immediately in one hot second by thinking of something that makes you feel joyful and happy. Focus on that and what you want to call in and focus on what that looks like, feels like, smells and tastes like, and how you feel when you have it and how the people around you feel.
Focus on the thing that you want, and then forget about how that’s going to happen because we all get so locked up in the process of how to get there. We think that we’ve got to do it a certain way…like we’ve got to work really hard or we’ve got to struggle. Don’t worry about all of that. Just focus on the end game of what you want and really feel that and trust it and be one with your Source. Raise your vibration and focus on keeping your vibration up your spiral all the time. If you do that every day, your life is going to be so much easier and you will naturally be more in flow with everything you do.
If you’d love to learn healing tools for life, I’d love to speak with you so please private message me and book a complimentary mind-shift call. Let me help you get through this challenging time in the world. It doesn’t have to be so tough every day.
If this interests you, I’d love to have a chat with you. I offer 20-minute free conversations because I really want to connect with all of you and I want to see if I can help you have an ‘aha’ moment and see if we can work together because that would be really fun too. Click here: https://bit.ly/SOHealing
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