Which Mental Disease Do You Have?

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Sacrifice, scarcity and poverty are all just a mental disease. That’s because it’s about mastering your thoughts about each of those which keep us in a place of believing we are missing something. They are programmes that have been instilled within us.

Yes, there are millions of people born into poverty, and live with next to nothing, however, many of them who have never known another way, are happy.  They are not focussing on what they don’t have, they are surviving every day and enjoying the small things.  Some of them manage to create opportunities for themselves.  But if you are here in the Western world, part of a Facebook group, this is not you!

One of my clients was having a very hard time coming to the mindset of being able to let go of money to pay for From Fear Into Love – my 12 week online course – that she knew would enhance her life.  She was scared, upset and stuck in all of the drama of the money part. But then as we managed to change her mindset around sacrificing money to realising that what she was doing was investing in herself; in her mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health, it became easier for her to put her money towards what she wanted.

If you focus on what you want to move towards instead of all of the lack that’s around you and what you’re missing, you’re going to be putting out a completely different energy. Immediately.  As the course went on each time she had a payment due, she said, “This is absolutely no problem! This is the best investment I’ve ever made because I’m getting so much value. I’m creating a much better version of myself for myself, for my family for all of my relationships.”

She turned her sacrifice around into an abundant mindset of what she was wanting to bring into her life. Because we create our reality and it starts with our mindset, our lives are a reflection of that vibration that we’re giving out every single day. So, look around, what are you seeing? Are you seeing abundance everywhere you look? Happiness, joy, love, excitement, opportunity, productivity, money, cleanliness, order? Or are you seeing lack, difficulty, everything is dark. Are you stuck in poverty? Do you have disorder everywhere or are things neat and clean? Do you have too much stuff around you? Are you in an unhealthy environment?

Look around you because you’ve created the environment and the way that you think, feel and live in the place that you are. I know that’s perhaps a harsh reality but that’s it, because we’re all part of God and we’re just extensions of that God part of ourselves, that creation part. And we have that ability of creation – we’re very powerful.

So many people put huge emotion on money, but money is literally just paper and metal, but energetically money is an exchange energy. Money was invented so that we could buy crops when we needed them as opposed to when the crops weren’t in season.

It’s just an exchange. I’m going to give you money so that I can have the best service from you, and you’re going to give me the best service. In exchange, you’re going to give someone else money for the best service from them and they’re going to give you their service. That’s all money is.

But when we put so much emotion onto it, it gets stuck. Emotion is energy in motion. And when we’re stressed, angry, judgemental, resentful and suppressing our emotions, it gets stuck in our bodies, and this is what turns into disease. This is what becomes fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer and a whole host of other terrible diseases.

We don’t allow it to travel through our bodies. We don’t even honour the emotion that we’re having, it just comes and we get stuck in it. We get stuck and stay wallowing in that kind of place of lack, worry, fear, frustration and anger.

What we need to do is allow those suppressed stuck emotions to move through our body so that we can clear all of that out and come to a state of clarity. We need to look below the emotion and see where it came from, so that we can clear it from the root. Because we’re all pixelated, we’re scattered throughout our timeline with suppressed unhealed emotions.

The little three year old self can have pixelated parts, energetic clumps of stagnant energy, maybe just from her baby brother being born and she now doesn’t feel like she’s the best, most important kid in the world, so that “not good enough” emotion gets stuck there and carried through life.

And then what about the teenager – maybe she has wounding because perhaps her best friend died in a car accident and she’s carrying all that grief around with her. And what if you’re the young mother all intent on having a natural childbirth, and then something happens and you have to go and have a C-section. You’ve got the baby, great, but you’re still holding that trauma of the C-section.

In fact birth is a really wonderful example when our mindset is usually working for us.  Most people when they have a baby are not focusing so much on all of the horrendous pain, agony and all of the horrible-ness about the whole experience. It’s short lived, or we probably never would go and have other children, we’re focusing on that baby. All that’s important is to see that beautiful healthy baby come out alive, fully formed, healthy and happy. We’re not focusing on all of the pain, drama and upset of getting to that point, we’re focusing on that happy outcome.

So why don’t we focus on that happy outcome for the other areas of our lives as well?

Those shards of emotion, that are stuck and scattered along our timeline of life are draining our abundant energy. They’re sucking all of that kind of good energy down so anytime that we’re triggered, we go right back into that old mode of behaviour.

Our neural pathways are those highways that hold all of our habitual behavioural programming, and it’s our thoughts, words, actions and how we feel about things. We created those neural pathways in our brains, and we can change them too, it’s really possible to change absolutely anything. But first you need to reframe and re-think that contrast.

Contrast is our best friend, it’s the greatest gift, because that’s when we know, “Here’s something that I need to look at, here’s something that I need to work at if my life isn’t in total flow.”

That’s the message from the universe saying, “This is where you need to get creative, resourceful and find a new way to do what you’ve been doing all the time so that you don’t just get stuck in your old pattern, and stay in your old norm.”

So if you hear yourself saying, “Yes, but it’s always been this way…” or you have so many excuses to keep you stuck in your uncomfortable comfort zone, this is your fear speaking.  I hear this all the time.

Listen to yourself and listen to people around you. People even ask for advice sometimes and then when you give them really good hearty advice, they say “Yes, but…” and that’s because they’re not really willing to do what it takes to change.

So you’re stuck. If you’re not willing to look for a rope to help you pull yourself out of the hole that you’ve dug for yourself, but you’re just going to sit there and hope that somebody comes and rescues you, well, then it’s probably not going to happen.

We have to get creative and resourceful to find a way to dig ourselves out of whatever it is, and not by doing the same old thing and not by making the same old excuses that we’ve always made.

What excuses are you making?

We have to take responsibility for where we’re at, and start to brainstorm and get creative about how we can possibly change that.  You know that when you really want to make something happen, you can usually find a way to do that.

It is your energy in motion; the most important thing for you to have working for you in flow, in every slice of your life’s pie. Balance and abundance is our birthright, and it’s there for us waiting for each and every one of us to raise our vibration so that we can simply dip into it.

Isn’t it finally time to reframe your thoughts, shift your thinking into the best possible outcome, and focus on what you love, and what you want to bring towards you?

If you’d like to continue having this conversation with me, I would really love to hear from you so send me a private message and let’s continue this great chat.

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