Peru Trip Sept. 22 – Oct. 6, 2023

The Incas forged a mesmerizing civilization that learned how to tame the geography that is now known as Peru. This ancient society lived in harmony with the rivers, the sun and moon, the rain, the ocean, the jungle, the Peruvian mountains and the cold dryness of the Andes, consequentially adapting to the weather, their surroundings and surviving thanks to Mother Earth’s gifts.

Explore Peru with me and discover the wealth of different worlds, all with their own individual landscapes, colours, sounds, sights, tastes; travel back in time to ancient civilizations and share the great cultural heritage of the Peruvian people.

We weave authentic Peruvian shamanic philosophy, teachings and healing ceremonies into our exquisite explorations of the enchanting and beautiful sites of Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Highlights of our trip will include: Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Cusco,  Lake Titicaca, Sillustani, and more!  Life-changing stuff!

You will be amazed at how quickly your consciousness will shift.  Your eyes will open to allow you to see new possibilities and have a depth of understanding at a soul level that you always knew existed, but just couldn’t access!

The price is $5,000. And everything is included EXCEPT International flights to Lima, dinners (some people don’t like to eat at high altitude) and tips for the shamans and guides.

You will have the opportunity to partake in a San Pedro (Cactus Plant Medicine) ceremony (for connecting to nature unlike you’ve ever experienced, and purging whatever you no longer need.)

Change your relationship with your life!  I hope you’ll join us.  PM me if interested.

Should you need help, please book a 20-minute complimentary mind shift call with me. I just love speaking to people and reframing something for them because a little bit of information can go a really long way.
And if you haven’t already, please get yourself a copy of my book, Controlling Your Hidden Emotions, How To Make Friends And Live With Your Emotions. It came out in August of this year. It’s not rocket science, but this is a simple, easy-to-read book that can help you have a better mindset and move forward in your life. Give it a try, because maybe it could help you.
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