Connect With Your Ancestors

During this time of year, Halloween and Samhain, is a time where the veils between the worlds are much thinner. So it’s much easier for us to connect with our ancestors.
A lot of people don’t ever really think about our ancestors except that they set the stage for us to be here in this perfect place right now.
Especially if you have ancestral issues coming down the line, like genetic illness, or if you have a pattern of terrible events – maybe there’s a curse somewhere that needs to be cleared.
It could just be a familial underlying feeling in every generation of your family of sadness, shame, guilt or anger.  Maybe you come from a violent line of people and you want to heal that.
Well right now is a really good time to go back and connect with your ancestors. If you don’t know how to do that, it’s really quite simple. Just choose one of your family lines. Either your mother’s line or your father’s, it’s easier to stick to one line in particular.
Say you were choosing your mother, you would go into meditation and connect with your mother and see how she’s doing. Ask any questions you need. Maybe you have unhealed business that you feel you have things you need to say to her that she needs to hear.
After you connect with your mother, thank her and embrace that feeling and connection with her and then move your energy to the next generation, and one of those grandparents will come.
It doesn’t have to be your grandmother. It can be either one of your mother’s parents, but along your mother’s line, and then connect to that grandparent and do the same thing.
Ask them what was their struggle? What was so hard for them in their life? What did they feel incomplete with when they died? And what do they need to say to you and what do you feel you need to say to them so that you can create an energetic healing?
Then you can take it up even further to your great grandparent, and great, great grandparent, and so on, and see what comes up for you.  Breathe in between each ancestor so that you can really connect with whoever comes up and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are, or what they looked like or even if you don’t know their name, that’s fine, just see who comes up for you.
Ask the questions, see how you can help them resolve their unhealed shadow parts that they took with them to the grave, because energetically, that stuff is still passing down generation to generation.
We’ve been called to Earth this time so that we can break those chains of our ancestors. So that we can create a new, clear, flow moving forward for the future generations.
So I really encourage you to do this, particularly now at this time, because the veils between worlds are the thinnest and it’s the easiest time to connect.
If you’d like more help in connecting to your ancestors or healing things along your family line I’d really love to speak with you. I love helping people heal generational patterns that they’re still being bound by because it doesn’t help us to be bound by things that happened hundreds of years ago.

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