Start Dating Your Life!

The other day I was speaking to my good friend Alex and I asked him if he was having a relationship. He said, “I’m dating my life!”
I thought how wonderful!  That’s absolutely perfect and such a great metaphor for everything I teach. Because when we’re dating somebody, we take extra time and attention to look our best, to pick out the right clothes, we’re on our best behaviour and we’re extra nice. We put on our happy face for the other person. And as a result we feel more happy and loving. We try to be our most charming so that the other person will love and engage with us, accept and receive us.
So why don’t we do that for ourselves?
Why are we not getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror and telling ourselves, “I love you! You’re absolutely awesome! You’re so beautiful. You’re such an incredibly talented person. And I’m so glad I’m waking up with you every day.”
I mean, we love our creatures that we live with. We love our partners. We’re nice to our friends and the people that we’re around. So why are we so hard on ourselves?
So if you take this concept of dating your life, that means that even going to the grocery store can be a wonderful experience. Instead of walking down the vegetable aisle and being disappointed because there’s no avocados or they’re missing whatever you’re searching for, you can get out of the lack mentality and look at all of the things that are there for you.
I remember discovering Samphire once in the grocery store. I mean, who knew what that was about? I didn’t know what it was. It’s some kind of seaweed looking thing. They didn’t have the courgettes I wanted so I thought I’d try something new.  I had to google how to prepare it and now it’s one of my favourite things. I embraced the opportunity to be open minded just like we are when we’re dating someone and expanding our perception to embrace their perspective.
This is this is how we grow, by stepping outside of our comfort zones. So if you can look at your whole life as your best relationship with yourself and your life, then everything around you becomes an opportunity or a new experience.
This is why I love to travel so much because when I’m travelling, it really is exciting going to a foreign grocery store wondering what everything is! Different packaging, maybe a different language, you might not even know what it is that you’re buying!  Same thing when you’re going to a restaurant in a foreign country. And when you’re experiencing all of the new sights, sounds and vision, it’s exhilarating. You’re happy to discover new places, new people, new things and new aspects about yourself. Your perspective expands.
I love this concept so much I’m naming my second book after that, which will be coming out in the new year.
And for those of you who love that idea of dating your life and would like to start travelling again as the world is opening up, I’m offering a Peru trip from September 22nd to October 6th, 2023. It’s going to be a fabulous, adventurous, spiritual healing trip. We work with authentic Peruvian shamans, and it’s going to be life transformational.
So if you’d like to date your life and need some mental expansion or reset your mind as to how you could apply that in your day-to-day, or certainly if you’re interested in coming along to Peru with me, please private message me. I’d absolutely love to speak with all of you.

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