Worrying Doesn’t Help Anyone

When we worry about someone, it’s not helping anyone! It doesn’t help us. It doesn’t help them. In fact, it actually causes a lot more problems than anything else. We think that if we’re worrying about someone, we’re caring about them. ‘I worry because I care.’ But really, that’s not how it works.

You know about the law of attraction and how energy works, right? Hopefully by now you all do! And so worrying is sending out that ‘worry energy’ and inviting back in exactly what you don’t want to happen.

The Old English etymology of the word worry, comes from the word ‘wyrgan’ which meant: to strangle. So if you can imagine, you’re sending out strangling energy; you’re strangling the ability for the person that you’re worrying about to get over, to get past, to get through, or to handle the situation themselves. And so, when we’re worrying about somebody, it really means to cause mental distress or trouble because that’s what’s going on for us when we’re worrying. When we’re worried, we’re upset and have mental distress, right? So you’re directly sending that energy out to the other person.

And speaking to my students that are in my class From Fear Into Love right now, we were all talking about worry energy. It triggered a few of us because many of our parents worried about us. Just as we are parents ourselves, and have worried about our own children.

Many of us felt it was so disempowering because it felt as though they didn’t think that we were capable of handling it on our own. And certainly a year ago when I had COVID pretty badly, flat out in bed for 20 days, I told very few people. I certainly didn’t tell my father right away because I knew he would worry.

People mistake worrying for caring and it is two completely different things. I didn’t want worry energy coming at me. I called my healer friends so they could hold space for me, send me healing energy and strength, and trust the ability to use my own natural defenses to get through.

I know it can be a strange concept. But if you can understand the energy around it, it really makes sense.

When a dog is gnawing on a bone, it’s called “worrying the bone” in other words, eating away at it.  One of my students said that one of the original meanings of worrying in the animal kingdom was that when an animal was going for its prey, it would worry the prey so much, ie: scare it and freak it out so that it would literally scare the crap out of it so that it would be clean to eat!

So when we’re worrying, we’re sending all of that negativity.  Worrying about things over which we have no control is a poor use of our energy. Because when you worry, worry, worry, worry, worry… Guess what? That’s why people get ulcers because they’re stressed. They’re worried.

You’re projecting your fear, doom, and gloom out into the world, which only saves to fuel that fear. When really you need to get centred and get into the core of your heart lined up with your brain. Get all of your energy lined up and feel love for things and people. Feel the hope, enjoyment, excitement and potential and allow that energy to come out.

And if you are really worried, then bless the people that you’re worried about. Bless yourself because sending a blessing is so much more helpful energetically in every way. And when you send out or give a blessing you’re receiving that blessing too.

Every time I get into the car I bless myself, the car, all the passengers and all my possessions. Every single time. And I bless and protect any person, object, creature, vehicle, thing, or cyclist that gets remotely close to me too.

So if you’re worried about someone, stop worrying – change that energy to sending out a blessing, holding space for someone to heal so that they can use all of their natural gifts and energy to rise above whatever it is that you’re worried about.

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