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I’m absolutely overjoyed to announce the release of my first children’s book, ‘Bird Hadn’t Heard.’ I’ve written it under my pen name of Sierra Hamilton for my children’s books because my coaching books are under my own name.

I’m thrilled because I wrote this book years ago when my kids were little and my late mother did the illustrations. I’m really pleased and I know she’s speaking to me from spirit and is very happy that this is finally published and out there in the world.

It’s available on and It’s for ages three to seven. It’s about a bird who can’t hear, a kite with no sight, and a seal who can’t feel, and how they all get together and form a friendship and ask each other for help. It’s about believing in magic so that they can overcome a tricky situation. It’s in rhyme and is a lovely story that all the kids I’ve given it to thus far have really enjoyed, so it would make a great Christmas present. Please get yourself a copy and if it makes you smile, please leave me a review.

I think it’s really important to believe in magic. When we think about magic, we may think of a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat, or wonder if it’s just deceptive things that they’re doing with their hands to make us believe. I mean, when you see magic tricks actually broken down you realise it is all tricks.

But what about the magic of the universe? The magic of hope, the magic of faith, the magic of nature, the magic of potential, the magic of ‘aha’ moments, the magic of all the possible opportunities that are out there in the world? All you need to do is go into nature and watch magic happen every single season. It’s amazing, leaves die and fall off branches, which are then so bare they look like they’ll never produce again. And then another season comes and new life springs forth. Incredible. And when there’s a fire and everything’s burned, eventually new life springs forth from that too.

We can make new life spring forth from anything that we want to create. And it might not manifest in the same way that it always has in the past. We may need to form a new perspective. This is why I’m so excited to bring my next group of people to Peru, September 22nd to October 6th, 2023 for another whole kind of magic and a big shift in perception.

The mountains in Peru are wide awake and people who think they can’t feel energy end up standing there with their heads tilting to the side,  looking at the mountains and wondering ‘what on earth is going on here?

Because you can feel the energy, it’s a whole different experience. We go to all of the amazing ancient temples that you’re supposed to see, work with authentic Peruvian shamans and sit in ceremony most days. Your life will change. You will never be the same again. So I invite you to private message me or give me a call and if you want to come to Peru, it’s highly advised to come with friends because you don’t want to outgrow your friends!

I really look forward to hearing from all of you and have a wonderful, Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the states. I’m thrilled because I’ll be with my father for the first time in over three years, and I’ll also see my sister and best friend from childhood on this trip. So have a wonderful, joyful week. Express thanks for all the magic in your life.

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PERU IS CALLING! September 22 – October 6th 2023 Join us for 15 magical days experiencing authentic shamanic culture and philosophy, visiting sacred sites, ceremonies, and learning about yourself more than you could ever imagine!  We’ll see Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Pisac, and Lake Titicaca among many other wonders of the world!  Please book a mind-shift call if interested: or private message me.  Deposits are being taken end of March 2023.

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my first Children’s Book ‘Bird Hadn’t Heard’ written under my pen name of Sierra Hamilton, Illustrated by Mavis Sherman Flaherty (my late mother).   For ages 3 -7, it would make a great Christmas present! It’s available on and Please leave a review if it makes you smile 😃💜

Please be sure to check out “Controlling Your Hidden Emotions – How To Make Friends and Live With Your Emotions”. It’s available on and If you enjoy it, I would so appreciate a review.  You can find it on Amazon.

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