Forgive Yourself!

Forgiveness is a big topic. A lot of people have problems, forgiving other people. That’s usually because we’re still stuck in the ‘blame game’ when we think something is somebody else’s fault. So we need to forgive them, but really when we’re clearing, hate resentment and anger, and forgiving people, it’s usually because we’re still blaming them, but we always always must forgive ourselves for our part in the situation because nothing is ever any one person’s fault.
Even if you’ve only been involved the tiniest little bit, you need to forgive yourself for that. Often it’s our energy that’s attracting the discomfort or conflict in the first place, so we don’t realise we’re also responsible.
And we need to forgive God, Universal Intelligence, Source Energy our higher faith, for not holding us in this moment of discomfort.
We think we have to forgive other people so that we’re not carrying them around with us like a big bag of stones over our back. But actually, we really only need to forgive ourselves because the other person, if they’re going to receive and have forgiveness, can only find that within themselves.
My dear friend and alumni student Kay reminded us that the shamans think it’s none of our business about forgiving someone else because that’s up to them to forgive themselves.
It’s a wonderful shift in perspective, to bring your forgiveness back to yourself. And we have to forgive ourselves for all sorts of things.
Why did we take on our parents perceptions and our parents truth instead of sticking to our own? As a result, we could go into anger and resentment, sadness and all sorts of emotions.
Most of us do, because we’ve had wounding from childhood, whatever level it was, that has yet to be healed, but our parents were only doing the best that they could with the information they had at the time. So it’s not their fault, because of how we perceived something.
We perceived something and then made that our truth. Okay maybe we didn’t do that consciously as children, but nevertheless, as adults, when we become conscious of our patterns and how we’ve taken on our woundings and our beliefs from the past, that gives us a lot of self empowerment, so that we can clear our own stuff related to that.
You can deeply clear your own stuff and release people from their blame – a more accurate way to say “forgiving somebody else” for whatever they’ve done.
You can only seek forgiveness from within. We want to do that because guilt is such a wasted emotion and we don’t want to feel that heaviness. I want to be light so that I can go forward with an open heart, compassion and feeling. I want to love our brothers and sisters and feel connection and unity with the world while also having an understanding of the trauma and challenges that go on in the world.
Upset people are wounded. Very few people in my opinion are actually evil – meaning they’ve probably had a really screwed-up childhood and learned some dark things and maybe they never got to experience joy or light for themselves. There’s always another perspective.
So if your current perspective isn’t working out for you, in other words, if your current perspective isn’t helping you feel better or resolved or joyful, or at peace with your situation, then find a new perspective and forgive yourself for all of your failings, free from judgment.
Forgive yourself for all of the things that you’ve done or said or not done or not said because you were only doing it with a perspective you had at the time. You want to grow and evolve? You want to shift your perspective? Then now’s the time to book a mind shift call with me so that you can learn how to do that and really get in deep to the nitty gritty of who you are so that you can stop being limited by what you think is just your “reality.”
Because really, we have the power to change our reality, change our relationship with our emotions, forgive ourselves and start living our best life all the time.
Should you need help, please book a 20-minute complimentary mind shift call with me. I just love speaking to people and reframing something for them because a little bit of information can go a really long way.
And if you haven’t already, please get yourself a copy of my book, Controlling Your Hidden Emotions, How To Make Friends And Live With Your Emotions. It came out in August of this year. It’s not rocket science, but this is a simple, easy-to-read book that can help you have a better mindset and move forward in your life. Give it a try, because maybe it could help you.
If you’re interested in working with me and really jumping on the bandwagon to actually shift your whole life and find out who you authentically are, then definitely book a call with me because From Fear Into Love is such an amazing course. I’ll be running it again in March.
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