Being Present is a Practice in Self-Confidence

Many people think, “I’ll just show up.”

But so many people don’t fully show up. 

Have you ever signed up for something online and you don’t turn on your screen, you don’t show your face? I’m just as guilty. 

But showing up is not just about being physically present. It’s also about being emotionally and psychologically present. 

Fully paying attention and not being distracted by other things. Not multitasking. Being fully available to hear what the person is saying to receive the essence of it. 

To receive the vibration of what they’re not saying so that you can also feedback and give the most of yourself. 

The reason why we are not showing up fully for ourselves, in life, business, work, community, in our relationships, and with our partners, is because we doubt ourselves. 

When we doubt ourselves, we secretly worry if I did fully show up and then it still didn’t work for me, I would be hurt, feel more of a failure, feel stupid, judged etc.

We don’t want to risk putting our heart on the line. We don’t want to put our deepest yearning, our deepest wanting, our deepest vulnerability out there in case it doesn’t work. 

But this is where doubt is such a stealthy self sabotage technique, and it happens in all of us. 

You’ve heard the question, “if you knew that you couldn’t fail, what would you be doing?” And you think, “I’d be skydiving; I’d be a public speaker; I’d start my own business; I’d write a book; I’d put myself out there to meet my soulmate….” 

I personally might not be skydiving, but my point is that we hold ourselves back from so many different possibilities for reaching our highest potential of what we deeply yearn for. 

Because when we show up fully for ourselves on all levels, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, physically, vibrationally then we’re allowing ourselves to be fully seen, to be fully received, to be fully heard, to be vulnerable, and to be free from the fear of being judged by what other people may think. 

Because remember, other people’s judgement has nothing to do with you! 

So showing up fully is a practice in self-confidence to really let go of that inner doubt, that inner “What if, what if?” 

But, what IF the possibility, all of the possibilities of your desires could happen? 

What if then? Then you’re allowing yourself to blossom into that highest potential of who you’re truly yearning to be.

So I invite you to book a mind shift call with me so that we can have a wonderful conversation and see where you’re limiting yourself in your life. 

It might not be where you think!

It’s really interesting when you start to feel into things instead of thinking logically about everything all of the time, about what’s really missing. 

What is your truest, deepest desire? 

What is the thing that you’re really afraid of finding out about yourself or sharing with the world or discovering about another? 

Let’s find out how your yearning for your highest potential can help you stop doubting yourself and show up fully so that you can be fully received and available.

Consciously consider booking a 20-minute mind-shift call and let’s have a conversation.

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