You Can Change Your Momentum and Outcome By Changing Your Focus

You can change your momentum and the outcome of what you desire by changing your focus. 

I’ve just been out enjoying the beautiful sunshine with my son and soon to be daughter in law. We were talking about travels and things that we’ve done and they reminded me about years ago when they went travelling with very limited funds and were on the road for a number of months. 

My son called me one day and he was sad, “Mum, we’ve run out of money. We don’t have anywhere to stay. We are scraping the barrel here. We barely have enough money to eat and we’re just thinking of like, ending our trip and coming home early…” he seemed really bummed out. 

I said to him, “Do you want to end your trip? And come home early?” And he said, “Well, no.” And I said, “What do you want to do?”

“We want to keep travelling, but nothing is working out, like everything is costing so much money…” he was going on and on about all the things that weren’t weren’t working. 

I said to him, “Look really, you’ve got to change your focus. You’re focusing on all of the lack. You’re focusing on the lack of money, the lack of abundance, the lack of things that aren’t working. Change it. Shift your focus, you guys are fully in alignment with your passion.”

They knew what they wanted, they were living it! I continued, “Feel how it is. Think about the last place you stayed what was good about it?” 

“Oh,” Roam said, “it was so good because I was bartending and Shenny was helping them with their website and it was really a good vibe, room and board, fun and nice people.” 

I said, “right. So feel into that. Think about that for the next situation. Call it in.” 

And Roam was beginning to shift in front my eyes on Zoom, “okay, yeah, yeah!” I’m continuing, “focus on what you want to bring to you. You want to keep travelling. You want to keep having all of these amazing experiences. So focus on what you want to call in what you want to call into your experience.”

 And Roam’s like, “yeah, thank you. Thank you. That’s really good.” While we were talking, this big golden retriever kind of showed up and Roam said “Okay, that’s great. I love you. I’ll talk to you soon.”

We got off the phone. And immediately they started talking to the owner of the big golden retriever, who was called Whiskey. And the owner said, “yeah, I’m running an Airbnb and yeah, I could use a bartender and I could use somebody to help me with my social media and website”. Off they went. 

So they immediately – like within minutes, changed their focus, and their vibe to attract in what they really wanted, but remember, they were already aligned with their passion. And then they changed their situation. They got a really great deal. 

We were talking about this today about what happened years ago and Shenny said, “If we hadn’t been in that situation, and having to work and really find those resourceful parts of ourselves to make our travels, which was our passion happen, I wouldn’t be designing websites now! 

She was in the very stressful fashion business before they went travelling. And now she’s got an extremely successful web design and branding business. have a look at my website, to see the kind of amazing and beautiful things that she does. She’s going from success to success. 

Now we don’t always realise the higher outcome when we’re called to do something, or when we’re exploring our passion and often we miss the opportunity because our mind gets in the way and makes us think we have to do something else.

But you don’t know what’s coming!  Something better could be coming. So whenever you have an inspired moment and you feel drawn to do something; drawn to work with somebody; drawn to go travelling; drawn to go out; whatever it is, follow that instinct. 

There’s a higher reason for it if you’re open to seeing and inviting in what the higher reason is. When we’re following our inspired moments we’re in alignment with that passion, with our highest self. We’re getting our own head trip out of the way so that we can invite in that beautiful energy from the universe that is guiding us all of the time. And then that will back us up every time. 

But people think they are manifesting, except they’re not really vibrationally in alignment with what they want to call in. They kind of know, or maybe they’re too fragmented. They have too much gray area – it could be this, it could be that, something around this something, around that. 

You need to get really specific about what you want to call in. You need to see it in your mind like it’s happening now and you need to feel it in your body fully. And you need to bring all of those vibrations together so that you can really call that in and stay in that vibration and focus on the outcome you desire.

Don’t focus on what isn’t working because people are manifesting, manifesting and then going, “Oh, but what if it doesn’t happen?” That’s taking one step forward and two steps back. 

Turns out my son and daughter-in-law named their golden retriever Whiskey because of that obvious energetic shift to the positive!  I didn’t know that until today! Look for the gift in every situation and tune in to what it is that makes your heart sing. 

And when you have a little moment of, “oh, I should call that person.” Call that person. When you have an inspired moment of, “I should book a call with Shannon.” Book a call with me. When you have an inspired moment of, “I should go travelling, I should marry him/her, get a new job, move house, country.” Do it. 

Find a way to do it. Get resourceful. Find your creativity and make it happen because that’s a nudge from the universe. Are you paying attention? The universe is really hoping that you are because then your life can change in ways that right now, you can’t even imagine and it does always work out for the best.

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