Invisibility is NOT A Superpower!

Invisibility is not a superpower. I know it’s fun to fantasise, “if I could have any superpower, what would it be?” Well, mine definitely wouldn’t be invisibility – been there done that! Mine would be teleportation, but I digress. 

When we have the belief that we’re invisible, it also hold the beliefs of I’m Not Seen, I’m Not Heard, I’m Not Noticed and Others Don’t Notice Me, among others. 

Our core belief is that we assume that it’s the responsibility for other people to notice and see our invisible thoughts and feelings and to recognise our potentials. Instead of taking responsibility to presence ourselves and make our own needs and thoughts seen and heard. 

We expect people to read our minds and could even fall into the ‘please others’ trap where we’re putting all of our focus on other people. 

If you can imagine the 1950’s housewife supporting her husband, he’s frontline but she’s doing a lot of the work behind the scenes. Would he be frontline if she wasn’t doing all the supporting work in the background? 

Research shows that men and women, so basically the whole world, highly underestimate women’s potentials! 

So if you can imagine that women are underestimating our own potentials, then we’re not easily stepping forward into what is possible for us, which also means that we’re not allowing ourselves to dream as big as we can dream. 

Part of that is because we’ve been so unseen, unheard, and culturally being in the supporting role. But when we’re wearing a cloak of invisibility, we really need to shed it because when we’re invisible, or feel invisible, we don’t feel seen and heard. 

Even though we know that we have a multitude of skills and abilities, we don’t tend to trust them. And we get very resentful when other people don’t notice them. But we also don’t do anything to empower ourselves and put ourselves out there, to be seen, or to ask for help. 

We also get very disconnected from our own feelings, desires and our needs. So we end up shutting up and not asking for help. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy to keep ourselves invisible. 

If you want to be invisible, then call on Fox energy. “Become the fox” really embody that energy and see how that manifests for you!

But besides wanting to disappear sometimes, if invisibility is a core belief that you’re stuck in, and it has so many other far reaching aspects to it, I highly advise to go within and have a look at that and give me a call.

These are going to be some of the workshops that I’m going to start offering to really unpick these limiting core beliefs that hold us back. Like, I’m invisible, I’m alone, I’m not good enough, and many others. It’s going to be very exciting, deep work and not just how this affects us, but how we perceive others when we’re locked in these belief systems. Also how we perceive the world at large because we’re part of the whole organism, right from micro to macro and how we function and live in it affects us in every slice of our life’s pie.

It’s important to unpick and find out how and where you’re being invisible and how it shows up in your life so that you can notice these blocks and limiting beliefs and make a real internal effort to clear them so that you can be free to step into your best self and shine with all of your potential. 

There’s so much new stuff coming up and I’m really excited to share everything that’s coming soon! Book a call with me and let’s see how we can work together.

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