Celebrating Yourself

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Celebrating yourself is not to be overlooked. Somehow, and I don’t know how this happened, but I’m actually turning 60 this week! It kind of snuck up on me because in my head I’m still in my 30’s.

Not only on birthdays do we need to celebrate ourselves, but every day we need to celebrate.

On the healing path we tend to work at all of our stuff consistently, improving and evolving and we end up taking our stuff for granted. We don’t appreciate how far we’ve come until we’re looking back at somebody else’s drama. We think, “wow, I used to be like that…” and “oh, gosh, I don’t respond that way anymore.”

But we’ve got to celebrate all the little baby steps along the way. If you’re trying to break old patterns, it’s about being conscious in your now state, which I talk about a lot. So when you notice that you haven’t been responding in a negative way, that’s a moment to celebrate yourself like, “yeah, I’ve got it.”

Whenever you can change your vibrational state of being to something better, if you’ve been feeling resistance, or upset or negativity in any way, but you managed to get yourself out of that and get in a happier place, that’s a moment for celebration.

Because if we’re not forever patting ourselves on the back, then we’re always waiting and expecting other people to do it for us, but it’s not for other people to do.

Of course, it’s great to get recognition from other people, and feedback, congratulations, shared celebrations and feeling honoured. And yes, that’s what our friends, family and loved ones are hopefully doing for us at some level.

But every day we need to celebrate ourselves. It’s a fine line between nurturing yourself, but how do you celebrate yourself?

I love fresh flowers, so every week I buy myself fresh colourful flowers. They’re beautiful, and they make me happy. Sometimes other people bring me fresh flowers, and that is also wonderful. But this is one of the ways that I celebrate myself because it makes me happy every time I walk in the room.
Since moving back to Ilkley a year ago I celebrate my existence and being here by putting down roots, literally, by bringing plants in. And naturally, I name them all so that I can have working relationships with all the things that are alive in my house.

I also celebrate with my cat. I pick her up and dance around and we have numerous love moments every day. I call my friends and leave messages. It’s also important to be self-entertaining because we’re the only ones who can lift ourselves up.

Celebration comes from within and anything that you’re looking at in your life, whether it’s a huge thing or a small thing is worth being celebrated.

People often focus on the lack all around them or what’s missing or what they don’t have. But you can just simply shift your focus and pay attention to all of the things that you do have. Right?

I’ve always been kind of a late bloomer, but suddenly, at 60, I’m finally blossoming. Like everything I’ve ever done in my whole life has finally come full circle and is really starting to blossom out and and it fills me up and makes me feel proud of myself, happy and excited about the future and what’s going to come next. So that’s a good thing and I feel healthy and good in my body. All things to celebrate.

Have I always felt that? No. And so especially if you’ve changed something or overcome a problem or lost weight or moved house or whatever it is, there’s a reason to celebrate every single day.

Go to Spain, they have a parade and Festival almost every single day about I don’t know what, but they’re always having a celebration. And so life ought to be a celebration while you’re living it.

So go out and live your life.

Do something new and different.

You know about that bucket list? Maybe you do have one, maybe you don’t. I don’t know that I consciously had one but I do now and even if it’s just random things, I’m going clay pigeon shooting on Thursday on my birthday for something new and different.
Apparently one of my great aunts was the sharpshooter for Hollywood. She taught all of the A-listers how to shoot guns and she filled in for Annie Get Your Gun and all sorts of things like that. The few times I ever have shot a gun, I’ve had pretty good aim so I’d like to see if I could shoot a moving target! I am celebrating being back in Yorkshire and it seems like a very fun Yorkshire thing to do. So I’ll let you know if I manage to hit any of the flying clay disks. So that’s just something fun, different and a little bit kooky to try.

So what are you doing that’s out of your norm that you can have fun doing?

We used to entertain all the time when I was married and we had a big house and often we’d have themed parties, which was just something fun and different to do, just to pull people out of their normal state of being and to create a celebration for any reason.

Because we don’t need to have reason to celebrate anything. We can celebrate it being Tuesday. We can celebrate when the sun shines, right?

You can choose absolutely anything and I think that it’s important, especially in the world, how it is now, during pandemic, during lockdown, during a war. Find a few things that you can celebrate and feel really blessed, grateful and lucky that you can celebrate whatever you can, because why take that for granted?

Some people really cannot celebrate things right now. Maybe they’re celebrating that they’re alive, haven’t been killed, haven’t died, or that they’re lucky to be with their loved ones. Those are wonderful things to celebrate too but that’s pretty harsh if it is a life and death situation.

So look at all of the abundance around you. Look at all of the fun, different things about yourself. Look at all that you’ve accomplished in your life. Okay, if you’re older and you’re turning 60 look back, look back at your life and see everything that you’ve managed to accomplish and overcome and all the patterns that you’ve broken and all of the people that you’ve touched in your life, because we tend to take all of that for granted.

A lot of people that I speak to don’t acknowledge or honour their own gifts and their own contribution to the people around them and to their communities.

So in celebrating yourself, number one, don’t take yourself for granted and don’t take your knowledge and your life experience and your wisdom and all of the love that you have to give for everyone for granted because we’re all important.

Number two, love everybody. We all have something to give. We all have a story to tell. And some of us have done it very differently than other people but it doesn’t matter because we’re all in this together. We’re all living in this life together. And it’s one to be celebrated.

Celebrate yourself this week and keep note of all the ways that you’re doing that. And if you’d like to have a chat with me, so that you can get your mojo back if you’re feeling stuck or if you’re feeling like you don’t have much to celebrate, I’ll reflect back to you, who you are and all of your magnificence.

So if this interests you, I’d love to have a chat with you and I offer 20 minute free conversations because I really want to connect with all of you and I want to see if I can help you have an ‘aha’ moment and see if we can work together because that would be really fun too.

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