When people say, “it runs in the family,” tell them, “this is where it runs out,” because you don’t have to continue repeating the same ancestral patterns.
It amazes me that so many people never really think about their ancestors or where they came from.
Why we behave the way that we do, why our family works the way it does, why our parents think the things they do… it’s because their parents thought those things as well as their parents before them.
Whenever we do personal work on ourselves, we are healing our ancestral line behind us and in front of us too, because we can break the familial chains that bind us to these beliefs.
Did you know that if you have a family that’s filled with prejudice, it most likely comes from our ancestral line? Because back in the olden days, people feared God and they stayed very close and they kept to their own neighbourhoods. They were highly suspicious of anybody or anything that was remotely different from them because they had to protect their land and families, it was a very raw time.
And did you know that if you have eyesight problems in this lifetime it could energetically be something that your grandmother or your grandfather didn’t want to see? It could also be genetic, but genetics run through our ancestors.
Signs of an ancestral curse on your family is usually not just one bad thing happening, but a series of events and it doesn’t usually just happen with one generation of your family.
A famous family that probably has some kind of curses on it is the Kennedy family. If you think of all of the generations and all the tragedies that have happened, it’s likely there’s a generational curse somewhere along the way.
If you notice that you have a pattern going on in your life, then maybe you want to come and talk to me so that we can track back and break that curse. However, deeply held subconscious belief systems come from our ancestral lines too, and they pass down through generation after generation.
If you’ve ever worked with me before or been in some of my classes, I might have spoken about the familial baseline because every family has a kind of default programme.
Has it never occurred to you why that familial baseline or that default mode of behaviour in your family is that way?
In my family, I believe that our familial baseline is sadness and shame. When I look back at my ancestral line, my great grandmother on my mother’s side, gave birth to seven babies and they all starved to death. Seven babies! That’s a tragedy. She lived out in the backcountry in Virginia and she wasn’t producing enough milk and I guess they didn’t know enough about these things back then. She planted seven sycamore trees for each of her babies. That’s really, really sad. Tracking back there was more sadness before her time.
If you track back in your ancestral line, you can see patterns of sadness and things that have happened. It might just be on your mother’s side, it might just be on your father’s side, or it could be on both sides of the family.
If you’re looking at genetic dispositions, like alcoholism, that often runs on both sides of the family. It certainly does in my family line, which is why, thank God, I didn’t become an alcoholic. I could have easily done that but because I was up close and personal with one, that was the gift in that situation; me finding appreciation so that I didn’t go down that same line.
So if bad things are happening, or you feel like you’re stuck in a repeating pattern, it doesn’t mean that it’s the exact same circumstance showing up again and again, but it’s the same sort of energy around something.
If you’re constantly sabotaging yourself or if you consistently feel in fear about something like it’s the same sort of trigger over and over, or if you have abundance issues, this also comes from our ancestral lines.
Because back in the olden days, they worked to survive. Their days were spent basically finding a way to eat, to have clothes, to have shelter, and to trade. And so things are much easier these days, except that we still have these big limiting abundance beliefs.
We believe we have to struggle to live, or we have to work very hard to earn a living, or that life has to be hard. If you feel that you’re not trusting people, that could also be ancestral beliefs.
They may not be, some might be limiting subconscious beliefs you have from this lifetime because of how you’ve been raised. But a lot of stuff that we’re holding really comes from our ancestors.
And we’re holding the mantle for them and think this is how it has to be and this is just how it is. So we go through life plugging away.
But you know what, it doesn’t have to be that way.
You can change whatever you have going on that isn’t working for you in your mind. Because our reality whether you’re going to choose to be appreciative about something and live life to its fullest or whether you’re going to choose to be upset and sad about something and stay bummed out all the time, is really up to you.
Our emotions, although we feel them and they’re all valid, how we respond to them is how we can change our reality right here and now.
But we don’t even realise we’re holding on to a lot of beliefs and limiting behavioural patterns from our ancestors.
So if you think that you might have some repeating ancestral pattern going on, I’d really love to speak to you.
Besides helping people change their limiting belief systems in this lifetime and clearing people’s energies, I also trackback ancestral lines and clear ancestral curses.
Sometimes people die and they don’t go to the light but zip into somebody else instead, often because they want to keep an eye on the rest of the family. It’s not as strange as it sounds.  And we definitely do not want to be hosting a dead person’s spirit.
Sometimes we reincarnate within the same ancestral line. I believe that I’m my fifth great-grandmother reincarnated or something like that. I no longer remember which number. It’s really interesting when you start to track back and look at where you’ve come from and what was going on in your family history because it can explain a lot about who you’ve become today.
So if this interests you, I’d love to have a chat with you and I offer 20 minute free conversations because I really want to connect with all of you and I want to see if I can help you have an ‘aha’ moment and see if we can work together because that would be really fun too.

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