The Labyrinth of Life

The Labyrinth of Life
Today I went to a beautiful medicine circle with a lovely local community. A woman came with an amazing labyrinth painted on a big piece of fabric that covered the entire floor. It was really wonderful to have the opportunity to walk in a sacred way through this labyrinth.
If you look up the meaning of labyrinth it says: a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way.  A maze.
Kind of like how life feels sometimes! Witnessing people walking this labyrinth was also quite interesting because it was very emotional for some people and difficult for others. It is a symbolic representation of our life’s path, our soul’s journey.
There are very few of us that really have one forward momentum that we stick to unerringly, only one path with one wave of momentum without taking any side streets along the way.
In my life I’ve had so many amazing tangential side trips, taking me here, there, and off my path entirely! But it’s about what we do with those side trips. All of those side streets are like the labyrinth of life.
How are you choosing to walk your labyrinth in life? So this labyrinth, and like most labyrinths that I’ve walked on the land or in this case on this beautiful piece of fabric on the floor, all bring you to the centre. And if you think about that symbolically, the path that you walk in life wants to take us back to our centre; to the centre of who we are, to the centre of our soul’s calling, to our truth, to our alignment.
Think about your life’s path, the direction in which you’ve travelled, the different side streets, avenues, the different entire neighbourhoods maybe and some entirely different countries in my case that have taken me so far off the direction that I thought that I was going.
And sometimes when that happens, we can feel very lost and very confused. And we can dip into fear and worry. And when we’re in these places, it does sometimes feel like we’re swimming in the deep end, sometimes with sharks and we wonder how did we get there? Why did we move off of our forward momentum and take this side street?
I really like to think that nothing is without reason. So if you feel that you’re taking a side street, see it like travelling, you know, when you’re in a new city and you’re travelling and you’re walking around. It’s exciting to get off the beaten track and take one of those side streets. It’s exciting to be a little bit lost and to discover what’s going to happen next, what are we going to see around this corner? What are we going to encounter here?
So if you can change your mindset to think about these side streets off of your forward momentum, look at it like a child with wonder and curiosity so you can find the adventure in it.
Today when I was walking this labyrinth it really took me back to all of the different labyrinths I’ve walked in my life. The first one might have been when I was very young, it wasn’t a sacred thing, it was just something fun you could do on the ground as a kid.
But when I started to consciously walk labyrinths on the land and really focus and pay attention about where I was, thinking about these different labyrinths, the different places that I was in the world, took me travelling in my mind.  Back to Montana in the States, at that time I was fairly new on my shamanic path, and it made me think about my younger experiences there and how I felt at that time.
Then I thought about a labyrinth in Brazil an amazing structure with a massive crystal on the top in the centre. So when you’d be in the centre of the labyrinth you could look up and be directly underneath a giant quartz crystal.
Next, I was in Peru by Lake Titicaca, walking a beautiful labyrinth there, finishing with a little ceremony in the centre with all of the people who came in my group that I took to Peru that year.
Today I reflected on how I’ve been in different places in my mind and in my emotions, in my life and in my development, with each of these labyrinth experiences. And today here I am back home in Yorkshire, which was just one of those decisions that the Universe made for me because the Universe had better plans for me than me moving to Portugal, which is what I thought was going to happen.
How Divine! And here I am a year after moving back feeling so content, and walking the labyrinth today felt like I was weaving all of those different continents of labyrinths that I’ve walked in my past all together to bring it to this perfect place, this land I call home.
The subject of the ceremony today was to bring peace to the world. And it felt like the most peaceful labyrinth I’d ever walked in my life because I am at a place of inner peace. Coming to the centre of the labyrinth for me was a sense of appreciation, clarity and inner peace as well as embracing being home in West Yorkshire in England with all of my people. It felt amazing.
So that brought me back to the question I asked earlier in the week in The Spiritually Conscious Traveller FB group. Why is it your fundamental right to make mistakes?
Because of course in the great scheme of things, each mistake gets you to a new place of learning and development. So you could say, ‘well, there are no mistakes,’ but there are, we’re human, we make mistakes, but it’s what you do with that mistake.
Do you torture yourself? Go into guilt, blame, shame with that mistake, or do you own it, apologise to whoever if you need to, and see all of the goodness that has come out of that mistake? What can you do differently next time How can you develop yourself further so that you don’t make the same mistake?
Just like the labyrinth, am I going to stick to my forward momentum or am I going to be distracted by every interesting side street here and there?
Just as each relationship gives us more self-awareness, and each job helps us align to our true soul’s calling more and more if we’re paying attention.
Are you aligned to your forward momentum? Are you paying attention to what’s going on inside of you? If you’re getting involved with someone or something does it align with who you are? Or are you getting caught up in the energy of something?
This is something that you need to look at carefully. And when you’re walking the labyrinth, think about each step that you take. I was walking very consciously placing each foot carefully, feeling my whole foot go down kind of walking like a ballerina, toes first. Enjoying pressing my whole foot down into the ground and taking each step very consciously, slowly and really thinking about how I was moving forward now in this time, and how much fun I’m having with all of it.
But have I always moved forward with fun? No, not at all. Because we’re all human. We’re all on this learning curve. So ask yourself what kind of intention do you want to put into your forward momentum? And what kind of attention are you giving your past labyrinths that you’ve walked or one that you might be lost in at the moment?
Or if you’re searching for that centre, how are you going to best get there?
So if you’d like some help and guidance in finding the centre of your labyrinth and in finding your centre to help you move forward in the easiest and most fun and peaceful way, I’d really love to hear from you.
I absolutely love connecting with each of you personally. And it’s so wonderful to have a chat and see where you’re at and maybe help you have an ‘aha’ moment because we’re always discovering new things about ourselves.
What kind of dance do you want to have with yourself to help you move forward through a smooth labyrinth of life that helps you get to the centre right away or peacefully through a really complicated labyrinth where you’re feeling lost in it?
I’d like to help you find your way through.

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