Monday was the spring equinox, which is when the equator is in perfect alignment with the sun and all of the influences on the planet are in equilibrium. The Latin word aequus means equal and nox means night so that’s why it’s called the spring equinox. I led a lovely despacho and fire ceremony for the Conscious Cafe in Skipton here in Yorkshire. A despacho is a mandala-like offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) made with sweets, flowers and coca leaves, (although we used bay leaves) and filled with everyone’s prayers and intentions.
You don’t need to have an event happening in the universe or in the heavens to set your intentions or offer your prayers or start a new phase in your life. But with spring happening it is a new phase seasonally. It was a full moon the Friday before so we are still in that full moon energy.
We do think about new beginnings and completions because with every new beginning of course, there’s naturally an ending of something before that. And it’s a time of balance.
The shamans always look at the horizon, light and the shadow. In Machu Picchu, all of the beautiful temples are set up according to the sun and how it shines and how the light and shadow land in the spaces that the stones have aligned.
The horizon is about balance. That’s the evenness that’s going on in our lives. If you’re out at sea and you’re feeling kind of seasick, in order to not have that swaying imbalance going on, you’re meant to look at the horizon because it balances you, instilling a kind of stillness inside of you.
When we’re looking at light and shadow basically this is about our day to day focus.  Where are you putting your focus today? Are you putting it on all of the wonderful light things that are happening in your life? Or are you putting it on all of the dark negative things that are happening in your life?
Because you know very well by now that where you put your focus is the energy that you’re sending out and the vibration that you’re creating. This is what happens with the law of attraction.
It is a very challenging time in the world right now, with war happening and with the pandemic, there’s a lot of fear. There’s a lot of collective fear, sadness, upset, anxiety and worry.
But if you are in alignment and feeling balanced, you can hold the space for that while still keeping your focus on the positive outcome.
The shamans also talk about dreaming their world into being. They’re dreaming about the world that they want to see. Your mind does not know the difference between what you are imagining and what you’re actually looking at.
So what is it that you want to see? Do you want to see a world filled with peace, joy, harmony, community and people united with love energy? Or do you want to see a world that’s… well, like how it is currently?
Think about what you want to dream into being.
It’s time to reevaluate the balance in our lives. How are we unbiased? How are we objective and non discriminatory? How are we evenly in balance?
And what is running parallel to that? Whatever that is, is in the shadows. When we’re running in balance and life is smooth, like everything there’s yin and yang, light and dark. It’s happening simultaneously.
And it’s not that the dark is bad. It’s just what’s going on in the background, and like nature when there’s a forest fire, everything burns and then it grows back again.
So when you’re in balance everything is in flow. Yesterday was World Water Day, so it’s a good time to think about flow. How is your life in flow? With water you’ve got to think about what is the energy of that flow in your life? Is it is it rocky, shaky with rapids and murky? Or is it a gently flowing lovely stream? Storm or calm?
We may not be able to change our circumstances, but we all have the potential and capacity as to how we respond to them. And we do that with what we put our mind to and focus on.
You do have the choice to do that.  However rough things look there will always be a grain of light somewhere that you can focus on.  And when things get really tough, sometimes that’s all you have to hold onto. Choose to find those threads to hold onto because that’s where we get hope and feel like we’re not alone and have angel wings around us holding us up. We might find some inspiration from that so that we’re not just wallowing in the darkness all the time.
With practice, when things are tough around us, you can still keep your alignment. We do that by meditating because when we can go within, we can reprogram ourselves and ask out loud for help. We’re so good at thinking we have to solve all the problems ourselves, so we don’t ask for help.
First of all, ask for help out loud to your higher source and see what answer comes to you. Start paying attention to the signs and symbols all around you because nothing’s by mistake. Look outside at nature, everything’s in blossom. It’s a highly abundant time filled with colours.
I went to the David Hockney Gallery today which is near us and one of his new exhibitions is The Arrival of Spring. He knew he wanted to paint a series about spring and talked about viewing the same road in different phases. He started to observe it in the winter. He doesn’t like winter or the cold but with his artist’s eye realised that in the bleak, dark, grey, cold winter, there was actually a lot of colour. He started to appreciate winter because he was looking at all of the different phases of it in the shadow of the spring yet to come.
So he started his spring work in winter. I thought, what a wonderful way to truly appreciate spring by starting in the winter because when we’re in winter, sometimes we feel like it’s never going to end and then finally spring happens and the light changes. Everything feels better, much easier. There’s a lighter kind of energy and flow.
But like Hockney, even in the heavy times (cold, dark winter) you can choose light energy and flow. Yes, it is actually a choice.
So if you’re feeling stuck right now and you don’t quite know how to get out of that shadow space, I’d really love to speak to you because this is what I do. I help people reframe stuff, and I help you find that stuck place within you so that you can really get out of that. We don’t need to be stuck. There’s always another viewpoint. There’s always another perspective even if you think that you know all the answers already.
I love having other people’s viewpoints and perspectives because it’s very easy to see other people’s stuff but when it’s our own, sometimes we’re missing the point a little bit and it’s great to have feedback, reflection. I’d love to talk about your light and shadow so book a complimentary mind shift call for 20 minutes. Let’s see how you can move into spring in a balanced way, focusing on the light within you.

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