Reclaim Your Spirit

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There’s a wonderful quote by Stephen Colbert who said, “Thankfully, dreams can change. If we’d all stuck with our first dream the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.” I love that quote, but in regards to reclaiming your spirit, I’m not talking about remembering ‘what do I want to be when I grow up,’ unless indeed that’s still calling out to you.

I’m talking about remembering your childlike wonder when everything was a fascination. When you watch a two-year-old, they look at everything in wonder. They can pick up a block and stare at it with curiosity and discover what it feels like and its shape. They might taste it, they might even see if they can hear anything from it.

We need to allow ourselves the permission and freedom to dive back within our inner selves about our childlike wonder. The healing work we do is so intense and can feel very heavy. We’re digging down to our inner roots about all the wounding, pulling it out and thinking about what caused all our confusion and upset.

But with every wound there is a parallel…what is it that makes you personally magic? What is that thing that stimulates that fairy dust moment for you and makes you feel twinkly and amazing?

I love the cartoon, ‘Calvin and Hobbes.’ It’s about a little boy who has an imaginary friend, a tiger called Hobbes. And they go off on fantastical, wild adventures together and it’s absolutely brilliant because it shows how this boy lives in his own imagination and is never alone. He experiences his own free-spirit every day and can be very self entertaining.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? A lot of our so-called imaginary friends might actually have been us simply tuning into spirits around us. Or perhaps it was just an imaginary friend?

Maybe you had a blue dragon that you were flying around the universe with or something in the sky that you spoke to? What was your expression when you were a little kid?

As we grow up, we have self talk in our heads and it can be very judgmental, blaming, damaging and negative. But when we’re a kid, what’s our self talk? I remember I had a roof off of my bedroom that butted up to a big tree. There was a family of raccoons and in the summertime on the other side of my thin window screen were five little raccoon babies. I literally had my nose right up next to them. It was so wonderful. I used to have entire conversations with this raccoon family, and I loved them. They probably knew all of my childhood secrets and self-talk thoughts said out loud.

Go within and remember being a child. If you haven’t seen the wonderful photographs by Lennart Nilsson from the book, ‘How A Child Is Born,’ they are posted in my Facebook group The Spiritually Conscious Traveller.

We start with the beginnings of a brain and a heart with a palpable heartbeat at 18 days in utero. 18 days! Our spirit, our brain and our heart coming together and working as one to form an entire human being that have these massive growth spurts through life until we finally stretch into full adult people.

But what happens to our minds during all of that? Where do we get shut down and lose all of our magic?

For me, my first love was ballet. I absolutely wanted to be Margot Fonteyn. She was it and I was going to be a prima ballerina and worked at that actually into high school. But on point, I’m six foot one and those male ballet dancers would see me coming with fear on their faces… ‘oh my God, don’t jump on me!’ I also didn’t have the ballet feet for it or the knees, so my ballet dreams went away. But the magic of ballet has stayed with me. And the magic of dance has remained in my heart of hearts.

During this pandemic, there haven’t been very many gatherings of dancing of any sort. But just the other night I went to ecstatic dance and danced my butt off in a beautiful room with fairy lights, candles, great music and danced for hours. When the music made me feel like a ballerina, I was dancing and pirouetting around the room. Another part made me feel as though I was in a club dancing. It was so wonderful because it’s all about inner expression and I felt free. I felt like my free-child self. And when the music got too heavy for me, I laid down on the floor and put my hands over my ears and relaxed a bit, simply because I could.

We create our own realities, our own rules, our own guidelines. So when was the last time you created magic, whatever that is for you? When my kids were little I used to make all our own bread and of course, I’d have to have the Grateful Dead accompanying the bread-kneading-dancing in the kitchen! Dead and bread. My kids may not remember that, but it was really fun, and at the time they laughed all the way through it.

So tune in to your inner childhood wonder, those magic powers that you had. I also fully believed I could fly when I was a kid and was always jumping off of things. Do you have flying dreams? Set the intention of remembering your flying dreams. What did you think? What did you believe? How was it to go into your childlike imagination in your mind’s eye?

Why do you think that people write fantasy and that it’s such a huge book market? It takes us out of this heavy, intense, sometimes negative, challenging world and lets us journey to another place, a lighter place, where we can fly, where we can be a bird or a dragon – whatever we want to be in whatever form and shape.

I loved the blue Navi people in the film Avatar. Their profound connection with nature completely took me away because I think when I was a child I had a deeper understanding and connection with nature. And then when I started to do plant medicine in Peru, especially San Pedro, Huachuma, it re-ignited my connection with nature.

I felt like I was a kid again, relating and connecting to the elements. Just like dancing now reignites that magic I felt when I was dancing as a kid. So what is your inner childlike magic? You want to be a princess, you want to be a cowboy? Great. Then find the way to bring that kind of energy and magic into your life now, because right now, particularly, the world needs some magic, and we’re the only ones who can find it within ourselves.

This is another aspect of digging down into your innermost self to find your root beliefs but not just the negative ones. Go deep within to find out what was it that made your heart and soul sing?

I can remember years ago in London I had a friend and had mentioned I had spent half my childhood up a tree. So he invited me to Epping Forest in East London to climb trees for a day and it was so much fun! It occurred to me I hadn’t been up a tree in a really long time. So when’s the last time you climbed a tree? When’s the last time you hugged a tree?

Do you remember what you were asking for when you were a kid? Because it’s all part of our adult manifestation. What kind of person do you want to be? I want to be a playful, free spirit kind of person and I want to have fun doing whatever I’m doing. Even if I’m going deep within and being on a challenging healing path or facing a difficult circumstance in my life. I want to be able to find the grain of laughter in that so that I can embrace that experience more easily. So that I can have a smile about it. So that I can retain my childlike innocence and free-spirit.

If you’d like to make peace with your story, I’d love to hear from you. I’m really good at helping people reframe things, go within and get focused on the stuff they need to remember so that they can pull it into the present day and make that their avenue towards finding their greatest potential.

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