Authority can be perceived in many different ways. It can mean permission, the upper hand, or giving your power to someone. It can also mean your personal sovereignty. Whatever kind of mode of authority you’re in, most days all of us are giving up our authority (as an umbrella word), to different people, aspects and things all around us because of our circumstances.

“Me, Myself and I,” we are the master of our own authority. We are the ones who create our reality around us, call in what we want and our conscious connection to source all comes down to us.

Sometimes we give up our authority to the government when we have to file taxes in order to stay within the law. When we’re in alignment with ourselves with that ‘me myself and I’ and have personal sovereignty, (consciously think about what I want, where I’m going, what I’m doing, and am in alignment with myself), then we are absolutely connected to our source energy, our higher intelligence.

And yes, we can give up our authority to higher intelligence, but I don’t see it as giving it up, I see it very much as co-creating with higher intelligence.

If ever you’re saying yes when really you mean no, you’re giving up your power or authority to another person, situation or thing. And this happens all the time to varying degrees and levels of stealthiness. But when you’re going against your truth, you are not in true alignment.

Catch yourself in these situations and ask yourself why? Why am I saying yes, when really I want t say no? What is it that I truly want to do? Do I need more time to think about it? Do I need time to go within? Do I need time to meditate? Am I paying attention to things that actually matter to me?

So many people go blindly through life without paying attention to all of the things that are really going on within themselves.

When I take groups to Peru, my passengers give up their authority to me.  They have even said they love not having to be responsible for what to prepare for dinner or what to do, where to go, or how to get there.  It doesn’t mean that you have no authority when you’re letting another person lead or guide you.

When people come in to see a healer or have a coaching session often they give up their power the moment they walk in the door, or when the call starts.

This is an interesting, energetic dynamic that happens frequently. In companies, if you look at the hierarchical structure of things, people often give up their power to the people at the top.  Symbolically in a hierarchal structure, the CEO or Boss represents “Daddy” right at the top of the company, and all of his energy is trickling down to the rest of the “family members” ie: colleagues in the company who want to please daddy and so there’s all this interaction.

You may not even really be aware of what you’re actually giving up your authority to. I know a lot of people who have busy family lives, and in order to stay fit they’ll get up at the crack of dawn because that’s the only time they can carve out a niche of time where they can swim or run or workout.

You could wonder what are they giving up their authority to – a busy family life or inner peace?

You can look at this from many different angles. If you’re in alignment, that’s not giving your authority to anything except yourself, unless you’re doing it begrudgingly or with resentment. You’re either trapped into the morning routine because “this is the only time I can do this.” Or you’re getting up early because this is “my time.”

A very different energy around the same subject. In one scenario, you’re giving up your authority to the constraints that you’ve created around you, and in the other, you’re creating a moment in time for yourself so that you can stay aligned and feeling good in your body. Same situation, different perspectives each holding a very different energy.

If you feel like you’re giving up your power to anyone or to a situation or any structure, that’s not being connected to source energy. Think about how many people stay in jobs they really hate, feeling trapped there because they’re scared of losing their money, and method of surviving in the world.

When you’re motivated by stress and fear, you are giving up your authority to fear and trapping yourself in your own cage.

It’s important to be very aware of your alignment with everything you do so that when you’re choosing to do something, do it consciously, and be present in the moment. Because when we’re just going along with things we’re fragmenting ourselves energetically because we’re not fully present. We’re not living in the moment of ‘now’ because of another reason instead of what we really want to do within ourselves.

I know people who wouldn’t travel because they had pets at home. “Oh no, no, I can’t leave my precious darling…” But that would be an excuse. I have a cat and yes, okay, I could choose to spiral down into guilt for leaving her or, I can find somebody to come and take care of her. I went travelling for a year or more and the perfect friends showed up to take care of my lovely cat who forgave me when I came back.

So are you giving up your power and your authority to your animal? To the house that you live in? To the person who employs you? To your partner? Are you allowing your circumstances and the world as we know it to rule your choices or letting your parents desires and wishes win out? Or are you living your own life with self-authority?

Me, myself and I, aligned and connected to source energy!

Do you want to learn how to get in a place of alignment so that you can access that self authority every single day of your life?

This is the spiritual practice, we’re spiritually conscious travellers because we want to journey within so we can do everything consciously even washing dishes.

We want to find that inner peace and connection to our higher knowing, our light, our connective source energy. And then whatever we’re doing, we’re not giving up our authority to anything because we have personal sovereignty over everything that we choose to do.

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give you a massively life expanding experience.

I have a lot of really cool stuff to share and teach all of you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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