Peace Love Unity and Understanding

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I’ve seen a lot of memes and things posted on Facebook about Putin vs. Ukraine.  And just like everyone I appreciate a good bit of political humour or even some sick and twisted humour sometimes.

But I really feel the need to talk about the energy behind these things. Because right now, naturally we’re all sending Ukraine love and healing energy and hope, holding and strength.  But we also need to be sending that same kind of energy to Russia, to the Russian people, and even to Putin, because he’s lost his way.

We’re not condoning his actions by sending him love and understanding. We’re sending his soul, his higher self, what we want him to remember – that we’re all children of this same earth and that the way forward is through love,  connectivity and unity – not diversity.

And clearly, he’s not standing for all the people in Russia, as you can see in the news. So we must send both countries love, holding, hope and understanding and the energy to remind them all to remember who they truly are in their heart of hearts, in their highest selves, in their souls, so that they can remember that Peace and Love are the answer, and so they can remember that unity, connectivity and the collective is the way to move forward, with peace.

It does seem that most of the world is in that ‘wanting peace’ state of mind.  The global collective seems to be against this and yet there’s so much other diversity going on in the world around all of the COVID mandates, too at the moment.

There’s so much diversity and fear which is running through the core of the earth right now. Putin attacking Ukraine is reflecting what is happening throughout the world, energetically.

When we personally are looking for our own inner peace and calm state of being, we’re not thinking “F**! our finances, or F**! the government, or F**! to my relationship. We’re not focussing on “everything in the world is crap.”

We’re not doing that to find inner peace. We are going within and we’re focusing on the desired outcome that we want. We’re focusing on our abundance, on our ability to touch that higher aspect of ourselves, on our potential to reach an even state of being. We create an environment of calmness so we can have quiet inner awareness and tap into the collective love energy.

We do not tune into of all of the chaotic, angry, striving, power hungry stuff that is rooted in fear. Because that doesn’t create feelings of peace within us. Instead, it causes resistance and sends us right down our spiral.

So, when you are looking for a calm state of being you’re not focusing on all of the negative stuff, and it’s exactly the same globally.

Just because you’re focusing on a desired outcome of positivity and love while there’s any kind of battle going on, internal or external, within, or globally, it does not mean that you’re condoning the actions of something, or someone. It doesn’t even mean that you’re agreeing with the other person, party, country, or whatever is in opposition.

But you can get out of that place of resistance and anger because when you’re in that, you’re feeding that negative upset, power, and angry energy into the very thing that you want to be peaceful. Think about

that for a minute.

This is why Law of Attraction works. Ask yourself what you desire. Get into that vibration in your being and call it in and it’s the same way globally.

It is the same way globally…what do you desire?

Do not focus on all of the negative. Read the news, see what it’s all about, yup, it’s alarming… and then pray. Pray for the highest possible outcome for the love energy to infuse the souls that have lost their way and forgotten their higher truth.  Just as we do for ourselves when we’re feeling lost, or undone.

We pray for guidance. Send guidance to the people that need it. Stay away from sending anger, upset, resistance and hate because that’s just feeding and fuelling the fire. We need to move away from that.

We have a world that all of us live in together. I know many of us have been striving for One World for a long time, so that we can all work together to make it the most efficient and beneficial win – win world for everybody on the planet.

I think this planet has enough resources to feed everybody, to take care of everybody, if everyone would just share and get out of the way of our subconscious beliefs that have been so deeply embedded that we don’t even know what we are feeling as a collective, not to mention individually.

Get into that energy of feeling that One World feeling, that connectivity with our brothers and sisters from around the globe, with differing opinions, different languages, customs, thoughts, different colours of skin, different philosophies and differing politics.

There is always, always a bridge somewhere, somehow that can be built to find unity. The first one is that we are all humans and we all live on this earth together. That’s a pretty big bridge. So let’s focus on all that is good in the world and send our prayers to the people of Ukraine and send our prayers not just to the people of Russia, but to the people who are causing this upset because they’re the lost souls that probably need the most help now from an energetic higher perspective.

The Ukrainian people clearly are not just victims here. They’re showing their strength unlike any nation before and it is really quite impressive and beautiful to watch despite it being terribly upsetting and very sad. What they are going through at the moment is affecting the world globally. We are all going through it with them to one degree or another. So our collective sadness kicks in. And when our sadness kicks in, it spirals us down into the injustice of it all and then we get angry. And that’s how all of this negative energy generates.

So I really encourage you to notice what you’re feeling. Pay attention, feel what you feel, and then consciously lift yourself up and rise above it.

You all know how to do this right? To tune into your higher self so that you can send that holding, love energy to all of the souls in the world who need it now, not just Ukraine and Russia but the rest of the world too?  And all of us individually, we must nurture ourselves.

Give that love to yourself first so that you can be in alignment. And then you can be fully present to help all of those around you. If you’d like help in truly noticing and understanding what’s gong on in your body and psyche so you can find your higher self, and attain inner peace, regardless of what’s going on around you, I would really love to hear from you.

I help people find what they’re hiding from themselves. All the subconscious stuff that we hold so we can unearth it, heal the root issues, so that we can get out of our way and not be dragged down into the lack, anger and fear mentality all the time and be able to more easily find appreciation for everything. Because the world works in contrast. Humans grow through contrast. So let’s find the higher plane and get into a place of love on the collective level and send it on out there.

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