People are still lugging around failure, guilt, shame, trust issues, pain, fear, worry, physical and sexual abuse trauma, insecurities, depression, fear of the future, fear of being loved, feeling like life has to be hard or that you’re never enough among countless other emotional lead filled bags and sometimes all of that manifests as physical weight.

A lot of people, myself included at certain times in my life, have felt overweight, and we don’t feel good in our skin because of it. But you know, being overweight is not the issue. That’s the outcome of a deeper issue.

Because in every way that we feel, whether it’s our actual physical emotional or spiritual health, how we’re thinking and feeling and what kind of energy we’re giving out to the world, comes down to healing those root woundings that are underneath all of those perceptions that we made when we were very young, when we didn’t have the whole picture.

And of course, as humans, we love to be right. So if we decided early on that life had to be hard, we’re going to keep making it hard for ourselves, we’re going to find a way to struggle to live.

Whereas if we could remove that belief and have the belief that life is easy, and that we can be in flow all the time, and that we can meet our challenges easily and deal with them graciously and efficiently without drama, then that’s what we’ll be attracting.

You’ve already done a tonne of work on yourself, myself included, but you know, we’re never finished. This is why it’s called spiritual practice, because we’ve got to keep practising.

We’re not always on an active soul searching journey all of the time. We’ll hit a plateau and stay there for a while. And then something happens and we go within and explore again.

But as we’re always evolving, we want to be consistently expanding also, as we get older, wiser, as we have more life experience, as we heal the old wounds, make new friends, have new relationships, or move to a new area or into a new phase of life. All sorts of aspects of life are going to meet us and it’s how we respond to all of the challenges that face us in our life. How are you going to choose to respond to all of these things that you’re lugging around with you from the past?

You can’t change the past, but what you can change is the energy around the past and you can change your relationship to everything to do with the past, which is what changes your energy with everything that is currently around you in the present.

It’s really not difficult to do this. I know because I’ve changed my own life radically and helped 1000’s of other people change their lives too. I really want to help all of you be able to get rid of all of that stuff that is literally weighing you down and making you feel heavy in your soul, in your heart, or even in your physical body.

Sadness takes up weight in the body. We don’t need our default mode to be sad. We don’t need to be constantly angry because of something that happened when we were little kids. And sometimes life isn’t fair, but it’s also how we choose to deal with that.

Are we going to be the victim and have everything happen to us and be negative and on a downward spiral about everything? Or are we going to look for the grains of appreciation in absolutely everything that happens so that we can rise above it and find the higher reason and go through life feeling joyful?

My class From Fear Into Love is currently being rebranded and I’m re-recording it and giving it a new upgrade. I’ve put new things in and taken out some old stuff. I think as I consistently grow, evolve and expand my course has to have that evolution too.

That’s why I allow my alumni to come back and retake the course whenever they want. Because what you hear one time, in two years you might hear the same thing, only you’re in a completely different place. You’ve done a lot more personal work, your perspective has changed. So that same information might register at a deeper level. And you’ll have this massive ‘aha’ moment because we can only receive what we’re ready for.

So what are you ready for? Are you ready to stop lugging around all of that stuff from the past?

I sure don’t want to be dragging around baggage. I don’t look at my life experience as baggage. I look at it as wonderful experiences that I’ve had that have got me to this perfect place now. And they’re not baggage because I’m not dragging them along with me because I could let go of all the bummer things that upset me.

All we have to do every day is stay in alignment. And if we can do that, then all the rest naturally falls away from us. And so it sounds very simple. And in theory, it pretty much is but it’s the practice so why don’t you Private Message me and we’ll set up a 20 minute complimentary call.

Let’s have a chat and let’s see if you’re ready to finally let go of all this stuff that doesn’t serve you in any way. Life can be a lot lighter, a lot more fun and much easier if you are ready to let go of the past and invite in and design your future that you really want to live.

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