From Fear Into Love – Isn’t It Time You Finally Changed Your Life?

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I’m in the process of rewriting and re-recording my all new 12 week online course called From Fear Into Love. It’s run seven times in the past and each time I run it, I learn new things, what works, what doesn’t, and what my students need.

As I expand and evolve, naturally my course needs to expand and evolve too. I’m really excited about this latest edition of it. This is a course for people who are already on a spiritual healing path. That’s why I’m offering it to all of you in the Spiritually Conscious Traveller Facebook Group.

Being on a spiritual healing path means having an understanding about the law of attraction. And believing, whether it’s in practice or just in theory, that you do have the possibility to change your reality and that you do have the potential to create a different outcome for yourself.

Not just hoping but really knowing that you can go within and heal the past and heal your relationship to the energy around you and to the patterns that are currently keeping you stuck.

I base it on the chakra system which are like energy vortexes in our bodies. There are seven main chakras in the body, but we also include the eighth one which is still in our energy field but above our heads.  We go through each of the chakras because they are all related and associated to different belief systems and different organs in our bodies.

We start at the root chakra and we work our way up so we do one chakra each week. And we also deal with some of the energy meridians in your body. And in this new version, from a wonderfully talented yoga teacher, we have some yoga poses to really address the physical side of things. I work with the mind and the energy body and your spirit. But because it’s a holistic practice, mind, body and spirit, yoga really pulls all of that together. So we have some yoga poses for each of the chakras and beyond which will all then be in a wonderful sequence for you by the end.

You really, deeply shift in this class. You will have tools for a lifetime that you can use whenever you’re feeling stuck or whenever you’re feeling resistance in your life.

I’ve been on this path for 20 years, and I do this work every day because from our point of perception right now and our perspective of where we are right now, there’s only so much that we can imagine and visualise for ourselves. But then we reach that point of realisation and discover there’s always going to be another point.

Because that’s how humans work. So this class really helps you shed all that old stuff that you’ve been carrying around, stuff that might not even be yours!

We hold on to a lot of our childhood perceptions. Things that we made up our mind about when we were three and four years old without having all of the information. We carry these belief systems with us our whole lives.

Sometimes we carry the mantle for our parents and end up living out their truths, their wishes, instead of really tuning into what we need.

We also hold on to ancestral stuff because we hold at least seven generations of ancestral memory in our cells, we may be living out beliefs that our grandparents held, and it’s a very different world now than it was back then.

We have a lot of fundamental beliefs about money and abundance and feeling like we’re not good enough and that we all have to work very hard to live and struggle to survive. Oh, there’s so much that we clear out in this course. We clear out your foetal memories and also your sacred oaths that were taken in past lifetimes that are still very binding.

And with each week we clear over 60 beliefs associated with each chakra and you learn how to do this for yourself. Every week, there’s a mandatory coaching call. For this next class, they’re going to be on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 in the UK for two hours.

I allow a two hour window, but often with groups I’ve gone over that time, because this is where the real magic comes out. There’s a lot of information in the course and it’s going to have a whole new look, with different modules so you can start and stop. You also have printable homework, not too much homework, just so that I can know that you’re on the same page and doing the work. And you’ll have printouts so that you don’t have to be taking excessive notes the whole time.

The coaching calls are so that you can have one on one time with me and my coaches so that you can get all of your questions answered. We want to make sure that you’re really doing the work correctly and that you’re understanding the roots of what this kind of healing work is about.

The coaching calls are wonderful because you meet a like minded community with other people who are going through the same kind of things with you. And sometimes your ‘aha’ moment isn’t from anything that my coaches or I have said, but you hear something that another student’s going through and you think, “Oh my God, that’s my stuff, too!”

A lot of wonderful friendships have evolved in this and then there’s an alumni group that you all go into, and I have an alumni call every month that’s free. It’s wonderful for the alumni to come back to together to keep this practice going. We call it a spiritual practice because it is practice and we have to keep practising.

I want to hold you accountable so that you can hold yourself to a whole new level of accountability, so that you can actually get rid of all of the stuff that’s annoying you every single day. You don’t even know what’s going to come out of your mouth sometimes in the coaching calls, you’ll get triggered and that’s where the real magic happens because all the deep feelings come out.

They are private. Only the people there are holding space for you and we take an oath of confidentiality so that whatever happens in the group stays in the group. It’s really amazing to watch people expand and break out of their self-imposed barriers.

I really look forward to sharing this course with you. And if you’ve been in my group a long time and you haven’t ever had a mind shift call with me, now would be a great time to book a call with me because I’m about to launch the new From Fear Into Love.

I wish I could tell you the exact date. I’m working diligently behind the scenes getting it all together. But I just wanted to put this out there now to let you know that this is on the imminent horizon. And if you want to change your life, this will do it. You will absolutely shift in week one.

I also allow all of my alumni to come back and retake the course again because as I grow, shift, change and evolve and the course does, they are too. What you hear in your current state of mind goes into whatever level it can click in. But then when you process that and you keep doing the work and you’re healing six months down the line, you might hear the very same thing again and it might be like, “Oh, aha, I’m getting it. I’m getting it!” So I think that reviewing information, going back and re-tracing your steps is good for any of us however far along you are on your journey.

And if you’re somebody who’s already a healer and doing your work and you think you know all of this already, well, recently I went through a colleague’s course, and I had to literally take my ego and put it on the side and think, “just be there and be in it and do the work and allow myself to be coached by whoever the coaches are, it doesn’t matter because it’s always really good to hear another person’s point of view and another person’s perspective.”

It was a really a good plan because it was a very humbling thing for me to do. And I did really learn a lot and got out of my own way and allowed myself to go deeper in my own practice, because I put myself on the line like a brand new student again. So even if you’re far along on your healing path, you’re going to receive information in this class that perhaps you haven’t heard before.

And you’re going to have a lot of accountability and also a lot of fun. Because although we take the work very seriously, we want to take ourselves lightly and playfully. I do like to have a lot of fun when I teach. I share all of my stuff with my students too because I don’t want to be some guru on a hill. We’re all in this together. And it is a practice and we’re doing the work all the time.

I want to help you get to your best place that you can possibly be. So if this interests you in any way, please book a mind shift call with me.

I really look forward to hearing from all of you very soon because this could be the time to finally change your life and be free from all of those limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck in your uncomfortable comfort zone. I really look forward to hearing from you and I’ll see you all soon. Lot’s of love.

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