Beltane! A Time Of Renewal

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Happy Beltane! That was Sunday, May 1st. Many of you may know about the ancient Celtic celebration. Beltane means bright fire. It was a ritual to celebrate the return of summer and the return of fertility to the land. It’s when they usually put their livestock out to pasture and was also seen as a purification and healing ceremony.

They’d light the main fire in the town and all of the people in the community would put their own home fires out and then take a piece of coal, wood or burning embers from the main fire, home to burn in their own hearths. In that symbolic way they would create connection and community through fire.

The Peruvians do that with ice. Everyone in the community turns off all of the lights in their houses. As soon as the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters constellation, can be seen over the mountaintop, some of the runners in the community dress up like bears and run up to the glacier and chop off a big chunk of ice to bring back down to the community. Everybody would get a piece of glacial ice to take home and then re-light their lights. So, it was all about light.

The Beltane is about fire and purification, celebrating our own lightness. And it’s also a time of courtship and celebration of our own fertility. And of course we know that fertility is all about rebirthing and this is really a time to cast off darkness and celebrate our light from within.

This is an absolutely perfect time to do this because I am finally re-launching the all new From Fear Into Love 12 week online course, and that’s going to happen on Tuesday, May 24th.

I’m super excited about this latest version. Because when you rebirth yourself, you allow so many more opportunities to come to you as all of the different layers of suppressed stuff that you don’t realise you are holding down, shed off of you.

Right now wherever you’re at, you have a certain perspective of life, a certain ability to imagine greater things happening for you. But as you discover the suppressed darker layers in yourself, your pixelated parts, you’re going to have so many clarity moments, so many ‘aha’ moments.

I was talking to my alumni students last night. They were saying, “When I first took your class I didn’t understand or even know that I was so stuck! I didn’t know that I was holding onto so much stuff that was keeping me stuck, keeping me in a small box instead of allowing my energy and my consciousness to expand…”

And that’s true! We don’t know, what we don’t know. But then you learn a new way forward and do know why you’re stuck and realise you can change. We were all like that when we first started. I didn’t know all this cool stuff when I first started on my spiritual healing path either. And the thing is, a little bit of awareness, and a mentor to help you process it, goes a really long way.

Those big ‘aha’ moments do open you up unlike anything else and then suddenly your consciousness expands and you can let in so much more light, as all of the heavy suppressed shadow parts release off of you and heal. In From Fear Into Love we really do get to the roots of whatever is triggering you. And then you can imagine a bigger dream, more opportunities, greater things coming to you because your perspective expands too.

So if you feel like you’re holding yourself back in any way, in any level, related to any slice of your life’s pie whether it’s work, relationship, home, family, friendships, health, money, whatever it is, From Fear Into Love will help you get to the next level.

It will unstick you and you will heal so much stuff! I really think that healing has to be fun, otherwise nobody would do it! So it is a really fun course. You get a class online and it’s got different modules so you can watch that at your leisure. You can start and stop, take notes, although there’s a lot of handouts that I provide also, that you can print out so you don’t have to take so many notes.

There are exercises to do and you can do them along with me. It’s really fun, lots of information, and then once a week on a Tuesday evening 6:30pm UK time, (1:30 eastern standard time in the States), we have the coaching call, which is mandatory because this is where all of the magic happens. You get to meet the other students in the class and maybe some alumni because I allow my alumni to come back and retake the class whenever they want.

Because we’re always growing and expanding, and my course is, I want my alumni to have that experience to see things and hear things from the new perspective as well. It’s really an amazing experience.

There’s no time like the present to start your journey. It doesn’t matter where you are on your path. You could be a super experienced healer and just wanting a fresh perspective, like I did this past autumn. I took a colleague’s course and it was really fascinating and helped me expand my own practice deeper. Or you could be a brand new ‘newbie’, not understanding any of it and become awakened, enlightened and amazed!

We have such wonderful philosophical conversations in these calls. You’ll realise that you’re not alone in this world. You’ll have a wonderful support network. And you’re going to be amazed at how much you learn about yourself and how much easier life becomes, because you discover how you don’t have to be in a place of resistance anymore.

You don’t have to struggle with all of the day to day stuff, even if technically nothing changes in your life. Although you’ll find that things do change; your relationship to your circumstances will change, your relationship to how you think and feel about things will change, and you will feel more aligned in yourself and more peaceful so that you’re not getting triggered or taking things personally and being upset all the time.

We also heal our ancestral line in this class and so much more. In this run of From Fear Into Love, we address the physical too, and I’m offering some wonderful very easy for anyone to do, yoga sequences. Angela Thompson, a brilliant yoga instructor is leading those modules in the course, because we want to be able to move all of the stuck energy through our bodies and I haven’t addressed that in the past courses.

I’m taking it to an all new level. I’m so looking forward to working with all of you because my passion in life is helping people shift. I’ve changed my own life radically and really feel very happy pretty much all of the time. It’s become my default mode. I mean, I do have feelings like everybody else, but I process them easily and efficiently. I very rarely get triggered these days. And if I am, it’s not a big drama, I think, “Okay, this is interesting… what’s this about?” And then I can deal with it quickly and easily.

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of other people change their lives too. You learn tools for life, that you can use every day for the rest of your life, to keep you on an even keel.  Instead of all the drama, high-highs, low-lows, you learn to balance that out. You learn to recognise your patterns and change them.  You become more compassionate, more understanding, and much more self loving. You understand, you forgive, you appreciate and you heal.

You’re not going to lose your personality. Before I first went to shaman school, I thought if I become spiritual, I wouldn’t be able to be funny anymore! But that’s absolutely not true, the shamans that I work with are all hilarious. I think that having a sense of humour and taking yourself lightly, although you take the work seriously, is a wonderful balance.

So are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to finally dive into the parts of yourself that you’ve been too afraid to look at until now? This is the time. It’s the Beltane and it’s the time for purification, healing and rebirth. Let’s find out who you are, so you can become the best version of yourself.

I really look forward to hearing from all of you. We’re launching on May 24th. I would love to have a 20-minute complimentary mind shift call with you before that if you’re interested in this course. We’ll have a quick introductory coaching call the week before which is Tuesday, May 17th. So if this sounds remotely interesting to you, please book a mind shift call with me now and I so look forward to connecting with you.

Lots of love and happy Beltane.

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