Last night I hosted my god daughter’s 31st birthday party. It was an absolutely beautiful night with just family. Every year we play a game called for Vertellis. I think it’s a Dutch game which offers a bunch of thought provoking questions that inspire better conversation and getting to know people more deeply.

We wanted to reflect back on the past year, and the questions were: ‘What three people most influenced you over the past year?’ And the other question was, ‘What are the three things that energised you the most over the past year?’

Really good questions which everyone had to give some thought to before going around the room sharing. This my family, so I know them all quite well, but it really did stimulate interesting conversation.

So when you’re thinking about the people who have most influenced you over the past year, what a gift this is!  It doesn’t even have to be somebody you know. Bob, my ex- husband, who is a prolific writer chose a writer that he’s been studying with online. For my son, it was his ultra marathon coach also online.

Naturally we’re speaking about influencing in a positive way, not influencing your life in a negative way, because obviously we’re always focusing on the happy, good, positive outcome.

It’s really quite heartwarming to think over the past year, who were the people who have lifted you up? Who are the people who have inspired you, and helped you to become a better version of yourself?

It was wonderful to share these things with each other, but also wouldn’t it be lovely to reach out to them and let them know that too?

I called my daddy today because he’s definitely one of my top influencers. He would often qualify for that honour, but this past year particularly, so I called him to let him know that. My best friend Michelle also, I had to call her and tell her that too.

It’s really nice to honour these people in your life and to share that with them. We don’t want our influencers to feel like they’re being taken for granted in our lives, or feel that way ourselves. Also it helps you realise you’re not taking anybody for granted either, for all of the things that we give to each other on a day to day basis that takes no time or effort. It’s just us, loving each other and being helpful and nice. So pass that energy on.

The other question was, ‘What three things energised you the most?’ That took a little bit of thought, because energy is not just physical energy. It can be emotional or intellectual energy.

For me, certainly, it’s my work that has energised me the most. One of the things that has energised me the most over the past year, because I’m always growing, evolving and listening to new perspectives and finding a new way forward. I’m always asking myself how I can expand and grow.

After having COVID last autumn, I decided I’m simply going to choose to have fun with absolutely everything I do – even the parts of it that don’t thrill me, like all the technical aspects as you all know by now, it’s not my favourite thing! But I’ve really changed my relationship with that and developed a way to just enjoy the whole process.

I asked Bobby, ‘Doesn’t your photography energise you?’ He takes a portrait each day of a random stranger that he meets out on the street. He thought for a moment and replied, “Well, actually, yes! I love meeting new people and having that exchange.” As he was talking, he got very animated and energised. He remarked how it was really good to think about that, because he’d never really thought about how that energises him in his day to day life.

A lot of the stuff that we’re doing, and taking for granted, are actually very important aspects of our day to day lives. You want to go within, look at that, reflect back on your year, and see what it is that lifts you up the most during the day because it could just be a really simple thing. And why take that for granted?

Honour that. Express gratitude for that. Honour that in yourself and then share that realisation with someone else. If it’s somebody else that’s energising you, share that with them too, because it’s really important for all of us to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’ve come to now.

We’re the only people who can celebrate ourselves. We can’t sit here waiting for other people to give us feedback, confirmation or celebration. We need to find that celebration in ourselves.

When we reflect, especially over a past year, then we can think about who’s been most inspirational? What’s been the coolest most energising things this year? What have I accomplished, what have I overcome?

I think self reflection is a really good thing to do especially if you’re doing soul searching work or any spiritual kind of healing or evolutionary development.

I would love for you to do some soul searching work with me and my team and you’re still in time as my all new ‘From Fear Into Love’ class is relaunching May 24th. Although the first intro call is next week on Tuesday the 17th and I am taking registrations now.

It’s a 12 week online class. If you’d like to change your life and be able to look back next year, on this year, about how far you’ve come, then I highly encourage you to get in touch with me and book a mind shift call to see if you’re ready for this kind of deep internal work.

And you want to be secure knowing you have a good, energetic vibe with me so that we can work together, because it’s really fun. We take the work seriously, but we take ourselves lightly.

I’d love to see you all there. So have a great time going within reflecting about the last year and spreading the love. Connect with the people that you love that inspire and energise you and celebrate yourself.

Give yourself a good pat on the back for everything that you’ve done, and have overcome and keep your focus on where you want to go. I’d love to help you get there.

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