In my Facebook group, The Spiritually Conscious Traveller, I asked a question: What do you think surrendering means? These are questions to get you thinking, because we often neglect our higher purpose or higher connection to Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, The Creator Of All There Is Great Spirit and God, Universal Love, whatever you want to call it!
I was just having a conversation with a close friend of mine the other night about surrendering and I’ve always really disliked that word, surrendering, and sacrifice too because it sounds so negative, like I’m giving up my power or I’m going to become weak by surrendering.
But you can reframe that as surrendering your resistance, because I believe I walk my walk, and talk my talk so if my faith is truly what it is; that I believe everything is always working out for me; that I believe that I am held and nurtured; and that what I give out to the world comes back to me, why on earth would I ever have doubt or worry about anything when I can just trust in divine intelligence when I can trust in that higher God part of myself?
Because the word surrendering also sounds like you’re giving it up to some other thing outside of yourself, but we are all one. We are all that God part of ourselves. We are all connected to each other. Our faith is us. Our faith is part of our higher intelligence. So let go of your resistance to the doubt of your faith. Let go of your resistance to being free from anxiety or worry.
Sometimes the journey is not the way we’ve planned it at all, sometimes it’s a bit rockier, or a lot more challenging than the picture in our heads of how we think it’s supposed to be.
So how would it be if when that journey is getting pretty challenging, instead of fighting it, honour what you feel, but instead of staying in that fighting and resisting mode the whole time, how about if you take a deep breath, relax and drink some water. THEN think, “Okay, well, this is interesting, God. This isn’t the way I planned it. But obviously, everything happens in divine time. And everything happens in divine order. And that’s why we’re in this perfect place right now.”
And so how would it be if you relaxed into whatever it was and allowed the process to unfold as it is unfolding? Free from judgement, resistance, drama.
For me, that allowing of yourself to flow with whatever is coming your way, is what surrendering is and I like the word allow much better than surrender and sacrifice.
What are you sacrificing? That’s like, what are you giving up? I would like to say I’m giving up that resistance, doubt and fear and all of that quiet worry that niggles away inside of us.
When you can practice giving that up and letting go of resistance, then you’re also practising being in a place of divine flow, in divine order while having divine presence and divine timing.
Then it’s much easier to be aligned in your body, connected and one with God, that first love light, vibration part of yourself that we all have.
So I encourage you to embrace your situation. You know, there’s so many times when you’ve gone through something and struggled and fought with it and then after it all is finished you look back retrospectively and think, “Hmm, well, if that hadn’t happened, then I wouldn’t have met this person and then that wouldn’t have happened and then I would never have done this and then I wouldn’t have learned all these great lessons for it happening that way.” And none of that was the way that you planned it!
Sometimes we can’t see the gift in the situation because we’re right in the middle of it. But if we can retain that kind of wisdom and knowledge when we are struggling, then it makes it easier to surrender that struggle. Give that up to God. Give that up to the light. Allow your light and your flow energy to come in and to guide you wherever you’re going. And then you can surrender all the tough stuff up to the higher power that each one of us has.
If you integrate that and practice that every day, your relationship with everything, most importantly yourself, your Sacred Heart self, will change.
If you want to learn how to do that, and really make that your default programme, I’d love to speak to you.
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