All of us in order to be whole, functioning, happy, grounded, aligned human beings, must reframe our parents.
We all had parents, even if you were adopted, then you’ve got two sets of parents to reframe and if you were raised by extended family, like grandparents, etc. then consider them your parents too.
Whoever was raising you. You’ve got to reframe that. And if somebody left, (died or divorced or abandoned or just were never there because of addictions or work) you’ve still got to include them because they’re your parents.
So we must reframe the parents. I really encourage you to look at your parents like they are young children. Because essentially all of us are young children in adult bodies.
Our woundings happened from early childhood, sometimes from in utero. Your parents had way less information at their fingertips than we do. We have grown up in this generation. We have a lot of help. We have Google, the answer to the universe!
So look at your parents like young children so that if they’re annoying the crap out of you, or you’re still blaming them, or holding anger for them from the past, then you can take a step back and think, “okay, my sweet little parents, you’re just doing the best you can with the little limited information that you have.”
Because of our childish subconscious attachments to our parents we keep ourselves limited.  But, we are allowed to succeed past our parents limitations.
Our root beliefs don’t just start with what we learned from our parents in our lifetime. Our parents are carrying around woundings from their childhoods, that they probably haven’t healed yet because even 20 years ago, it was hard to find a healing course!
Now, they’re everywhere. But our parents didn’t have any information available to them like we do now. They were just surviving. So we are allowed to succeed past our parents limitations.
Positive beliefs like: I’m allowed to be more successful than my parents. I’m allowed to succeed past my limitations, help us override the subconscious stealthy self-sabotage we create for ourselves.
We do not help our parents by staying within their limitations. And I’m also talking about physical issues here, because a lot of people’s parents had some physical health issues. And guess what, if our parents were sick and we modelled that, subconsciously as children we think, “Oh, Mom had that… I’m going to have that.”
It’s like we’re holding the mantle for our parents. “If Mom was sick, I’m going to be sick. If Dad was angry then I’m going to be angry.” Not consciously, obviously we wouldn’t do that.
All of the perceptions that we make, even though we don’t have all of the details when we’re little kids and babies, these are our subconscious choices.
But now that we’re grown up, learning that these are choices, now is our chance to choose, “I don’t have to believe this anymore.” But now of course you’ve practised believing it for so long that you’ve become really good at it.
So now we’ve got to unlearn that, and un-practice that story. We don’t help our parents by staying within their limitations; by being sick; by being needy; or perpetuating behaviour for them to feel
Sometimes we give up our power to our parents so that our parents can still feel needed by us like we’re still trying to please them all these years later, because that’s what little kids do. When we’re babies, we need our parents for survival. So we get into this ‘need to please our parents’ pattern.
Or, staying poor so that we don’t embarrass them. These are all subconscious belief systems.
But we all have the power to understand why we behave and feel the way we do and change the limiting subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck in our repeating patterns.
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