It’s about our vibration. We think that we’re out there creating and manifesting and doing all of the spiritual work, we’re calling in all of the affirmations that we say, everything that we’re thinking and focusing on and we’re working so hard to make everything happen our way.

But really at the end of the day, all we are really creating is our alignment; our alignment with Source energy; our alignment with ourselves; being fully congruent and connected in our human bodies connected to our ultimate highest truth.

Because when we’re in alignment and connected to Source Energy, the Universe works out the rest of the details.

The Universe responds to the vibration we put out. So this is how we stay out of projecting our stuff onto other people, expecting things from other people, taking things personally, blaming others and feeling guilty. All of those negative aspects when things don’t work out our way.

I’ve been dancing around the kitchen lately to the song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones. ‘You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.’ That is so true.

We’re trying, working, struggling and we’re in this pursuit of happiness that we end up getting in a loop and totally losing our focus on what we’re really doing which is just working on getting our vibration in alignment and higher, happier, more joyful, more loving, meaning getting into alignment, because that’s our highest truth.

And so we don’t always get what we want, but we’re so attached to getting what we want. That’s what causes all of our stress, all of our self sabotage. Because we have this picture in our brain of how it’s supposed to be, but the universe has other plans for us, better plans and sometimes it is what we need.

I thought I wanted to move to Portugal. Well, I did want that. I planned it. I was making it happen. Because of COVID and border changes, I ended up moving back to Ilkley.

That was not what I wanted, but it is what I needed. I needed to make peace with Ilkley as  home in England.

Now, did it slot right into place immediately overnight? No.

Did I struggle with it? Yes. We’re all human. But because I was doing the personal work and focusing on all of the positive aspects of moving back here, focusing on all of the things that brought me joy instead of complaining about it all the time, like I used to do, my relationship with it changed.

I even changed my relationship with the weather! Worked on focusing about feeling good and wonderful. Even though contrast happens.

I’m not saying don’t feel what you feel – definitely feel what you feel. I brought in all the feelings. I felt them and thought I’d like to feel differently. I’d like to have a better feeling about that. I’d like to change my relationship with this feeling. And so that’s the work that I did.

This is the work to spiritually evolve. We must always be working on creating an aligned vibration within our human body. Being in our body, accepting that we’re here, choosing to be here and creating an aligned vibration of happiness and joy with our God with our Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, Creator of All That Is, Great Spirit.

Because we’re always connected, but we want to be consciously connected. We want to have that dialogue going on all the time, so that in any one moment we can realise and remember that we are co-creators. We are co- creators with a power much higher than ourselves, which does empower us.  Our emotions and our negative emotions also empower us because it’s that very contrast that helps us realise, this is not what I want.  It burns that fire under us, propelling us out there to create what we want, but it’s not stuff ‘out there’  that we’re creating. It’s our internal, Source connected alignment. Inner peace. It’s that inner knowing, connection, joy, faith and contentment.

The universe responds to that internal joy and faith – law of attraction, like attracts like, so that becomes what we’re creating. We’re creating our positive vibration. So it’s all about your vibe, man.

Think about that. And only look within – forget everybody else. Forget blaming or pointing the finger. It’s all out there. Everything that’s bugging you, turn it back to yourself and reflect within. Because you’ll discover amazing things about yourself when you turn everything within and then look at the stuff that’s keeping you stuck. It might be subtle.

That’s when it’s fun to be a private investigator. It’s exciting to heal. It’s exciting to discover our patterns, things that we created from childhood without all of the information. This is really cool stuff. It’s fascinating to find out for yourself, who you really are and what you’re really thinking, what is your truth not your parents truth, not the system’s truth, not the school’s truth, your truth? What do you want? What makes you joyous and feel good, so that you can start to tap into that and live that truth free from guilt, blame, shame, frustration, all of that lack kind of energy? So, tune in, turn up (for yourself) and find your vibe.

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