Are you creating drama over nothing? And more importantly, are you realising that you’re doing this?

I’m sure we’ve all been subjected to other people around us creating drama over what we may deem as nothing and we think the other person is acting in an insane manner and having a complete meltdown over nothing! Or someone is screaming, angry, and yelling at you when literally nothing has happened. Yet somehow the other person has been triggered.

So are you the one who’s getting triggered by something that somebody’s saying and next thing you know, you’re screaming, or otherwise you close up and lock down and go within yourself and don’t communicate?

Or you ask what’s wrong? The other person says, “Nothing. Everything’s fine.” But that’s not what their energy is saying about it! Or is that you?

We get triggered all the time by different things and often, they’re subconscious triggers. We don’t understand why suddenly we’re angry; suddenly we’re upset or sad or feeling vulnerable.

These are usually things that we’ve modelled in our childhood. Things our parents have told us or not told us or modelled to us or not modelled to us, and we perceived them without having the bigger picture. And then we carry all of these beliefs through life with us.

So later, we’re having a perfectly reasonable conversation with someone and they say something, it triggers us into that kind of childlike response, and we get angry or we suppress our anger, or a whole variety of other possible emotions, and then we create a lot of drama, and the other person responds defensively or like we’re insane, which doesn’t really help.

And then we row over something we don’t even know what it is about. So if this kind of pattern is happening in your life, either with you as the one who’s creating the drama being triggered, and not understanding why you’re blowing up in the next minute, or it’s happening with your partner, wouldn’t you like to change that?

Wouldn’t you like to have control over those exhausting dramatic emotions? Finally understand where they come from? Function more peacefully in your life and not waste all of your energy on sweating all of the small stuff? Stopping arguments over things that you don’t even understand why?

It’s all issues held in the throat chakra and is an important part of our ability to communicate clearly. If we’re in alignment and in balance, we will communicate our truth, our heart feelings.

To other people, we will use the right words at the right time. We’ll use the right tone, we’ll say what we mean. We’ll say yes, when we mean yes, we’ll say no when we mean no, without having to be vicious and horrible about it.

But when we’re out of balance, we’ll get caught up and won’t be able to speak clearly. We won’t find the right words, we will be yelling or screaming or we just won’t speak at all.

All of our chakras hold different belief systems and they’re connected to different organs and of course, our response to all of these things comes out of our throat (mouth) because language is our currency in the method of expressing our truth to the world.

So are you speaking and communicating effectively, efficiently, and gracefully, asking for what you need and sharing what you feel, and being received and receiving others? No?

Well, if not, then please book a call with me because I’d really like to help you unblock your throat chakra; learn about why you tick the way you do and why you say the things you say; get un-stuck recognising and breaking repeating patterns; and help you to release negative, subconscious, habitual behaviours that don’t help you move forward in life.

The work I do is very powerful, very deep and people shift in a big way. My students and clients learn to change their relationship with their emotions.  They have re-programmed themselves to have the response they desire.  We all have this potential within us.  Let me help you find yours.

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