Re-Create Your Coping Mechanism

Before the pandemic, we all went out. We went to work every day, we went out into the street, into large crowds, to festivals, we travelled, we got in our cars, we drove down the road. We talked to people and went to parties when we didn’t know anyone.
And we all had a coping mechanism for this.
We might not have realised that we had a coping mechanism for dealing with lots of people on a day to day basis, but we did. For those of us who are empaths and sensitive, feeling the energies of others, we definitely have a coping mechanism in order to push ourselves out to be with people.
I remember when I used to go to Ceroc dancing twice a week, 60 people each time! Sometimes I’d have to really rev myself up even though it was something I loved to do. Dancing yes, but to think about all those people! It kind of freaked me out, but I had a coping mechanism so I’d get ready and go.
Post pandemic, what has happened to our coping mechanisms? How are we dealing with people for the normal things that we used to take for granted and do every day without thinking about it?
A paranoia has set in because we’ve all been isolated, and become hermits. And suddenly we’re working from home and we’re not having safe encounters with people, acquaintances, or even random strangers like we used to have.
So instead of fueling our openness to connect to others, we’ve closed our welcoming doors to keep people out because now we’re used to being alone.
When our coping mechanism becomes paranoia or doubt, afraid to step out by ourselves and initiate conversation with strangers and be with groups of people, what do we do?
How can we recreate our coping mechanisms?
We’ve got to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, it’s absolutely essential, because this is how we create our  uncomfortable comfort zones in the first place. We get trapped in our smaller space (perspective) where we feel like it’s okay because it’s “what I’m used to.” “It’s not my favourite thing in the world, but this is how I’m used to life being, by myself.”
And then we don’t push ourselves out of our smaller space, we get comfortable there. So when we do finally push ourselves out of our comfort zone, naturally it’s going to trigger all of our stuff. It’s going to feel uncomfortable, just like when people sign up for a course, all of their stuff is triggered before they even get there.
A lot of people self sabotage so that they won’t do the uncomfortable thing because it’s freaking them out. I’m currently in the bow wave process of a massive shamanic retreat, sacred, sexual, tantric shamanic retreat. So I’m taking things to the next level, way outside of my comfort zone.
I remember all of the meltdowns I had every time before going to shaman school; because of all the people, all of the unknown, what was going to come up, it would be so scary, so vulnerable. And then I went and of course, had the most amazing, incredible time. I have life friends from that training, and it put me on my path of healing and changed my whole life.
Pushing your comfort zone doesn’t have to be as mega as going on a massive life changing retreat. If you’re feeling that you’re afraid to go to a public event, because of lots of people, push yourself out the door. Because the more that we can push ourselves outside of our uncomfortable comfort zone, the more we can expand our energy again and start to expand our comfort zone so that we can get out and start to unify and connect with people, again.
And it’s about taking the first step, being open. Talk to random strangers walking down the street, say hello, smile, ‘have a nice day’ and help somebody cross the street or introduce yourself to your neighbours. But reach out. Start to connect to people in any little way that you can. If that’s too much then start with the people that you know, if you haven’t spoken to somebody in a long time then reach out. Start stepping beyond your comfort zone so that you can begin expanding your energy and creating new coping mechanisms so that you can not be filled with paranoia about every little thing that’s going to happen in life.
There’s still a big, wide, beautiful world out there waiting for us to explore. And as all of the restrictions are coming down, let’s get out there and unify the world once again.
Let’s start travelling again.
Let’s start connecting to our brothers and sisters with different cultures.
Let’s start visiting other countries.
And let’s start expanding our consciousness and our awareness along with our emotional intelligence.
We do that by expanding our comfort zones, by stepping out, which makes it feel uncomfortable at first, but it will make you feel more comfortable in the bigger picture as your perspective widens and opportunities appear more abundant.
So if you want to know how to do this, I’d really love to have a call with you because sometimes it’s just a little blip in the way that we think.
Everyone is bombarded with so many subconscious beliefs that hold people back; stuff that is actually ruling your life, things that you’re not even aware of right now. Steering your life in a way that perhaps isn’t the best for you and with simple tools you can learn to change your perspective. That’s going to make a huge difference in how you move forward the rest of your life.
If you want to move forward in flow and feel joyous most of time and not get triggered and sweat the small stuff I would love to speak to you.

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