Why Choose To Stay Stuck?

If you’re stuck in your life, it’s a good chance you’re probably in a repeating pattern. It’s a good idea to figure out what our repeating patterns are, because they’re going to continually come back to get us, and they’re all based around our core issues.

The first thing to do if you’re stuck is examine within yourself when you felt that way before and go back to the first time that you felt that way. Because our core wounding usually shows up as different themes throughout our life until it’s healed.
Let’s take relationships for example.  What’s your pattern in all of the relationships you’ve had in your life? I mean, obviously, there will be exceptions to the rule, but are you the one who always breaks up first, or does your partner break up with you first for the most part?
Or do you sabotage your relationships in different ways? What are your patterns when you notice that you’re not engaging with your partner anymore?
When you can notice your patterns, then when they start, even if it’s very low key kind of subtle things, you’ll start to notice your own self-sabotage techniques.
Are you constantly reinventing yourself? There’s a process going on! You need to stop running. Because if you’re constantly reinventing yourself, you’re running. You’re running away from yourself and what you need to do is stop, sit still, go within and see who your fundamental self is because we keep reinventing ourselves hoping for the new version, but all of that work actually starts from within. And then you can change your hair colour, style, job, and move countries, but do the work first.
Or what about your body? What about your diet? What about food? Are you on yo-yo diets all the time? Is your body in a yo-yo thing where sometimes you’re feeling really fit and wonderful and other times you’re feeling heavy and sluggish? Do you go on health kicks, but then pendulum into eating junk food all the time?
Is it sequential for a certain time in your life? Sometimes around the same time every year, people get sick, or they suddenly go into a depression or they get angry or crazy, or, or, or… start to look at your life patterns and see when this behavioral response first happened.
If there was a massive trauma that happened when we were a little kid and it happened around a certain time of year that might register in our cellular bodies and be triggered every time that time of year comes along.
This is why we always clear the shock and trauma in our bodies, in our emotions, and our mindset from anything that’s happened when we were a little kid.
So if you’re stuck, there could be a whole host of reasons why. And if you’d like to find out why you’re stuck, it’s the number one reason why people come to me and they don’t know why they’re stuck, but it’s fairly easy to find out. I’d love to help you find that out.
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