What Are You Projecting Into Your Future That is Setting You Up For Disappointment?

What are you projecting into your future that is setting you up for disappointment? You may not think you’re projecting disappointment, but worrying is projecting doom and gloom, and projecting disappointment.
Having expectations about how something is going to work out, is also a form of projecting. We think we’re projecting only the stuff that we believe that we want. We’re projecting our hopes and dreams, a better scenario than our past.
But when we project our energy towards the future, it takes us right out of our ‘here and now’. We’re no longer in our present, aligned state, our mind and our energy has gone to another point in time and space.
We’re projecting ourselves into that very unknown, that makes us feel so terrified in the present, because we don’t have the answers for everything!
“I don’t know, I don’t know… I fear the unknown.” So when we’re projecting, we’re putting ourselves energetically in that “unknown” space and that makes us feel vulnerable.
So instead of being in our aligned space and feeling into what we know is true and real, and focusing on the things that are palpable and that we’re experiencing in this moment, our mind goes forth into: well, this is what I’d like to have happen, or this is a possibility with this person that I see, or this is where I’d like to go, wouldn’t it be great if we could do this?
Having hopes and dreams are great, you want to have something to envision, but can you have those hopes and dreams free from attachment, free from expectation? Because when we project our doubt, we project our doom and gloom, and rejection. We project blame and shame and judgments and all of those things that then subconsciously convince us to sabotage what could otherwise be good for us.
So when you’re projecting, catch yourself in that moment, where’s your mindset? Is it here, right here? Now, what do you need to do? Ask yourself how you’re feeling: I’m feeling joyous, I’m feeling happy or I’m feeling sad, or am I living in the past? Am I holding on to old stuff (which is often what makes us project new stuff into the future)? Or am I living in my Future – Self? Am I just projecting what I want and that’s how it has to be?
When we project a future scenario, we get very attached to how that has to be, and often the universe might have something better planned for you that could come up instead. If you allowed it. If you were open to receiving.
See, feel, hear, taste and know your hopes and dreams, focus on the bigger picture that you’d like to experience and then, let it go. Try not to be attached to that vision that you’re creating, so that you can let it evolve and flow as it will, “this or something better”.
Naturally be in the space that you’re in, and feel the feelings that you’re experiencing and tune into them to see if they’re satisfying or not.
When you start to project, you leave your aligned present-self state to go to another place. This is something that you do to escape your current reality or because fantasising is so much better than being in the present.
Read a good fantasy book instead of taking your relationship or your real life and putting a heavyweight expectation on it, because it might not be met, and then you’ll be upset.
It’s better to stay in your present moment and have a hope and a dream for the future. Put it out there because that’s the energy you want to attract, but without that ‘clutching on’ to the necessity of how that has to be, allowing your life to unfold as it will in divine timing.
We’re often straddling that very thin line between living in the present, living in the past and projecting into the future. So pay attention to yourself because where you are in the emotional balancing act at any given moment matters because that’s how you’re going to feel, strong, vulnerable, upset or happy.
You can choose your place but you need to know where your thoughts are before you can do anything about it.
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