Exciting upcoming events are happening in The Spiritually Conscious Traveller FB group starting this week.
Sunday, August 21st, at 5 pm UK time, (that’s 12 noon Eastern Standard Time), we’re going to be having the first of what I’m calling Creative Conversations, because we are all creators, right?
We all have that God part, that Universal Intelligence part of ourselves working for us, and wherever we put our energy, thoughts, heart, and our focus, is where we’re putting our energy into the world vibrationally and therefore, creating, what we’re calling forth and what we’re bringing to us, and how we’re serving others.
I know a lot of amazing people in this world, I feel very blessed and gifted to have such talented friends to work with masters, and to be surrounded by people who are consciously evolved, emotionally intelligent, and on a spiritual path.
The first person I’m having a Creative Conversation with on Sunday at 5 pm, UK time, August 21st, is Raminyah Ingram.
She’s been my business coach for the past four years and a bit and she also runs her own group. We’re going to be talking about Spiritually Conscious Motherhood because it’s really important. We as parents think we know everything, but really, as Abraham Hicks said, we are just creating the platform from which our children can leap and fly on their own. So we’ll be talking about spirituality and motherhood on Sunday.
I’m holding my first online free live masterclass in this group on Saturday, September 17th at 2 pm UK time. Someone will be moderating so people can write in, make comments and ask questions. I’ll do my thing and teach you some stuff that I teach in From Fear Into Love so that I can give you some tools to play with right now.
Naturally, this will pique your interest, and of course, I’ll offer a great deal for signing up for the next run of my 12-week online course.
The next day, Sunday, September 18th at 2 pm UK time, we’re going to have our next Creative Conversation with my close friend Lorena Granata who is a wonderful animal communicator. So we’ll be discussing telepathy and animals then.
I look forward to bringing you this new level of consciousness and exposure to other people that I know. And if you haven’t already, please get a copy of my book Controlling Your Hidden Emotions – How To Make Friends And Live With Your Emotions, and more importantly, if you’d like to, please leave me a review.
I think there’s some wonderful information in my book, reminders mainly for most of you who are already spiritually conscious about these things, but all of us can use good reminders sometimes. So please, enjoy it and get what you can from my book. It’s available on Amazon.
I want to bring people’s awareness and their consciousness and spiritual understanding out more so that we can have more conversations about spiritual philosophy, connectivity, unity, and healing because this is the way we could all greatly benefit our lives.
All sorts of things happen in life from global issues, individual challenges with our personal relationships, and family dynamics, and often we’re left processing a lot of stuff that ultimately we might have to rise above. We might need to do some healing. We might feel like we’re triggered. And even though we know these things about higher consciousness, what happens when we’re really in something emotionally that we’re processing?
Where do we put our focus while our feelings are still working through something? Because you don’t want to suppress your feelings. You want to feel everything you feel, understand where it comes from, and then let it go. But in that process, while you’re balancing it all out in your energy field, in your hearts, in your heads, how do you work with your thoughts and your energy so that you’re not spiraling down the whole time so that you can still function so that you don’t have a negative mindset going on?
These are all things that I help people get in touch with in From Fear Into Love, and I’d really love to help you get in touch with all of these emotions that you don’t know what to do with so that you can have a different relationship with your emotions so that you can move forward in your life in whatever area more easily with
I really look forward to the Creative Conversations coming up in The Spiritually Conscious Traveller FB group. Please sign up for the masterclass, I’ll be putting a link to register for that soon. If you are not yet a member of The Spiritually Conscious Traveller FB group, be sure to join today.

Controlling Your Hidden Emotions – How To Make Friends and Live With Your Emotions is now available on Amazon!

I offer 20-minute free conversations because I really want to connect with all of you and I want to see if I can help you have an ‘aha’ moment and see if we can work together because that would be really fun too. Book your 20-minute conversation now.

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