I want to remind everybody to stop judging your process!
I went through this too a long time ago.We think as healers, or whatever line of work we’re in, especially if we’ve been doing it for some time, “I should be further along than this.”
So first of all, get rid of that word “should”. Who says what this “should” is about?  We’re the ones that create that “should” pressure for ourselves.
As humans we are vibrational beings and that vibration is changing all of the time, depending on what we’re seeing, experiencing around us, our health, and circumstances.
When you’re learning something new, sometimes in the beginning it can feel overwhelming like a vertical learning curve. I know that feeling, for me particularly when it involves technology, like taking my business online. Learning Kindle Direct Publishing has been another vertical learning curve for me.
And yet we think, “why don’t I understand this?” We give ourselves such a hard time and we think, “I should be better at this. I should understand this better. I should be further along than this. I should be doing this in a different way. Why do I keep making the same mistakes? Why am I in overwhelm? Why am I procrastinating?”
Today it occurred to me about how tough on ourselves emotionally we are, “should, should, should.” Well, we’re coming up to eight weeks and they say a broken foot takes six to eight weeks to heal.
It should be healed by now! I should be totally better! Yeah, well, I could go down that line, but how would that help me? In our physicality, if we’ve hurt ourselves, we need time to heal. It’s the same thing in anything we do in life.
If we have an emotional setback, we need time to heal; either to do the spiritual, personal work to download our new belief systems or to extract anything that’s blocking us to change our vibration or we simply need time. If somebody has died, you need time to grieve. And this is where people say, “Time heals all wounds.” Well, time is a big factor. But if you’re doing a lot of spiritual work you may think that it should speed things up, except that we didn’t get all our wounding in one snap overnight!  That piled up layers and layers over the years. As we’re healing it’s going to come off in layers and layers too.
And even if you have a physical injury, that’s going to take some time, the first part of it’s going to heal, then the next part. I’m pretty sure the break in my foot is fine, but all the soft tissue around it is having its own healing process. So wouldn’t that be silly if I was just going to sit here and judge how slowly it’s taking?
It doesn’t resolve anything and doesn’t make me feel good in the process. Your spiritual healing journey is the same if you’re having a setback, or if you behave in a way that you think that you ought to know better than now, then pay attention to that because it’s that contrast, that very resistance that lets us know, as humans that we have a little bit more work to do.
You’ve got to keep unpicking whatever the deepest trigger is that’s going to make you feel upset in whatever moment that you’re in. But one real easy way to help yourself get through every day, wherever you are, whatever level, is to stop judging your process.
Just be in your process and embrace all of it and be grateful for the parts of it that are in flow and observe and identify the parts of your process that perhaps you could work a little harder on or go deeper into or seek advice.
Chunk down your process into the different parts so that you can embrace all of them and have the most flow with all of it and really just focus on the areas that you need to. If you’d like help in seeing your bigger picture and chunking down or having an ‘aha’ moment or even identifying what is that little thing that’s holding you back, I’d love to speak with you.
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