I’ve been very happy and feeling all of the love from everybody who’s given me feedback about my recent book that I’ve just published, Controlling Your Hidden Emotions – How To Make Friends And Live With Your Emotions. It’s been very exciting!
One of my old clients just sent me a picture of herself holding up my book and she asked, “why didn’t you write this years ago?”
I thought, “yeah, why didn’t I write this years ago?” I’ve been on this path for 20 years and maybe you do need to go out and learn a few things first before you impart your wisdom to the world, but I could have easily written this book 10 years ago. I probably could have written it 15 years ago with some kind of information.
Did I have as many resources or as much knowledge as I have now? No. But what I did have back then, was 100,000 excuses! Not just excuses, but excuses that I actually believed.
I was justification queen. I completely believed that I didn’t know enough, that I didn’t have enough experience, that people would judge me, that I wasn’t smart enough, that nobody was going to take me seriously, that I wasn’t a profound enough writer, I didn’t have enough time.
Oh, you name it. I had all the fears. But guess what? None of it matters. In fact, all of the students who were in my current run of From Fear Into Love joined this course 12 weeks ago because they were tired of making excuses. And when you get to that point when you know that the words you say are not your real truth. When you know, your secret to yourself, that it’s your fear that’s holding you back, your quiet, subtle inner self sabotage that’s holding you back, and when you know that really all you have to do is jump over the hurdle, which you’ve created yourself and make it happen.
That’s when you make it happen. Regardless of all those brilliant excuses.
So here’s my coaching book. It’s not 1000 pages. It’s not a Booker Prize piece of work, but it’s got some insight. And it’s a great accomplishment. It’s something that I’ve put out into the world.
It’s created the energy so I can get the next bit of information out too. So get your story out to the world. Share your experiences with others.
The way that we do not feel alone in this world is by sharing our experiences and our stories, our woundings, our setbacks, our accomplishments with other people, so that we can inspire others, so that we can pick other people up, so that we can put our arms around them energetically and let them know that we do really know how they feel because we’ve been in that place before too.
The way we do this is by connection and sharing. Whatever excuses you’re making, even if you think that they’re really justified reasons, it’s time to get serious with yourself and dive within and really look at what’s the underlying emotion underneath all of those excuses?
I’ve lived much of my life making excuses to keep myself trapped, stuck and small in my uncomfortable comfort zone, because it was too scary to go beyond that.
I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone in various ways throughout my life, lots of big crazy adventurous activities and experiences, but when I really got down to the scariest thing in the world, facing my fear about the material world, and just getting out of my own way and sharing what I know, free from the fear of judgement, free from the fear of not knowing everything….when I finally did get the book done, it didn’t feel nearly like the big deal I thought it would!
There’s somebody out there for everybody. There’s so many people offering so much wisdom, and it’s about who you have that dance with, who is going to be the most fun to learn with, who are you going to develop an ongoing relationship with?
It’s wonderful to connect with people at that deeper level. So if you’ve got a painting in you, or an art show, a book, a play, a movie, or you’re a choreographer, or you’re designing a building, whatever it is that you’re dreaming about making happen, start to focus on only the objectives that are necessary to make that work.
If you think, “what am I doing this for? This isn’t fun. This is stressful. This is hard. …” if you change that framework around in your mind to realise that you are laying the groundwork for what you want to create or make happen. It doesn’t have to take the rest of your life. You can really move things along just by doing a little bit every day.
If you haven’t already, please buy my book Controlling Your Hidden Emotions. It’s on Amazon, and the 99 cents continues until Friday. And please leave me a review on Amazon now.
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I saw many years ago that I could shift out of my own stuff and I thought, “That’s cool, I can help other people do this too.” So I’ve developed a 12-week online course called From Fear Into Love which is amazing. Students shift in week one and it just keeps getting more and more fascinating as the weeks go by.

There are lots more things in the pipeline coming up.

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